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A GTE form Australia can prove to be your headache and dent in your study abroad in Australia dreams if not handled properly. Check out what is a GTE form Australia, why is it so important, and how can you ensure it works for you and not against you.

GTE Form for Australian Universities

GTE application form for Australian universities is a formal document that contains a pivotal set of information about an international visa applicant and is submitted to the Australian High Commission in the form of a Personal Statement. This GTE information intends to maintain the integrity and focus towards studying in Australia and returning to their homeland once the study period is over. Students cannot use it as a passport to get residency in Australia.

Once an Australian university sends you a Letter of Enrollment or Offer Letter, you must submit all the documents related to the student visa application to the Australian High Commission or Embassy located in India. Without submitting the Genuine Temporary Entrant form or GTE form it is not possible to study in Australia and hence it is an indispensable step that you have to complete. 

The onus is on Australian universities to ensure that their international applicants are fully aware and adhere to the conditions placed in the student visa application. In this article, we will discuss in detail what is GTE form, its importance, how to complete GTE Assessment and Final Declaration Form and the steps that follow. 

What is GTE Form?

GTE form or Genuine Temporary Entrant form is your official undertaking to the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, that you are applying for an Australian student visa to only study at the Australian university you have accepted at. It is an official document on your part that your support through pieces of evidence to show that your intention to study is the primary reason behind your application, and not collateral or means to achieve any other purpose behind going to Australia.

GTE form is not equivalent to a student visa. The form is used by the Australian government to assess your reason behind a visa application, which allows you temporary access within Australian territory. It is only through this document that they assess whether you are likely to overstay your access or not. Clearly, you need to state the reasons that bound you to leave Australia once your visa expires.

An Australian student visa, similar to other countries’ student visas, is limited for study purposes only. Students cannot use a student visa to live as permanent residents in the country, Hence, the GTE form is a compulsory representation that requires you to show that you have no intention of migrating or settling permanently in Australia while using your current visa as a stepping stone. The form helps the government to achieve this confirmation beyond a reasonable doubt.

Who can Apply for a GTE Form?

Students who wish to study full-time in Australia must fulfil all the requirements of the GTE form. 

For those who wish to study part-time in the country and work the rest of the time to support themselves, then GTE is not for them. Also, students who want to reside permanently in Australia on the pretext of a student visa, are not eligible for the Genuine Temporary Entrant form.

GTE is a protocol that the Australian government wants students to follow while studying in Australia so that they will not look for ways to settle in the country and study honestly. A personal statement along with supporting documents have to be attached to the ImmiAccount. 

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Why is GTE Form Required for Australian Universities?

If you have been accepted at an Australian university for a full-time course, then as an international student you need to gain immigration rights to enter the Australian territory. These immigration rights can be achieved through an Australian Student Visa, which allows you to live in Australia as an attending international student for the duration of your selected course.

As previously stated, the visa has a prerequisite condition that you must only have an intent of studying when applying for the visa and migrating or anything else. This is to protect the essence and applicability of the student visa. GTE form is the document of assurance, and pieces of evidence supporting such assurance, that you only need to visit Australia to complete your higher education. Hence, it becomes inevitable that you need to file a GTE form if you wish to study at any Australian institution.

GTE form helps the Australian government to make students take responsibility and accountability for their claims. Moreover, it also helps impress upon student visa applicants the gravity and importance of gaining an Australian Student Visa. While in Australia, your whole conduct, rights, and responsibilities shall be based on the provisions and conditions of the Australian Student Visa. Hence, the government needs you to understand that you cannot, even in far-fetched circumstances, exploit the access your visa grant shall provide you.

How to Fill a GTE Form Australia?

GTE is essentially a requirement of the Australian government for visa applicants, and the GTE form is the means to fulfil this requirement. Hence, you need to prepare a GTE form to be eligible for the student visa you have applied for.

As per the directions of the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, your GTE form should tick the following requirements:

  • It should be a written statement in a formal letter format.

  • It should be limited to 300 words and 2,000 characters.

  • It should be written in English.

  • It should state your reason for applying for Student Visa.

  • It should also state reasons which shall form the basis of your return to your home country on visa expiry.

  • You can state the personal circumstances which cause you to apply for the visa.

  • It should be written in your own words and specific examples should be added. Quotes or general statements should be avoided if they cannot be backed by proper evidence.

  • It should be proofread thoroughly.

The formal letter acts as your GTE form to the Australian Immigration Department. The following details are expected in your letter:

  • Your educational background

  • Length of study

  • Name of education providers

  • Reason for choice of programme

  • Gap in the educational background, if any

  • Reason behind the education gap and from where

  • Current Employment if any

  • Name of Address of Current Employer

  • Financial, family, or social ties to your home country

  • Economic situation in home country or country of residence

  • Employment in the third country (after course completion)

  • Accommodation options

  • Student visa conditions

  • Immigration history

Note: In the case of minors, assisting parents or guardians shall have to file the GTE form and their intent and circumstances shall be assessed.

Format of GTE Form Australia

The format of a GTE form Australia is the same as any formal letter (modern). The same has been elaborated below:


Department of Home Affairs


<Department’s Address>

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

<Self-introduction and application reference>

<Reasons and circumstances behind visa application and your intent of temporary stay in Australia>

<Your promise of exile from Australia on visa expiry, and request for visa grant>

Thanks and Regards

<Your Name>

<Your Address>

<Your Mail>

<Your Phone Number>

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Documents Required to Support GTE Form

Apart from the GTE form you also need to submit the supporting documents for all the reasons and circumstances that you have stated in your letter. Every statement made by you must be supported with conclusive evidence and documents. You cannot make any generic statements in your GTE form.

Here are the documents that you need to attach with your GTE form as part of documentary evidence:

  • Academic transcripts,

  • Certificates of Attainment,

  • Documents to show incentive for you to return home,

  • Financial documents,

  • Bank statements,

  • Income Tax Return, etc.

How is GTE Form Australia Assessed?

Your GTE form application is not the end of your wait. Your application shall be firstly assessed by the Immigration Department for its ingenuity and then they shall give the nod for your visa issue. It is hence better that you know on what grounds your application shall be assessed. This shall help you in including all the required information and documents, and avoid making any mistakes while drafting and applying your GTE form.

There are four grounds on which your GTE form shall be assessed:

  • Situations in Home Country or Country of Residence

  • Potential Situation in Australia

  • Value of Course to Your Future

  • Your Immigration History

Situations in Home Country or Country of Residence

The immigration department needs to know the reason that makes you leave your country to study abroad in Australia and the ties that motivate you to move back after completing your studies in Australia. They expect you to state why you have opted to apply to an Australian university. If there is any similar course not available in your country, if yes, then why you chose Australia for studies. They also expect you to state any military commitments that you need to fulfil as a citizen of your country in your position. Economic conditions and state of political or civil unrest can also form a part of your reason. You must finally provide a good reason, even in the case of family ties, that supports your intent to return to your home country on completion of your course studies.

Potential Situation in Australia

Apart from your reason for not studying in your home country, you also need to state your reasons behind choosing Australia as your study abroad destination. You need to show your motivations behind the decision. In addition, you also need to provide information about your educational background and journey, including any persistent backlogs and gaps. That said, you also need to provide details of your accommodation and plans to reach the place upon arriving in Australia. You will have to show that you can bear the educational and living expenses as an international student in Australia.

Value of Course to Your Future

The Immigration Department shall assess whether your educational background is consistent with your applied course and whether the course has the potential to benefit you in professional and personal terms. You can state the career goals you aim to achieve through the course to aid the assessment. The department shall assess whether your plans can be fulfilled through course study or not.

Your Immigration History

Travel history is an extremely important source of information for any immigration department assessing a visa application. Your possible intent and other concerns of the Immigration Department shall become clear and solved through your travel history. If there is a travel that requires special medical or vaccination pieces of evidence, then you need to provide the same. The department shall assess your GTE form for the same.

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The importance of the GTE form must be evident to you by now. The negative assessment of your GTE form shall automatically result in the rejection of your Student Visa application. While the Australian Immigration Department shall consider the easy correctability of certain factors like vaccination certificates, they will not consider complicating or confusing claims. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you ensure all possible precautions.

All supporting evidence must be submitted properly so that Home Affairs clears the form fast. It will help to speed up the entire process. It is a very important document that will ensure your entry into the country. 

We understand that precaution while drafting a GTE form Australia is easily said than done. It is hence we recommend that you connect with our resident experts for personalised guidance. You can also connect with us by writing to

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Is the GTE interview mandatory?

Yes, a GTE interview is mandatory. GTE form is a written document and the department has no other means than your words to confirm the genuity of your account and application. In order to achieve concrete evidence GTE interview is preferred as it provides fewer chances of fabrication and your true personality and reasons shall automatically show.

What is GTE full form?

GTE full form is a Genuine Temporary Entrant. It is a requirement applicable for temporary entrants in Australia on non-immigration visa types. They need to state their reasons behind expecting temporary immigration rights into Australia, and also the reasons that make the department believe that they will not overstay their visa validity or purpose.

Who provides the GTE form Australia?

The person who is applying for an Australian Student Visa or any temporary immigration visa type is required to draft a GTE form Australia in a formal letter format and address the same to the Department of Home Affairs Australia. There is no set paper or form that is available as GTE form, though the letter is expected to be drafted in a modern formal letter format.

To whom is the GTE form Australia addressed?

The GTE form Australia is addressed to the Department of Home Affairs Australia. They use the document to assess whether the applicant or student is worthy to be granted their requested visa and that they will go back to their home country once they have either completed their purpose or their visa expires, whichever is earlier. As the overstay could cause complications to home security, the letter has to be addressed to the Home Affairs Department.

Is the interview conducted for GTE form Australia?

Yes, an interview is conducted for GTE form Australia. You shall be sent the details regarding the time, venue, and manner in which the interview will be conducted. You will be expected to have all the supportive documents and information on the claims made by you in your application. It is only once you pass the interview that your student visa application shall be moved for further processing.

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