GRE Scores to Study Masters in Australia - Check Cutoffs at Top Universities


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Admission to a master's program in Australia is simplified if you appear for the GRE exam. Read the article to know the top Australian universities and their GRE requirements for various postgraduate degrees.

GRE Scores to Study Masters in Australia - Check Cutoffs at Top Universities

GRE scores are often the part and parcel of studying at graduate schools in most countries across the world including Australia. If you are an international student targeting to study at an Australian university, you must consider taking the GRE exam.

The GRE full form is Graduate Record Examination and is a password to not only studying an MS course but also an MBA. You should know that the GRE is a highly competitive standardised exam that aptly compares applicants qualifications and readiness for graduate-level study.

The GRE exam evaluates your quantitative, verbal and analytical writing skills. However, you should remember GRE scores are only a part of your admission requirements in Australian universities. There are other requirements that you must fulfil to be accepted for MS or MBA in Australia. We will now walk you through the GRE scores requirements for universities in Australia and the scores that will help you book your dream seat.

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Is GRE Score Required for Australia?

One of the common questions that aspirants ask is do I need to give GRE for masters in Australia? Yes, it is a very legit question, the answer to which you should be aware of.

Except for a few Australian universities, GRE scores are not mandatory for masters in Australia. However, you must not take the importance of GRE scores lightly. It comes at quick rescue if you do not have a high GPA or if any part of your application process is not strong. It also helps you get an edge over the other applicants who will be competing for the most coveted seats.

Therefore, if you want to boost your chances to get admitted to the top universities in Australia, you must consider taking the GRE exam.

Why Should You Take GRE for Australia?

By now, you know that most universities in Australia do not require GRE scores as part of their admission to various postgraduate courses. Nevertheless, taking GRE will be a good decision for you for several reasons. The logic behind submitting the scores is given below:

  • To Get a Competitive Edge: If you submit your GRE scores, then you will get an advantage over other applicants who perhaps have equal academic merit. You will be a step ahead of them.

  • To Get GRE Scholarships: Many Australian universities provide scholarships and funding to academically brilliant students. So you must not miss the chance to pocket an award using your GRE scores.

  • To Make Up for Any Weakness in Candidate Profile: Often it may occur that due to any particular reason your GPAs are not as great as will make your entry confirmed in Australian universities, or you dont have relevant work experience. In such cases taking GRE can help you out.

Check out the countries that accept GRE for Masters:

GRE Scores for Masters (MS) in UK

GRE Scores for Masters (MS) in USA

Good GRE Score for Australian Universities

A good GRE score can keep you on a pedestal while applying to an Australian university. Figuring out the scores that will increase your chances to get into your targetted university would help you set up your target score and study accordingly.

The GRE verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning sections are computer-adaptive and the scores are based on the number of correct responses to all the questions given. The raw score that you get is the number of questions that you have answered correctly. It is then converted to a scaled score with the help of a process called equating.

For the GRE analytical writing section, each essay gets scored by a trained human rater. The essay is then scored by a computer programme called e-rater. If the human and computer rater closely agree then the score is the average of the two.

A good GRE score for Australian universities is anywhere between 305 and 310. Also if you are targeting to get a GRE scholarship, you must score 315 and above. The table below shows the good sectional GRE score:


Score Range

Good GRE Score for Australian Universities

Quantitative Reasoning



Verbal Reasoning



Analytical Writing Assessment



GRE Score for MS in Australia

Universities in Australia that accept GRE scores for MS are numerous. Taking GRE opens many possibilities for you. It helps you get admission in top-rated universities in Australia where you can easily study your chosen subject.

Furthermore, the GRE exam is the way to show your proficiency, competency and capability to study for an advanced degree like MS. You can thereby, gear up for the rigours of the course. The GRE score for MS in Australian universities are given below:

Australian University

Average GRE Score

Australian National University


Carnegie Mellon University


Central Queensland University


Curtin University of Technology


Flinders University


Griffith University


James Cook University


Macquarie University


Monash University


University of Adelaide


University of Tasmania


GRE Score for MBA in Australia

GRE scores are also a substitute for the GMAT exam to study MBA in Australia. If you are planning to study business administration, then you must refer to the following GRE score requirements for Australian Universities.

Australian University

Average GRE Requirement

University of New South Wales


Deakin University


Murdoch University


Melbourne Business School


University of Sydney


Masters in Australia without GRE

As already mentioned, the GRE is optional in Australia and can be studied without it. We, however, advise you to take the GRE to stand out among your peers.

As it is not essential for admission to masters, there are other components which you must take a thorough look at, to enhance your candidate profile. These are:

  • Undergraduate GPA: You must have a bachelors degree from a reputed and recognised institution and must have studied relevant subjects in order to apply for masters. The Grade Point Average (GPA) should be high so that you can shine academically.

  • English Language Proficiency: As an Indian student, you must satisfy the English language requirement of the universities. You can take any of the tests mentioned on the university website. The most common of them are IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Duolingo.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): An SOP is the best way to prove your personal, academic and professional competence to study at an Australian university. Even if you do not have satisfactory grades, your Statement of Purpose can bring out your core values and key skills. You must write about your commitment, preparation, experience and self-reflection.

  • LOR: Letters of Recommendation (LOR) are an important part of the application process that helps admission officers to understand your personality through the eyes of the recommender who has worked closely with you. You must contact someone who knows you well to write your LOR.

  • Work Experience: Work experience, though not mandatory can still play an important role in admission to mainly professional courses like MBA. Universities usually prefer a work experience certificate of atleast two years but it does not stand in the way of your admission. That being said, you can also study MBA in Australia without work experience.

The final takeaway is that the GRE score requirement for Australian universities can help you immensely in your admission. Also, the GRE cut-offs are not extremely high or unachievable. So, you must prepare well to secure the average score required by universities. Finally, you must check in with the university to decide whether you should actually sit for GRE or not.

If you have any queries related to GRE scores in Australia or any other countries, then write to us at

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Can I attempt GRE to attend business schools in Australia?

Yes, besides GMAT, you can attempt GRE to attend business schools in Australia. The GRE test scores have equal importance when applying to masters at universities. Some of the popular business schools that accept GRE scores for MBA programs are Deakin University, SP Jain School of Management, University of Sydney and University of Melbourne.

What is GRE cutoff for MS in Australia?

The GRE cutoff for MS in Australia varies as per course and university. There is no one cut-off that can be hailed as absolute. However, if you have GRE scores above 305, you have a good chance of getting into universities that are top-ranking in Australia.

Is GRE score important for Australian universities?

GRE scores are important but not mandatory for Australian universities. You may choose to take or not take the GRE exam. However, taking the GRE can prove beneficial to you to better your admission chances to study masters at popular universities. Moreover, you can get an added advantage for submitting your GRE scores.

Can I get scholarships in Australian universities based on GRE scores?

Yes, you can get scholarships in Australian universities based on GRE scores. Universities offer financial aid or tuition fee rebates to students who are academically bright and if you score high on the GRE, you can probably be granted a scholarship for your performance. Therefore, taking GRE to get scholarships can benefit you.

Which other countries accept GRE besides Australia?

Besides Australia, GRE is accepted in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and several other countries. Higher education institutes use GRE scores to enrol students in graduate programmes. GRE tests your verbal, quant and analytical writing skills which vouch for your readiness to study a master’s program.

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