Top 10 Futuristic Courses to Study Abroad


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 Are you planning to study bioinformatics or ethical hacking? Then do not shy away from solidifying your choices. Read the article to get information about some new-age courses or subjects to study abroad.

Top 10 Futuristic Courses to Study Abroad

In this ever-changing corporate world, you need to always stay ahead of the race in order to stand out from the rest. For this, you will have to forge an uncommon path for yourself and your career. Many students opt to study abroad in order to be different but what really makes the difference is breaking away from the usual courses and choosing something different.

The majority of the students studying abroad choose business and management-related courses, while the other half choose engineering-related courses. The popularity of these courses results in tough competition in the corporate sector. If you are planning to study abroad and want to excel in your career choices, you need to be better equipped to choose a niche course within your interest area.

So, here, we will find out why you should choose new-age courses to study abroad along with a list that will help you pick the right unique course.

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Why Study Futuristic Courses Abroad?

Before we provide you with the list of new-age courses to study abroad, you must know why you should study them:

  • It is Challenging: It may seem strange to take the road not taken, but it is fun and challenging to study something unique. You may have your own concern regarding the future prospects of the subject but you should also know if you give your best, numerous doors will open for you.

  • Experience Something Different: While you will find your peers studying popular study abroad courses, you will be able to explore deep into areas which are important yet unique. The experience you gain while studying these unusual coursesis immense.

  • Less Competition in Career Paths: The future-ready courses will open doors for career paths where competition is less than that in common courses like data science or computer science. You can easily find a job related to your course and even earn a high salary.

Top 10 Unique Coursesto Study Abroad

Now that you have known the benefits of studying unique courses to study abroad, let us take you through a list of futuristic courses that you can study:

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking

Yes, there is a term like ethical hacking in terms of cybersecurity. The increasing cyber-attacks and the breach in security in all things related to the internet increased the demand for professionals in the subsequent area of expertise. This is where the need for ethical hackers arises. These professionals are experts in cybersecurity analysing and fixing all the cyber vulnerabilities in the security system of various private and public organisations' network systems.

The salary in cybersecurity and ethical hacking is on the higher side of the scale starting from USD 96,000 per year on the global level. If you are a computer geek out there, then you can do all the hacking you want to do and that too legally.


In a world where appearance is one of the most important criteria for a person, a professional related to beauty and cosmetics is in demand. Cosmetology is the course that prepares a professional ready to cater to all the cosmetics needs of an individual, ranging from hair and makeup to manicure and pedicure. Different cultures in the world have different beauty standards.

From the high-end demands of a sophisticated European to hair weaving practices of African countries, the work opportunities of a cosmetologist can expand exponentially. A cosmetology course offered abroad provides valuable experience for you in the field making you one of a kind.


One of the most emerging streams in sciences is the amalgamation of two interdisciplinary fields, especially biology and computer science, thus making a new stream of subjects, i.e.bioinformatics. Professionals from bioinformatics are required in several important domains like analysing the variations and the expressions in the human gene and using data to analyse protein sequences.

A career in bioinformatics provides an ample amount of lucrative opportunities. There are many top foreign universities like Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, Duke University, and so on offering this programme on their campus. Many Indian universities like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) also offer this programme as a full-time course.

Illustration and Animation

If you have a creative bone in your body regarding art and drawing, you can always opt for this course and always satisfy your artistic craving while making your livelihood. Illustration and animation can be found in almost every corner of the globe, whether in the form of Indian Mandala paintings or Japanese comic books. Each country has its own unique style of art illustrated in its own unique technique. Thus, this profession can be a great opportunity to experience a country's culture and workings of society.

Studying illustration and animation abroad makes you more experienced in different art forms, making you more sought after by the animation industry. Studying abroad also helps you to know the business aspect of the art industry on an international level, hence you are able to predict the requirements of the market and produce your art pieces accordingly.


This area of specialisation is one of the emerging fields for the economist out there requiring you to use statistical methods in order to anticipate and predict the economic policies of governments or private organisations.

Econometrics is used to analyse the impact that a particular financial or economic policy will have on the country's or the organisation's economy.

As a professional in Econometrics, you can easily secure job positions like financial analysts, economists or data analysts in government or high-end private organizational bodies.

Sports Sciences

For the sports enthusiast in you, this field of study can be your dream career. Sports sciences as a course not only provides knowledge about the different aspects of a sport but also how a sport can be used as human medicine and serve injury treatment in different cases. Sports in themselves add culture to a country. If you want to make a career in sports leagues, sports administration, or sports management can add this course to your portfolio.

This course can provide you with the edge they might be seeking in order to boost up their careers. The sports sciences program offered abroad gives many first-hand experiences on how a league is operated, making you work with various major leagues.

Urban Design and Planning

In a country like India, where the majority of the cities are shifting towards urbanisation, Urban Design and Planning is an emerging field of architecture focusing on creating and designing city plans that are functional, sustainable as well as appealing to the eye.

The major aim of this advanced field of architecture is to address the issue of human settlement by creating urban developed cities having buildings, public spaces and transport systems.

Data Science and AI

After the invention of image recognition devices, AI seems to be the most interesting and emerging field of study for all the techno geeks. The presence of AI can be felt in almost all the recent technological developments. From data mining to image recognition to building an AI robot named Sophia, there is much yet to be developed in this field of study.

The average salary of a professional in Data Science and AI is on the high end of the pay scale, making it one of the most sought-after professions in the computer science sector.

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Law enforcement and criminal justice, combined or not combined, can be futuristic courses to study abroad. You can be a law officer to uphold the laws and regulations of society. The course which includes sociological aspects of criminology, will enhance your background and knowledge in the subject and get practical experience.

Gun control, crime scene investigation and criminal justice are some interesting topics taught in this course. When it comes to salary, the average salary is handsome enough if you pursue your career in this field.

Surf Science and Technology

Surfing is a popular hobby related to water sports and the good news is that now a whole course is dedicated to studying surf science and technology. The history and mechanics of surfing are taught in this course and it includes the role of international bodies governing sports and their impacts, sporting politics, climate change and meteorology.

Students also get opportunities to visit areas where people go surfing. So, it can be entertaining as well as exciting to study surf science. You can pursue the sport as a career after graduating with this subject and even if it is your hobby, you may gain experience from the course.

Top Countries with Futuristic Courses

The countries with unique degrees and popular universities offering these courses are provided below:


Top FuturisticDegrees

Top Universities Offering Futuristic Courses


MS in Ethical Hacking,

Master of Liberal Arts program in Cybersecurity,

MS in Bioinformatics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Harvard University

University of Texas-Dallas


FdSc Surf Science,

LLM Criminal Law and Criminal Justice,

M.Res Econometrics

Cornwall College

Birmingham University

University of Exeter


MS in Urban and Regional Planning,

MS in Exercise Science,

Masters in Data Science

University of Alberta

University of Lethbridge

University of British Columbia


MS in Cosmetic Science,

MSc in Data Science,

MS in Bioinformatics

University of Munich

Technical University Munich

Free University of Berlin


Master of Urban and Regional Planning,

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice,

Bachelor of Design (Illustration and Animation)

University of Sydney

University of New South Wales

University of South Australia

Tips to Choose the Right Course to Study Abroad

As you are investing in your future, it is important to know if the future-ready course that you are choosing is right for you. Hence, the following tips will guide you through choosing the right course to study abroad:

  • List Down Your Interest Areas: While selecting the right course to study, it is important for you to know which courses provide you with the kick and zeal to study. Then only can you narrow down your interest areas by analysing your strength in the subjects.

  • Do Proper Research: It is the most important aspect of selecting the right course as you need to know what you will be studying in the course. Visit the university pages and know what modules they are offering and whether you are finding them interesting or not.

  • Choose the Right University: Selecting the university to study is equally consequential as selecting the right course. Check what all the university has to offer and see if there are opportunities for industry visits and internships.

  • Career Prospects Post Study: This is perhaps one of the most crucial factors to consider. The career prospects and job opportunities after graduation have to be thoroughly analysed. Understand the various avenues where your course will be beneficial.

  • Ask Yourself Questions: You should ask yourself if you are really willing to study the course abroad, can you really afford the course and etc. Find answers to each of the questions and only then start your journey abroad.

University life is that significant phase of your life that can either make or break your career and choosing the right course will only make the journey easier and worth your time and effort. Studying unique courses at foreign universities will be an exciting experience if your decision is right. Listen to your heart and step towards your dream course even if it is not so popular among your peers.

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Which country is best to study ethical hacking?

The USA is among the best countries to study ethical hacking. The demand for ethical hackers and cyber security experts is rising day by day and the USA is the best country to study the course. After studying ethical hacking, you can be hired in both government and private sectors to protect data.

Where can I study Bioinformatics in Europe?

Bioinformatics is a combination of the essentials of biology, coding and programming skills. That being said, the best countries to study bioinformatics in Europe are the UK, Sweden, Germany and Belgium. The universities where you will get a course on bioinformatics are Howest University of Applied Sciences (Belgium), Jacobs University (Germany), University of Skovde (Sweden) and Cranfield University (UK).

Which universities are best for data science in USA?

The top universities in the USA where you can study data science are Stanford University, Yale University, Harvard University New York University and the University of Pennsylvania. Being a data scientist, you will have to solve complex and analytical problems and its application across various sectors can help you get a good job.

Is sports science a good course to study?

Yes, sports science is a good course to study abroad if you are interested in working in physical education, youth sport or developing sports communities. You will gain knowledge of sports psychology and coaching principles and practices. In addition, you will be able to plan, deliver and manage high-quality activities and events with this course.

Which are the top countries to study animation?

The top countries to study animation are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You get to study 2D animation, 3D animation, theory and history of animation, drawing for animation, visual narrative and effects and motion capture. The course is extremely uncommon and will open up wide opportunities for you to pursue once you complete the course.

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