How to Score a Perfect 800 on GMAT?


Aarushi Jain
Updated on Jun 08, 2023 12:40 PM IST

The GMAT exam has a score range between 200 to 800. It is important to note that a higher GMAT score will guarantee your entrance to a more prestigious university abroad and thus demands considerable preparation. Take a look at our pointers to score a perfect 800 on GMAT!

How to Score a Perfect 800 on GMAT?

On the GMAT, getting an 800 is thought to be nearly unattainable. It is by no means impractical, though. Perhaps a perfect 800 is possible if you approach the exam with a proper analytical mindset. Plenty of GMAT test-takers have already accomplished this feat of success, and all it needed for them to succeed was an effective and followable study routine.

As you are probably aware, the Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning sections of the exam determine your overall GMAT score (which ranges from 200 to 800). A lesser-known fact is that you must correctly answer every question in the Quantitative and Verbal sections to achieve a total 800 GMAT score.

Here's the deal with counted questions on the GMAT: only 28 and 30 of the GMAT's 31 quantitative questions and 36 verbal questions, respectively, are taken into account when determining your final GMAT score. The remaining questions are test-only experimental questions that have been introduced to the GMAT. There are 58 counted questions, and to achieve a GMAT total score of 800, you must correctly answer all 58 of them.

Certainly, you would not be fully aware of the questions that are experimental and which reflect on test day. To achieve a practical 800 GMAT score, you would preferably answer all 67 of the verbal and quantitative questions that you face correctly, while it is probable that you may omit some experimental questions and still achieve this perfect score. In this article, we will discuss how to score 800 on GMAT, its performance requirements, difficulty level, tips to get an 800 GMAT score, and more!

What is a Perfect Score on GMAT?

A perfect score on GMAT is 800. Before diving deep into how to score a perfect 800 on the GMAT exam, let us first understand what a perfect score on GMAT actually is. A perfect GMAT score is when you score 800. When we say "the GMAT score," we mean the total score, before scores are given to the Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections.

A perfect GMAT score is extremely rare. Only about 30 people every year, out of 200,000 test-takers from over 100 countries, score an 800 on the GMAT. This figure remains very stable year after year. Furthermore, it is likely that not all 30 of these exam-takers are students. Every year, test coaches and tutors take the GMAT not to gain admission to top business schools but to help their students ace the exam. This is because some of them are likely to be 800 scorers, and the number of prospective MBA students who score 800 is likely to be even fewer than 30.

Know What is a Good GMAT Score to Study MBA Abroad?

Do You Need a Perfect 800 on GMAT?

Now that we know scoring an 800 is regarded as a perfect score on GMAT, let us see if aspirants actually need to score a perfect 800 on GMAT to get admission into top B-schools. Though obtaining a perfect GMAT score surely would not damage your application, aiming to score a perfect 800 on GMAT is difficult to attain, but not impossible at all.

For one reason, even if you make a few mistakes, it is difficult to forecast whether you will obtain a perfect or near-perfect score. A single incorrect response could be the difference between an 800 and a 780. So, when it comes to the GMAT, the difference between "perfect" and "less perfect" may be nothing more than a fluke. If you want to get an 800 on the GMAT, you will need both smart work and hard work.

Second, as previously noted, a perfect 800 on GMAT is extremely rare. Given that just 8% of students score above 700 on the GMAT each year, a score of 750 is considered exceptionally outstanding. Since approximately only 30 students score a perfect 800 GMAT on GMAT each year, and thousands more enrol in business schools, it is evident that a perfect GMAT score is not required to gain admission to a prestigious MBA programme.

However, there are certain benefits to having an extremely high GMAT score (750 or above). A GMAT score of 750 or more would undoubtedly set you apart from other MBA applicants, especially at elite and top business schools.

The average GMAT score of freshmen at 16 of the top 20 MBA programs is over 700. Stanford has the highest average GMAT score, 737, with Wharton Business School and Harvard University close behind with 730 and 729, respectively (meaning that many students scored higher). Also, as one indicator of your academic success in business school, a perfect or near-perfect GMAT score will help place you in the running for MBA funding.

How Difficult Is It to Score a Perfect 800 on GMAT?

A score of 700 or more usually indicates that you performed better than 90% of the applicants taking the GMAT exam, and if you scored a perfect 800 on the GMAT, you have done the best! Scoring a perfect 800 on the GMAT is not easy; it necessitates a proper plan of action that includes a significant amount of time and works in the preparation process.

Students aiming for an 800 normally start studying two to four months before the exam. To attain satisfactory results, you must also understand and plan extensively for this exam. Moreover, achieving a score above 700 will help you to get admission into a prestigious university but scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT will guarantee your admission to top business schools for their MBA program and will further help you to progress toward your career objectives.

How can someone not check out the following video if they are preparing to sit for the GMAT exam this year? That said, the video discusses the top 5 quick prep tips for GMAT that test takers must acquaint themselves with to obtain a nearly perfect GMAT score:

Tips to Score a Perfect 800 on GMAT

Now that we have a fair idea about understanding the relevance and meaning of a perfect 800 score on the GMAT, it is now time to actually dig deep to find out the best tips to know how to score a perfect 800 on GMAT exam:

Consistency is the Key!

To prepare well for the GMAT and get closer to scoring a perfect 800 GMAT score, you must study on a consistent basis for at least three months. At least three months of concentrated study time is essential since it allows you to prepare on a regular basis, measure your progress with practice exams numerous times along the road, and adjust your study schedule as needed. Consistency is essential for GMAT preparation to score a perfect 800 on GMAT.

Cramming is unlikely to enhance your score considerably. To realistically assess your progress, you will need numerous study sessions per week where you can drill specific skills and take GMAT practice tests. Set specific goals for each study session at the start of your GMAT preparation.

Only Use the Best Practice Material

You should use high-quality and reliable practice/study materials to make the most of your GMAT study time. That means you should choose the best practice books and other resources available in terms of how similar they are to the real GMAT in tone, format, exam pattern, difficulty, and content, as well as the best practice materials for you, i.e., the ones that will help you target your weakest areas. Any test taker wondering how to ace the GMAT should first ensure that their practice resources are of high quality.

The most effective GMAT preparation tools are in computerized adaptive style, much like the real exam. To get closer to scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT, seek timed practice exams to assist you to get used to the length of each part.

Remember the Fundamentals

To significantly enhance your score and achieve a GMAT perfect score, you must study every component of the GMAT. To do well on the exam, for example, solid fundamental math, reading, and language skills are required.

After taking your first diagnostic GMAT and reviewing the answer explanations, evaluate your skills honestly. To earn a perfect or near-perfect GMAT score, you'll need excellent marks on both the verbal and quantitative sections, so focus more on the one with the lower starting score, especially if there's a considerable disparity. In other words, your traditional GMAT preparation should be supplemented by fundamental skill reviews.

Practice Hard GMAT Questions

If you want to score a perfect 800 on GMAT, you will need to find difficult practice questions. Some GMAT practice products provide more easy or medium practice questions, which will not help you improve your score by a few points. To earn an 800 on the GMAT, you must correctly answer the most difficult questions.

Most GMAT prep products allow you to sort practice questions by difficulty level. If you're aiming for a good GMAT score, complete as many sets of challenging practice problems as you can as part of your study regimen to ensure that you're up to the task and ready for anything the GMAT throws at you.

Time Management

To score a perfect 800 on GMAT, you must concentrate not just on the content but also on the timing. You'll need stamina because the exam is three and a half hours long, as well as a knack for optimum pacing. If you proceed too rapidly, you may miss critical elements in a question or answer choice; if you go too slowly, you risk not finishing a section, which can lower your score dramatically.

Pacing is especially critical if you want to get a perfect GMAT score because even little time errors might cost you many questions, which you cannot afford if you are aiming for scoring a perfect 800 on the GMAT exam.

Also, practising with timed mock tests will help you to improve your timing on the GMAT. Take breaks only when they are required by the exam. This way, you won't be exhausted when it comes time to take the real test. As exam day approaches, you'll fall into a routine that seems comfortable.

Target Your Weakness

The single most significant factor in GMAT results is focusing on your shortcomings and weaknesses. If you merely study every area of the exam equally, you would not obtain the kinds of substantial score gains you need, and you will likely overlook critical details that could propel you to the top tier of scores.

Assess your deficiencies as carefully as possible when taking your initial diagnostic GMAT. What kinds of mistakes do you make? Were there any time management issues? Which types of questions are the most difficult for you? Are you not thoroughly reading each question? Did the format confuse you?

Whatever the issue is, in order to raise your score to the 750+ level, and especially to score a perfect 800 on GMAT, you must thoroughly investigate your weaknesses and work on them up close.

Practice in Realistic Test Conditions

To score a perfect 800 on GMAT, you must study not only for the duration and content of the exam but also for the format and testing conditions. Even minor details might throw you off during the exam and cost you valuable points, so you should feel as comfortable and prepared for every area of the GMAT as possible.

For example, as much as possible, practice using approved practice examinations in a computerized adaptive style. The more familiar you become with the GMAT format, the less likely it is that you will spend valuable time on exam day or waste mental energy attempting to figure out what a question is asking you.

Pro Tip: You should also avoid using a calculator for quantitative practice because you will not have one on the exam. You can prepare for this by doing as many calculations in your brain as feasible on a daily basis as part of your GMAT preparation.

Commit to Scoring a Perfect 800 on GMAT Exam

Still wondering how to score a perfect 800 on GMAT? There is no getting around it: attaining a perfect or near-perfect GMAT score will demand a tremendous deal of hard work and commitment, as well as the correct attitude. You'll need to put in the effort to see a significant improvement in your score, especially in analyzing your shortcomings so you can avoid them in the future. Test-takers who raise their scores by 50 points or more frequently report more than 100 hours of study time, so be prepared if you expect a significant change in your score.

Importance of Developing a Winning Mindset

As previously said, many aspirants believe that scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT is nearly impossible. Of course, if you think that, scoring 800 will be difficult since you will be aiming to do something that you believe is impossible. As a result, in order to improve your chances of scoring 800 or close to 800 on the GMAT, you must cultivate a positive mindset.

Consider the fact that people frequently get all of the Quant or all of the Verbal problems on the GMAT correct. So, to score an 800 on the GMAT, you just need to combine two components of what a large number of people do and correctly answer all of the questions on both sections. Furthermore, as previously said, some people do end up scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT. So you can adopt the mindset that you, too, are a person capable of accomplishing what others have.

When it comes to considering improving your GMAT score or aiming to score a perfect 800 on GMAT, commitment and consistency are vital, but so is stamina, which necessitates a good attitude. Don't be disappointed if your score does not improve right away; stick to your study plan, focus on your weaknesses, and you will most likely see the results you want to see.

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Apply to Top MBA Colleges Abroad Based on Your GMAT Score!


What should I target, if it’s not possible for me to get a perfect GMAT score?

Firstly, it is not at all impossible for you to score a perfect 800 on GMAT but indeed a difficult goal to achieve. If you want to go to one of the top business schools, you should have at least a 720. Being less than that does not disqualify you, but it places a greater emphasis on your work experience and life history to carry your application through. Fortunately for us, business school admissions are rather holistic. 

Is our health and wellness important to take care of while aiming to score a perfect 800 on GMAT?

Yes, health and wellness are important to take care of while aiming to score a perfect 800 on GMAT. Your level of health and wellness has a significant impact on how well you perform in any activity, including taking tests. So, in addition to traditional GMAT preparation, nailing the GMAT necessitates attention to your health and wellness.

What is the most effective way to score a perfect 800 on GMAT?

Whether your goal is an average, above-average, or 99th percentile GMAT score, the most effective score a perfect 800 on GMAT is to work topic by topic, mastering one topic at a time. To master a topic, first, learn the principles involved in that topic, and then practice dozens of practice questions concerning that topic until you consistently get them correct.

What should I do after finishing preparations for scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT?

You should take as many mock tests as possible after finishing preparations for scoring a perfect 800 on the GMAT exam. Specifically, so you can determine if you are still lacking in particular areas. You should not have any trouble managing time if you timed yourself regularly while prepping. The score you receive will be fairly accurate, so you may relax until the exam. 

Is taking a Diagnostic Test important to score a perfect 800 on GMAT?

Yes, it is always recommended to take a Diagnostic Test to score a perfect 800 on GMAT. The test categorises questions and shows you where you stand in each category of question (RC, DS, SC, CR etc). You will know your strengths and weaknesses by category, which is a huge benefit. You do not need to waste time working on something if you are already good at it. Rather, focus on improving your weak points.

What do the scores in the Diagnostic Test signify while aiming to score a perfect 800 on GMAT?

If your score is between 550 and 650, you should begin with a basic overview. Then you can progress to thorough strategy guides and difficult questions. If your score is between 650 and 700, you can skip the foundational overview and focus on the extensive strategy recommendations and difficult problems. If you are currently above 700, just concentrate on the 700-800 level questions and the specific areas where you need assistance.

Will taking CAT mock tests help in scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT?

Indeed, taking CAT mock tests will help in scoring a perfect 800 on GMAT or at least coming closer to it. Because the CAT questions are similar to the GMAT questions, practice/mock tests might provide you with an extra pool of questions while preparing for your GMAT exam. Furthermore, all of your practice will help you learn to pace yourself, which is essential.

How important is a perfect 800 on GMAT when applying for MBA abroad?

It is true that most top-ranked business schools abroad look for the best applicants and prospects for their prestigious MBA programs, and your GMAT scores are one of the most important factors in their decision-making. Having said that, not all MBA schools abroad seek students with a perfect 800 on their GMAT exam. As a result, failing to get a perfect 800 on the GMAT will not derail one's desire of pursuing an MBA from a prestigious university abroad.

How come nobody gets a perfect score on the GMAT?

The GMAT is not an exam that needs or even allows for perfection. It is an adaptive test, with the following question determined by a calculation of our performance on the test up to that point. So, when we get a question right, the next question is often more difficult and vice-versa. The reason for creating such a test is that what GMAC truly wants to measure is not our knowledge of 6th – 10th-grade arithmetic fundamentals. It wishes to assess our skills to manage ourselves, make priorities-based judgments, and appropriately invest our limited resources. 

How long do I need to study in order to get a perfect score on the GMAT?

The response to how long you should study to get a perfect GMAT score would vary greatly depending on the individual, but I find it difficult to believe someone could score in the 99th percentile without at least two months of preparation. On average, it is much more likely that you will require closer to 6 months of study to prepare for a perfect 800 on GMAT.

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