Australia to Introduce Point-Based Immigration System like Canada


Aarushi Jain
Updated on May 29, 2023 01:28 PM IST

According to Fiona Wong, Partner at Gilton Valeo Lawyers and Corporate Immigration Lawyer, while Australia has a points-based immigration system, there are restricted quotas for each occupation particular to its states and territories. As a result, the country is interested in adopting Canada's point-based immigration system.

Australia to Introduce Point-Based Immigration System like Canada

Australia recently suggested reforming its immigration system in order to recruit qualified workers quickly and offer them a path to permanent residency. The goal is to reverse the tendency of brilliant individuals to choose countries such as Canada over Australia.

Recognising the competitive nature of the global talent market, Australia intends to establish new migration policies that will encourage talented migrants to contribute to the local labour market. The administration has resurrected its point-based immigration system as part of the programme.

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For those who are unaware, Australia likewise uses a points-based system for immigration, but there are strict quotas set for particular occupations in each of its states and territories. Fiona Wong, Partner at Gilton Valeo Lawyers, Corporate Immigration Lawyer, said that as a result, it is competitive, the processing time is lengthy, the application is expensive, and relatively weak in recruiting younger and more highly educated migrants - compared to Canada. 

Furthermore, Canada's points test is unique, with an emphasis on reduced qualifying requirements, generous visa conditions (such as extensive work privileges), quicker processing, a streamlined application procedure, and targeted marketing. It is not a state-based system because its constitution mandates that the federal and provincial governments share responsibility for immigration.

How Does Australia Intend to Revise its Point-Based Immigration System?

The Government has proposed, as part of the reform of Australia's migration system, to draw on state and territory expertise and be supported by enhanced data collecting and sharing across governments. This approach to place-based visas should allow for a shift away from the siloed and complicated visa settings that now exist in points-based programmes.

What Further Changes Are We Expecting To See?

Following the Minister of Home Affairs' address at the National Press Conference and the Federal Budget, Australia is expected to see major changes to the Australian immigration system over the next 3 to 6 months, including: 

  • Constructing a three-tiered processing structure (highly skilled - mainstream - vital employees) to streamline and simplify the skilled visa programme.

  • Establishing more routes for those with student visas and those sponsored by employers to get permanent status.

  • Increasing the minimum wage demands for those applying for employer-sponsored visas.

  • Tightening the requirements for student visas to guarantee that students are really enrolled in courses and to meet Australia's skill needs.

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The following modifications are anticipated to take effect from July 1st, 2023:

  • The income threshold for temporary skilled migration will rise from AUD 53,900 to AUD 70,000.

  • Holders of international student visas are allowed to work up to 48 hours each week.

  • Up to December 31, 2023, international students employed in the elderly care industry will not be subject to the 48-hour weekly work limit.

  • Citizenship applications may be made directly by New Zealanders.

  • Some temporary graduate visa holders holding a subclass 485 visa will be allowed to renew their visa for an extra two years.

  • In addition to the standard CPI rise, the department will increase visa application fees by 6%, with an extra 15% increase for several categories of tourist and temporary visas and a 40% increase for business innovation and investment visas.

  • To ensure the integrity of the migration system, additional enforcement and compliance measures will be put in place.

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