Top 10 Commerce Courses in Australia for Indian Students After 12th


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Commerce courses in Australia after 12th include business, human resources, finance, economics, business laws and marketing. These courses open doors for many career pathways in future.

Top 10 Commerce Courses in Australia for Indian Students After 12th

After completing 12th grade, Indian students can enrol in commerce courses in Australia that aim to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to overcome the various business obstacles encountered in today's ever-changing world. Australian universities offer students the chance to become a part of a worldwide network of students who are all dedicated to learning.

In addition to developing hard skills, individuals also have the opportunity to enhance their soft skills such as problem-solving and decision-making. Enrolling in the best commerce programs in Australia will aid students in becoming experts and pioneers who can bring about notable transformations.

In this article, we will guide you through the leading commerce courses in Australia, such as accounting, finance, management, economics, banking, etc.

Study Commerce in Australia After 12th

The innovative and inclusive nature of the courses is valued by the Indian students who enrol in business courses at Australian universities. They are acknowledged globally as leaders in teaching and research, and their educational programs serve as the cornerstone for achieving exceptional academic performance. Australia’s undergraduate business programs are both useful and inspiring, offering chances to launch careers, launch new businesses, and develop a business-minded mindset. Through the provision of exceptional educational resources and the acquisition of skills and knowledge, students can reach their full potential. Apart from commerce courses in Australia, students can study several other bachelor's courses in Australia after 12th

Our study abroad experts have helped students find the best commerce courses in Australia to study after 12th.

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Top 10 Commerce Courses in Australia

The best commerce programmes in Australia can be extremely rewarding and fascinating. One can build a career in their chosen profession, and there are many job opportunities with good pay and high demand for skilled workers. Look at the top commerce programmes offered in Australian universities after12th:

#1 Accounting

Accounting measures and enhances business performance to provide information for management decisions and resource allocation. For aspiring leaders who wish to play a significant part in fostering organisational success in a world that is changing quickly, accounting provides a road to a variety of occupations.

#2 Actuarial Science

To properly plan for the future, actuaries assess, evaluate, and manage the financial risks that people, companies, and governments face. The consequences of natural disasters, severe economic or social change, disease, incapacity, and mortality are some of the risks that actuaries can evaluate. Students will gain a solid foundation in the standard actuarial skill set of math, statistics, demographics, economics, and finance with a major in actuarial studies while pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

#3 Economics

By using statistical data, mathematical models, and economic theories, economists examine how society produces, distributes, and consumes products and services. To improve productivity and efficiency, economists study, evaluate, and explain the workings of markets and economics. Since this field of study involves quantitative studies, as well as the analysis and interpretation of data to find solutions for the commercial world, it is best suited for students who have strong mathematical skills or who enjoy mathematics.

#4 Finance

The activities related to banking, investments, financial systems, and markets are included in this. Finance experts oversee the management of assets to promote the emergence of wealth for people, organisations, businesses, and governments. To resolve financial issues, evaluate risks, and make thoughtful financial decisions, economic analysis, accounting principles, and quantitative approaches are applied.

#5 Management

By coordinating people and processes, effective managers guide businesses and organisations towards accomplishing their objectives. Studying management gives them the analytical, planning, leadership, and decision-making abilities they need to be successful right away. Important managerial duties may include giving direction through initiative, strategic planning, and judgement, hiring, training, and managing employees as well as enhancing organisational skills and so on.

#6 Marketing

Irrespective of the size of the business, marketing is essential to successfully and profitably sell goods or services. It affects corporate strategy and brand. Marketing promotes the voice, wants, and needs of the customer to alter the product, service, or delivery via research and customer intelligence. By studying marketing students can manage a brand and add to the business plan of a company through marketing. 

#7 Banking

Financial services theory and practice will be studied, with a focus on real-world application methods. You will gain knowledge of private and investment banks' operations as well as the management and regulation of banks in both domestic and global contexts. You will have an advantage over other graduates in the financial business thanks to the distinctive mathematical skills you'll acquire through this major.

#8 Business Law

Every day, businesses enter into contracts, buy assets, rent space, and hire personnel, all of which are governed by the law. Understanding corporate law is essential for adhering to legal standards, detecting legal risk, and managing that risk. Through business law studies, students will obtain a thorough understanding of the regulations that control businesses and commercial activities in this major.

#9 Finance

Professionals in finance and banking use their analytical knowledge and abilities to assist clients in finding financial solutions, launching new enterprises, or growing already existing ones. They either work in retail banking and private wealth management, corporate finance, financial markets, managed funds, and superannuation. You can gain a thorough understanding of the structure and functioning of financial markets by majoring in finance.

#10 Human Resource Management

The HRM strategy of an organisation aids in achieving its broad strategic objectives. Recruitment and selection, performance and conflict management, training and development, compensation, strategic human resource management, and HRM metrics and analytics are among the topics you will study in this major. Students will get the knowledge and abilities necessary to pursue a career as a manager in small firms, medium-sized local and global corporations, and not-for-profit organisations by working with our knowledgeable professors.

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Top Universities in Australia to Study Commerce After 12th

After high school, students who want to pursue commerce degrees in Australia are prepared for a wide variety of employment opportunities, which motivates them to do so. All areas of the disciplines that help students launch their businesses or gain a head start in their careers are covered in class. Overall, it offers a great academic experience to students and as well as builds their professional lives. The best colleges in Australia for commerce after 12th  include:

Australian Universities Offering Commerce Courses

Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD)

University of Sydney


University of Melbourne


Monash University


University of New South Wales


RMIT University


Curtin University


Macquarie University


University of Western Australia


LaTrobe University


Edith Cowan University


Eligibility Criteria to Study Commerce after 12th in Australia

Students must achieve specific eligibility requirements to be admitted to commerce courses after completing their 12th grade in Australia. Candidates should visit the websites of the Australian universities they wish to apply to. Undergraduate programmes in Australia last three years, and the following criteria may need to be met by applicants:

  • Higher Secondary Score Requirements: Students who want to pursue a bachelor's degree in commerce must have completed high school at a reputable institution. They must have secured at least 75% to get into a reputable Australian university for a bachelor's degree in commerce. 

  • English Language Requirements: In Australia, English is considered the primary language. The IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Duolingo English Test are just a few examples of the language competency exams that non-native speakers must take. The TOEFL score must be between 75 and 100, and the IELTS score must be between 6 and 7.0 bands. 

  • Standardised Test Results: Students may submit ACT and SAT standardised test results. The likelihood of admittance to the college increases with greater test scores. 

  • Document Requirements: Letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, a statement of purpose, a certificate of language proficiency, a portfolio, an updated CV, a passport, and evidence of citizenship are all needed for admission to Australian institutions.

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Career Opportunities after Studying Commerce in Australia

Students will acquire the breadth, depth, and experience they need from a commerce degree in Australia after 12th to be job-ready and start working right away. With the employer reputation the universities have, they can be sure that their degree will help them advance. The Australian universities also rank high in QS Graduate Employability Rankings. 

Among the advantages is access to professional networks, employment opportunities, conferences, credentials accepted internationally, and more. Some of the top job positions that students can immediately get hold of after completing their bachelors of commerce degree in Australia are Account Executive, Business Analyst, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Startup Founder, etc.

After high school, the best commerce programmes in Australia provide pupils with excellent employment prospects. They are in high demand, which promotes the development of vocations with variety. There are networking opportunities as well, which can be advantageous in many ways. Specialisation options are available at Australian universities, and doing so will help students' resumes. Therefore, after completing their 12th grade, students who want to stand out can apply right away for the next intake of commerce programmes in Australia. 

Streamline the application process in Australian universities under the guidance of our study abroad counsellors. 

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What are the top commerce courses in Australia after 12th?

The best commerce degrees in Australia that students can take up after 12th are accountancy, finance, business, human resource, management and marketing. These courses are extremely popular and are in high demand that provide various job opportunities for Indian students. Australian universities provide the best opportunities for students to flourish in commerce fields.

Which are the top commerce universities in Australia after 12th?

The Australian universities that provide top commerce courses after 12th are the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University and LaTrobe University. These universities offer opportunities for learning, research, and career advancement through their courses.

Can international students work part-time jobs while studying commerce after 12th in Australia?

Yes, foreign students who are studying commerce in Australia after their 12th grade, can make extra money through part-time job opportunities.  Numerous part-time occupations are available to aid students in funding a portion of their studies and maintaining their residency in the nation. In Australia, private tutors, bartenders, customer care executives, babysitters and drivers are among the most sought-after part-time occupations.

What are the eligibility requirements for commerce courses after 12th in Australia?

In Australia, to study commerce courses after 12th, students must have completed higher secondary. Admission to the courses will be made easier with business experience. English language proficiency is also required for admission to Australian universities. IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, or PTE test scores must be submitted for this reason. 

What is the course duration to study commerce courses in Australia after 12th?

After high school, students can pursue commerce courses in Australia for three years, which is typically the time they would need to spend studying abroad in places like India and UK. This saves them the cost of an additional year. 

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