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Planning to study in Europe without IELTS? Read the article to discover a list of countries where you can enrol without IELTS study in Europe along with the alternatives to the IELTS exam. Further, you can also check out the FAQ section at the end to get information about Europe study visa without IELTS.

Study in Europe Without IELTS

One of the main barriers to studying abroad for prospective international students, particularly in European nations, may be the inescapable IELTS exam. What if we tell you that you can study in Europe Without IELTS? Yes, it is possible that you now no longer need to worry about struggling to prepare for IELTS because several European higher learning institutions may allow IELTS exemptions. 

To show that they can adjust to the pedagogical norms and academic teachings in European universities, international students from non-English educational institutions must exhibit an acceptable degree of English language competence.

Although it is renowned and a valid indicator of your mastery of the English language, the IELTS exam is overpriced and has a short shelf life as per Indian standards. According to some recent studies, regardless of receiving a high IELTS score, international students continue to face difficulty communicating in the English language in the educational setting. For overseas students, several European colleges have eliminated the IELTS requirement or provided alternatives which students can opt for. To learn more about how you can without IELTS study in Europe, read the rest of the article below.

Can You Study in Europe Without IELTS?

There is no denying that Europe is among the best choices to study abroad for international students who wish to expand their horizons via academics and research. As European countries have an educational setting where instructions are given in English, it is essential that you have a good grasp of the language. Lately, submitting IELTS scores was a necessity at all institutions. However, in recent times, a growing number of European universities have done away with IELTS requirements and have introduced newer alternatives for international students who loathe taking the IELTS.

Europe is a vast continent with several countries coming under its umbrella. Countries like the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and Belgium are the study haunts for international students. Coming from a non-English speaking country, international students need a sufficient understanding of the language for effective communication in the classroom and to perform in their assignments and examinations.

That being the case, knowledge of English is necessary but the IELTS exam is not the only way to prove that, thereby, paving the way for international students to study in Europe without IELTS.

Alternatives to Study in Europe Without IELTS

IELTS is not mandatory to study in Europe provided you have qualified in certain exams or have submitted proof regarding your English proficiency. Here are the alternatives to study in Europe without IELTS:

  • Other English Proficiency Exams: You can take numerous other English proficiency exams that are equally renowned as IELTS. The exams that you can consider are the Pearson Test of English (PTE), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), CanTEST, Cambridge English Language Tests, AP and Duolingo English Test (DET).

  • Submit Medium of Instruction Certificate: You can also provide proof in the form of a certificate testifying that you have completed your previous education from an English medium school or college. The certificate makes you eligible to study in Europe without IELTS.

  • Give Online Examinations or Interviews: Some universities take tests on students to understand if they can cope with the course in English. You can sit for those exams and also attend interviews specially designed to check the English language proficiency of students.

Is Without IELTS Study in Europe Possible for Indian Students?

Highlights of Study in Europe Without IELTS

English language proficiency is the foremost requirement to study in Europe. Here is a quick rundown of the highlights of studying in Europe without IELTS which you must consider while planning your study abroad journey:



Top Countries for International Students

UK, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy

IELTS Alternatives

TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge Test, Pathway Programmes

Top Universities

Paris Business School, University of Bonn, California State University

Europe study visa without IELTS


PR Acceptance without IELTS


Countries to Study in Europe Without IELTS

In the times of growing importance of international experience, Europe is the place where you should be to pursue your study abroad dream. In order to not let IELTS restrict your dreams, you have to select the countries and universities that provide the opportunity to study in Europe without IELTS.

The courses offered at European universities open doors for global opportunities and one can delve into the experience of studying in Europe without the hassle to take IELTS.

The countries where you can without IELTS study in Europe are plenty. The popular ones include the UK, Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Spain Czech Republic and Cyprus. Let us now walk you through the major countries to study in Europe without IELTS along with a list of those that grant Europe study visa without IELTS in detail and give a mention of other countries.

Study in UK Without IELTS

The UK has always been a highly-esteemed nation with its historical centres of higher learning where international students flock every year. Additionally, to attract more international students, UK universities are doing away with the IELTS exam requirement. Therefore, you can study in UK without IELTS and can even get a Europe study visa without IELTS i.e., UK student visa for international students .

You have to meet a few eligibility criteria to study in UK without IELTS and they have been listed down below:

  • The medium of instruction in your school should be English.

  • Your English exam scores for secondary and higher secondary are to be submitted.

  • Universities often conduct video interviews to assess the English language proficiency of students. You will have to shine in the interview to convince admission officers of your suitability.

  • You can take any other English language assessment test apart from IELTS such as TOEFL, PTE, DET and Cambridge Test.

In the table given below, you will get to know the UK universities to study in Europe without IELTS and the alternatives they require:

UK Universities

IELTS Alternatives

Birmingham City University

BCU English Proficiency Test, PTE Academic, LanguageCert International ESOL SELT B2, 80% from CBSE or ICSE Board

University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich English Language Test, Online Pre-Sessional English

University of Bristol

Pre-sessional language course, Taking English Tests other than IELTS

University of Warwick

Cambridge C1 Advanced, Pearson Test of English, Duolingo

University of Central Lancashire

Cambridge IGCSE English As A First Language, Language Cert International ESOL Exam, International Baccalaureate

Study in Ireland Without IELTS

Studying in Ireland is an exciting opportunity for international students and you can study any undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral degree in Ireland without IELTS. This is primarily because the universities have their own English language tests to assess students' basic skills in all four components of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Also, to study in Ireland without IELTS, you may have to complete additional language courses provided by the colleges and universities.

The eligibility criteria to study in Ireland without IELTS are:

  • You will have to complete a higher secondary or bachelor's degree in English medium.

  • You will have to provide evidence that your previous education was in English.

  • The Irish universities use scores of TOEFL, PTE and Duolingo as alternatives.

  • You may have to crack an interview taken through Skype which will judge your English proficiency.

Universities in Ireland without IELTS study in Europe are plenty. Some of them are given below along with the alternatives to IELTS they prefer:

Irish Universities

IELTS Alternatives

University of Limerick


University College Dublin

TOEFL, Cambridge Examinations, UCD English Language Pathway Programmes

National College of Ireland


University College Cork

Language course from UCC English Language Centre, TOEFL iBT, DET

Dublin Institute of Technology

TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition, Duolingo English Test, Cambridge English Language Examinations

Study in France Without IELTS

France has always been a dream travel destination but it is also a well-known fact that the country houses some of the best educational institutions in the European Union (EU). You can study in France without IELTS or any other English language proficiency tests as it is not mandatory in some French colleges and universities.

As French is the native language in the country, non-native students need to show their expertise in the English language which can be done in other ways. The alternatives to study in France without IELTS are:

  • Besides IELTS, there are other English proficiency tests which you can appear like TOEFL, PTE, C1 Advanced and Duolingo.

  • If the schooling has been done in English medium, then the English test requirement can be waived.

  • Institutions arrange for interviews and admission depending on the success of the conversation during interviews.

  • If you have already acquired an acceptance letter then you do not need to qualify for IELTS.

The eminent French universities to study in Europe without IELTS are:

French Universities

IELTS Alternatives

IESA International


American Business School, Paris


SKEMA Business School


Toulouse Business School

TOEFL, Cambridge (B2), TOEIC

ESGCI, Paris

TOEFL, Cambridge

Study in Germany Without IELTS

German universities have high standards of excellence and welcome international students every year to study various courses for free at its public universities. The admission criteria set by Germany are at par with international standards, with students required to clear an English language proficiency test to study in the country.

That said, you can study in Germany without IELTS through other ways that determine your competency for English language programmes. You are eligible to study in Germany without IELTS under the following conditions:

  • If your previous education was done in an English medium school or college and you have submitted a medium of instruction (MOI) certificate.

  • If you can qualify for an interview taken by the university.

  • If you can qualify for any other English language proficiency test.

  • If you participate in pathway programmes of German universities.

The popular German universities without IELTS study in Europe are:

German Universities

IELTS Alternatives

University of Bonn

Not required

HCI Seigen

TOEFL iBT, Cambridge B2 First, Grade B, PTE Academic

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Not required

University of Bayreuth

Not required

Ruhr University

TOEFL, FCE, CAE or CPE, a completed undergraduate degree in English, including the study of the subject English

Study in Italy Without IELTS

The Italian education system is based on excellence in research and creativity where complex problem-solving and critical thinking are developed. You can now study in Italy without IELTS by providing proof of your English language expertise. The factors that enable you to study in Italy without IELTS are:

  • You may appear for any online test provided by the university or video interview where your English language skills will be tested.

  • You may get an exception if you have studied in the English medium or have appeared for alternative English language tests.

The popular universities in Italy to study in Europe without IELTS are:


IELTS Alternatives

University of Milan

TOEFL, Cambridge International, PTE, Trinity College London

University of Padua

TOEFL, Cambridge ESOL, Trinity College London, PTE

University of Pisa

Foundation Course

University of Verona


John Cabot University

TOEFL, Cambridge, Trinity

Other European Countries to Study in Europe Without IELTS

Apart from these major European countries, there are other countries that provide affordable and excellent higher education without the IELTS examination. You can acquire your bachelors, masters or doctoral degrees from these popular countries by without IELTS study in Europe.


Top Universities without IELTS


University of Amsterdam, Leiden University, University of Groningen


University of Cyprus, University of Nicosia, Frederick University


University of Oslo, University of Bergen


The University of Valencia, University of Salamanca


The Medical University of Gdansk, Kozminski University, Medical University of Warsaw

Top 10 Universities to Study in Europe Without IELTS

If you wish to study at the top universities in Europe without IELTS, you can appear for other alternative tests or appear for a video interview and submit a medium of instruction certificate clarifying that you have studied in English. The 10 top-ranked universities to study in Europe without IELTS are given below:

Top European Universities Without IELTS


IELTS Alternatives

Technical University of Denmark


TOEFL, C1 Advanced / Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)

INSEEC Business School


Skype interview

Jagiellonian University


TOEFL iBT, Cambridge C1 Advanced,

Cambridge C2 Proficiency, IB diploma

Lund University



Riga Technical University


TOEFL, PTE, TOEIC, Cambridge Exam

Esslingen University


TOEFL, Unicert II, Cambridge Certificate

University of Roma



Ghent University



University of Birmingham


TOEFL, Duolingo, PTE

Griffith College



You must remember that though you may get an IELTS exemption, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the English language to do well in your course of study. Hence, you should take care of the same while applying for exemptions.

If you have any queries regarding countries you wish to study in Europe without IELTS in or have any other questions, write to us at

Know How to Obtain Europe Study Visa Without IELTS!


Can be granted a Europe study visa without IELTS?

Yes, you can get a visa to study in Europe without IELTS, for which you will have to submit the documents provided by the university where you have been admitted. It will certify that you are eligible to study in that particular country without requiring IELTS scores. Once the visa authorities get assured of your competency, you will be issued a visa.

What is the MOI term related to study in Europe without IELTS?

The full form of MOI is the Medium of Instruction. It is a certificate that students need to provide to universities to waive the IELTS requirement. An MOI Certificate is proof that a student has done their schooling or college education in the English medium and now is qualified enough to continue their higher studies in English.

In which countries can I do without IELTS study in Europe?

The countries in Europe where you can study without IELTS are the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Poland and Latvia. A strong command of the English language is necessary to study in these countries where English is either the native language or the medium of instruction is English. That said, submitting IELTS scores for that is not necessary.

Which English exams can be given as an alternative to study in Europe without IELTS?

The English exams that can be given as an alternative to IELTS to study in Europe are the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Pearson Test of English (PTE), Duolingo English Test (DET), Cambridge English Tests, Trinity College London, International Baccalaureate or any other test designed by the particular university.

Which are the countries apart from those in Europe where I can study without IELTS?

The countries apart from those in Europe where you can study without IELTS are plenty. You can study in USA without IELTS. You can also study in New Zealand without IELTS and likewise, you can study in Australia without IELTS. All these countries provide you with various alternatives to IELTS scores and many universities provide their own pre-sessional English courses to complete English learning.

What are the top universities in Europe to study without IELTS than those mentioned above?

The top universities in Europe to study without IELTS are INSEEC Business School (France), Braunschweig University of Technology (Germany), University of Turin (Italy), Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland), University of Valencia (Spain) and University of Latvia (Latvia). Submitting an IELTS band score is not mandatory in these universities to study various courses at different levels.

How to study in Europe without IELTS?

You can study in Europe without IELTS if you have completed your schooling or previous education in the English medium for at least three years. Also, the universities across Europe provide several pathway programmes which act as bridge courses to increase students’ knowledge of the language. Moreover, universities often take audio or video interviews to test the language proficiency of applicants.

What are the eligibility criteria to study in Europe without IELTS?

The eligibility criteria to study in Europe without IELTS is similar to the usual entry requirements. Students must complete high school with a certain GPA as mentioned by the university for bachelors or have attained a bachelor’s degree with a prescribed GPA for masters admission. Besides, they must have completed their education in the English language to be considered for admission without IELTS scores.

How to apply for admission to study in Europe without IELTS?

You can apply for admission to study in Europe without IELTS by visiting the university websites and shortlisting those universities to which you can apply without IELTS scores. Also, check for the alternatives provided by them. You will then have to fill out the application form and submit the supporting documents. If the university desires any online test or interview to check your English language proficiency then you need to qualify for it. 

Can I get a scholarship to study in Europe without IELTS?

Yes, you can get a scholarship to study in Europe without IELTS. Once a university accepts you without an IELTS score, you can apply to various scholarship programmes with your offer letter. The scholarship committees will look at your overall profile to understand if you are eligible to secure a scholarship. Besides, the university and the department you will be studying in also provide scholarships to eligible candidates.

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