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Planning to study mass communications abroad, but confused about which country to choose? Well, you have landed on the right article. This article discusses everything you need to know about the best countries to study mass communication and top colleges for media studies and journalism.

Best Countries to Study Mass Communication

Mass communication is becoming extremely popular as a subject with several countries offering a course that involves both theoretical and practical training. The best countries to study mass communication includes USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany. 

In this advanced world, TVs, radios or newspapers are not the only sources to keep yourself informed about the day-to-day happenings in and around the world. With the sprawling modern technology and automation, one can know anything and everything from the comfort of their screen through laptops, tablets, mobile phones, PCs etc. 

Mass communication is the study of the art of informing the masses about everyday happening throughout the locality or the world. Simply put it is the process of imparting and exchanging information through mass media with a larger segment of people. 

The study of mass communication is not as simple as before. It has evolved in this ever-changing era of technology. Different advanced methods and technologies are used for this process. In this article, we will walk you through the best countries to study mass communication.

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Eligibility Criteria To Study Mass Communication Abroad

Firstly, because of the comprehensive and experiential nature of the programme, mass communication is a popular course of study abroad. Moreover, for a career in mass communication, one can choose from a variety of specialised degrees. The followings are the eligibility criteria or requirements to pursue a master's in mass communication abroad:

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Top Countries to Study Masters in Mass Communication

In this cut-throat environment, earning a degree in journalism could help you stand out from the crowd since the curriculum will teach you how to master the art of communication and storytelling. The interesting thing about journalism today is that you also need to be skilled at drawing and keeping readers engage thoroughly in your narrative.

You must, therefore, first, choose your study abroad destination even before you conduct in-depth research for your desired mass communication colleges abroad to determine which is the ideal college for you to enrol in. For you to narrow down the list of this extremely broad area of study, we have come up with the list of best countries to study mass communication, ranked based on the popularity of their colleges or courses

Study Mass Communication in USA

Every student aspires to study mass communication in the USA given that it is home to the best mass communication colleges in the world. It is a dream country for many study abroad aspirants. While listing colleges in USA that offer mass communication, Columbia University, situated in New York deserves special mention. The journalism department here was endowed and funded by Joseph Pulitzer himself, the person who is behind the prestigious Pulitzer prize. 

This gives the USA an edge among the best countries that provide mass communication courses to students with huge possibilities for study, research and work. Besides Columbia University, the University of Texas, the University of California or the University of Pennsylvania and others offer course curriculum that equips them to act ethically and think critically. They get a grounding in fundamental skills of reporting that helps them to create a difference in the world of reporting.

The US degrees and certificates receive recognition throughout the world.

Studying mass communication in USA prepares students for a cut-throat competition in the media world where they get numerous job roles in news media, broadcast journalism, online multimedia, convergent journalism, etc. Several US universities offer online digital courses for students which they can access from anywhere in the world. Students are often offered PhD courses immediately after graduation.

Top Mass Communication Colleges in the USA

The following is a list of the top mass communication colleges in the USA along with their IELTS score and TOEFL score requirements mentioned for respective universities:


IELTS (in bands)


Columbia University



Stanford University



University of Wisconsin- Madison



University of California, Berkeley



University of Texas at Austin



Study Mass Communication in UK

The country is also known as the media capital of Europe and is on the top list of the best countries to study mass communication. Students willing to study media and journalism abroad must include the United Kingdom in their potential countries. With research-oriented programmes in media studies, the universities in UK provide in-depth professional courses to their students, thus making them ready for the professional life ahead. The availability of many notable scholarships like the Chevening-Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Scholarship makes the UK one of the most affordable countries to study mass communication. These scholarships along with covering tuition fees also offer a monthly stipend to the scholars thus taking care of the extra expenses they may have.

The UK has a total of more than 100 universities offering mass communication in various subfields like Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, & Publishing, Graphic Communication, Photography & Film, Television & Sound, Communications & Media, visual communication and so on. The UK also offers a vast number of job opportunities after mass communication in its various media and design companies and art venues.

Top Mass Communication Colleges in the UK

The following is a list of the top mass communication colleges in the UK along with their IELTS score requirement mentioned for respective universities:


IELTS (in bands)

London School of Economics


City University of London


Goldsmiths, University of London


Loughborough University


University of Westminster


Study Mass Communication in Australia

Australia is one of the best destinations for international students to study abroad and also offers the best mass communication courses. Australian universities are famous for their convergent journalism courses in which students are trained to work for both printed as well as digital media platforms. Students studying mass communication in Australia are also offered opportunities under the student exchange program to study in different countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Australia is home to some of the major universities offering mass communication and media studies like the University of Queensland, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales and so on. Some universities in Australia also offer honours programmes after graduation in mass communication for specialisation in a particular area.

Top Mass Communication Colleges in Australia

The following is a list of the top mass communication colleges in Australia along with their IELTS score and TOEFL score requirements mentioned for respective universities:


IELTS (in bands)


University of Melbourne



University of New South Wales



Queensland University of Technology



University of Queensland



Monash University



Study Mass Communication in Germany

Being a country full of life and vibrancy, Germany serves as the best place for creative minds to portray their inventiveness. German universities offer mass communication courses in the fields of media design, digital media business, global management and communication and so on. The country's affordable tuition fees along with the various scholarships to study in Germany serve as a beacon for international students. Moreover, Germany is one of the most stable countries for economies in the world and offers good job opportunities with decent salary options to the graduates of mass communication. Also, Germany is the only country which has proved it possible to admit international students by charging zero-tuition fees. To know more, check out how to study in Germany for free.

Germany has many world-renowned universities including Johannes Gutenberg Universitt Mainz, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt Munchen, and so on that offer diverse mass communication curricula. Many of the mass communication courses are offered in the native German language, but there are courses offered in English at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to cater to the needs of international students.

Top Mass Communication Colleges in Germany

The following is a list of the top mass communication colleges in Germany along with their IELTS score and TOEFL score requirements mentioned for respective universities:


IELTS (in bands)


Free Universitat Berlin



Johannes Gutenberg Universitt Mainz



Eberhard Karls University of Tbingen



Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt Munchen



University of Mannheim



Study Mass Communication in Canada

Canada has already distinguished itself with its management and engineering programmes. Now, the country is slowly becoming popular for its mass communication and media studies programmes. The major factor that attracts international students to Canada is its affordable tuition fees, various Canadian scholarships that are exclusively granted to international students and the work opportunities after graduation.

Universities in Canada offer various courses in mass communication and media studies like master's in communication, bachelor's in journalism and so on. The graduate programmes of the universities are majorly research oriented where students are pushed to work on a research-based project and thesis. Graduates from the Canadian university are also offered Post-Graduation Work Permit Visa, thus allowing them to seek jobs after the completion of their studies.

Top Mass Communication Colleges in Canada

The following is a list of the top mass communication colleges in Canada along with their IELTS score and TOEFL score requirements mentioned for respective universities:


IELTS (in bands)


University de Montreal



Simon Fraser University



University of Alberta



McGill University



University of Quebec



Top Specialisations in Mass Communication for Bachelors and Masters

Since mass communication is a wide field of study, students can choose one specialisation and gainexpertise in that subject area. For bachelors and masters aspirants, the following are some of the top mass communication specialisations:




Media Management and Policy

Audio-Visual Communication

Communication Theory and Research

Feature Writing

Advanced Mass Communication Research

News Reporting and Editing

Law and Ethics of Mass Communication

Aesthetics and Visual Communication

Media Research


Contemporary Mass Communication

Marketing and Mass Communication

Other elective subjects

Career Prospects in Mass Communication

The mass communication industry has experienced a tremendous surge in job prospects due to technical improvements and rising consumer demand for educational and entertaining content. The average wage for a reporter is from INR 150,000 to INR 200,000 annually, while INR 800,000 to INR 1,500,000 annually is typical for mid and senior-level roles.

The compensation scale for content writers, editors, and photographers will vary and entirely depend on their qualifications and experience, but the typical salary will fall between INR 150,000 and INR 200,000 per year. The following are the career prospects after pursuing a degree in mass communication:

  • Journalism

  • Advertising

  • Human Resources

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

  • Corporate Communication

Jobs in mass communication are highly sought-after and plentiful everywhere in the world. Every organisation acknowledges highers highly experienced individuals in the field of mass communication. Therefore, there is a wide range of opportunities for career progression and prospects for experiences on a broad basis after graduation in this subject.

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Which field is best in mass communication?

The following are the four best fields in mass communication:

  • Public Relations & Event Management

  • Broadcasting

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Journalism

Journalism offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate diploma (PGD) courses like PGD in Digital Journalism, BA in Journalism & Mass Communication, and PGD in Business Journalism.

Is it good to study Journalism abroad?

Definitely, it is good to study journalism abroad employers are actively searching for the next emerging journalistic talent. Studying abroad not only improves your resume but also expands your network to include all the people you meet from other countries.

What is the difference between Mass Communication and Journalism?

The difference between Mass Communication and Journalism is that Mass Communication is defined as communication with a big group of people with the intention of informing, entertaining, and increasing awareness of the audience. On the other hand, journalism is the practice of regularly reporting news and other current events to a big audience.

Are there any scholarships available for Mass Communication in Canada?

Yes, there are many scholarships available to pursue Mass Communication in Canada. These include the Canadian Corporate News Scholarship in Journalism from Carleton University, the GRA Rice Graduate Scholarship in Communications from the University of Alberta, Rogers Communication Inc Award in Communication from Simon Fraser University, CBC Newsworld Award from Ryerson University, and Ken Boyle Cobra Radio Memorial Book Prize from Brock University.

Is a Mass Communication degree better than Journalism?

Yes, it can be said that a mass communication degree is better than journalism. The field of communications includes a wide variety of professions and usually caters to a specific audience. Journalism takes a more limited approach to the information that is presented, typically focusing on news and current events, but it typically has a wider audience in mind.

What degrees can I get in the field of Mass Communication?

There are a few main branches to studying mass communication and media in which students can get degrees in the field of Mass Communication include:

  • BA Film, Photography and Media

  • BA News Media

  • BA Communications and Media

  • BA Communication and Journalism

What are the benefits of studying Mass Communication abroad?

There are many benefits of studying mass communication abroad. A degree in journalism or mass communication offers the opportunity to work for or with imaginative, intelligent people who motivate you to succeed. There is never a shortage of career prospects in the sphere of the media, which is ever expanding. While working or studying communications abroad, one experiences notoriety, and wealth as well as travel opportunities.

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