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The English proficiency tests are always a must when it comes to studying abroad. However, do you know that you can still study in Germany without IELTS? Check the article below to know how to study in Germany without an IELTS score.

Study in Germany Without IELTS

It is rightly said that a sustainable professional life takes a lot of hard work and some financial hardships. Especially if an Indian student is aspiring to study abroad, they have a lot to check from their different to-do lists. Starting from basic academic qualifications to standardised tests and English proficiency test scores, universities abroad have specific requirements for Indian applicants.

English proficiency test score is an important prerequisite for any top university in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Similarly, Germany, which is usually regarded for its world-class education, has also set its bar high for the admission process. However, certain universities in the country prefer giving an equal chance to every international candidate. Hence, students can still apply to a few universities without an IELTS score.

Can You Study in Germany Without IELTS?

Students who are planning to study in Germany can do so without taking the IELTS exam. They do not need to panic or worry about not qualifying to study in the country. Germany has various top universities and courses where they can study without submitting their IELTS scores. Without IELTS, there is an alternative way to join the programmes that are taught in Germany. German universities have relaxation for other tests to check the competency of the English language of students. Therefore, the applicants are required to submit an English language proficiency certificate or Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificate during the time of their admission.

The previous institute of the student provides a Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificate which specifies that the student has studied in English. This certificate can act as a substitute for the IELTS score. Most German universities accept it as valid proof of language proficiency of candidates. After submission of the MOI, the university sends a confirmation mail stating that they have accepted the certificate and do not require scores from the IELTS exam as proof. Only after this, it is possible to study in Germany without IELTS.

One does not need to send IELTS scores if one has studied bachelor's degree from an institute where English was the primary language of instruction. For example, a student who has studied for a bachelors in English literature, they do not need to submit the English language proficiency certificate. In some cases, German universities prefer conducting virtual interviews to know the candidate’s English language proficiency.

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Want to Study in Germany?

Courses to Study in Germany Without IELTS

There is no dearth of courses to study in Germany without IELTS. There are two broad classifications of programmes under the German education system: German-taught programmes and English-taught programmes. 

English-taught Programmes: International students are hardly familiar with the German language and to attract international cohorts to Germany, universities have started offering English-taught programmes. With time, more universities have started offering multiple academic courses where the Medium of Instruction (MOI) is either English or both English and German. For all these courses in English, students do not necessarily need to submit an IELTS score. IELTS alternatives like TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo English Test or MOI are also accepted. For MBA programmes, a high score on GMAT is good enough to qualify for the English language requirement.

German-taught Programmes: International students with good proficiency in the German language can opt for the course in the same. For courses in German, IELTS is not required. In such a scenario, a German language proficiency score report is required.

Courses to Study in Germany without IELTS

Aspirants can study courses like MBA, MS in Data Science, MS in Computer Science, and Master in International Management in Germany without IELTS. Check out some of the top courses to study in Germany without IELTS:

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

An MBA programme in Germany is usually an 18-month long programme that can be studied without IELTS. For the first two semesters, students are asked to study completely online, and from the third semester, they can join the campus.

MBA course comes with some specialisations such as Engineering Management, Finance & Accounting, International Marketing, Big Data Management and IT Management. Students can opt for any of the given areas. If an international student wants to study MBA in Germany without IELTS, then they can submit a good GMAT score or any other English proficiency test like TOEFL. An MOI from a previous academic institution can also be shared with the university. It is better to check the university guidelines on the same. Obtaining a high GMAT or GRE score is another way of avoiding sitting for the IELTS exam. In both exams, the verbal section scores are given importance.

MS in Data Science

A Masters in Data Science is a two-year course with various job opportunities and vast career scope. Several colleges offer internship opportunities to students after completing the courses.

As per the US News & World Report, the German education system is in the top third position, just after the United States and the United Kingdom for the course. Foreign students can submit their good GMAT scores or TOEFL scores as an alternative to IELTS. Some of the universities also require relevant work experience certificate, so it is advised to check the website for more details.

Masters in Management (MIM)

A Masters in Management or MIM in Germany is a degree that focuses on core concepts like finance, supply chain management and operation management. Germany is famous for its MIM programme due to the free education it offers in comparison to the United States or the United Kingdom.

International students can also prefer studying in the German language for the same programmes as the medium of instruction. Note that the German language requirement may vary from university to university. To study MIM without IELTS, Indian students are just required to submit a bachelor's degree in a relevant field or any other English proficiency proof like TOEFL.

Top Universities to Study in Germany Without IELTS

All international candidates are required to meet certain requirements to get admission at German universities without IELTS. Even though not all universities accept candidates without IELTS, there are a few renowned ones that accept applications without IELTS. Check out the list below of top German universities that accept international students without IELTS:

University of Kassel

Technical University of Braunschweig

University of Giessen

University of Bayreuth

Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences

University of Siegen

Chemnitz University of Technology

University of Kiel

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Ruhr University Bochum

University of Bonn

Student Visa to Study in Germany Without IELTS

Before applying to any university in Germany, especially without IELTS, the first question arises whether the applicant will get a visa without IELTS? For this, the MOI and confirmation letter that was requested from the applicant's previous educational institute can help out while applying for a student visa in Germany.

Follow the simple procedure to qualify for a student visa to study in Germany without IELTS:

  • Look for the nearest German Embassy or Consulate

  • Get information about criteria and processes

  • Set an appointment for a visa application

  • Keep all documents available including the MOI and confirmation letter

  • Get ready with a passport

Candidates can start applying for a student visa soon after getting confirmation from the institution and acquiring adequate funds to reside in Germany.

Benefits of Studying in Germany

One of the biggest advantages of studying in Germany is that students can get admission and student visas even without IELTS scores. However, there are a plethora of other benefits international candidates can avail themselves of with their decision to study in Germany.

Top-ranked Universities

Some of the German universities that accept candidates without IELTS belong to the list of top universities worldwide. These universities also provide industrial exposure and training to Indian students. Every student gets a chance to grow intellectually in a mindful environment.

Plethora of Options

Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to degree courses, diplomas and certification programmes for international students. The country is regarded for courses in Medicine and Dentistry, Law, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Business, Psychology and Architecture. There are almost 150 universities in Germany that provide courses and degrees completely in English.

Low Tuition Fees

Germany aims to provide high-quality education at a lower cost as possible. This is the reason why it is one of the countries that is famous for its low or no tuition fees system. International students can check out universities that offer courses with no tuition fees with no compromise on the quality of teaching.

Work Prospects for International Students

Germany provides several opportunities for international students to work part-time. These opportunities are beneficial for handling living costs, increasing future employability and learning to live independently. Not only this, Degrees obtained from German universities are highly valued and globally recognised making it easier for graduates to find their place in such a competitive market.

Student life in Germany is adventurous and exciting. The cultural diversity of the country is worth exploring as it makes students feel they belong to one entity and are not strangers. However, there are a few points Indian students should keep in mind while applying for a German university without IELTS. They should make sure that their MOI is accepted by the university. To cross-check, it is better to contact the university for confirmation. A confirmation letter stating the same is also necessary for student visa applications. Keep all the documents ready and do thorough research on universities before applying to study in Germany without IELTS.

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