GMAT Registration and Application Form 2023 - Dates, Fees & Process

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Updated on May 03, 2023 7:31 PM IST

How to register for the GMAT exam is by far one of the most frequently asked questions by GMAT exam aspirants. The GMAT is one of the most common exams used for business school admissions. A GMAT score is used in 9 out of 10 new MBA enrollments worldwide.

The exam is taken in order to get admission to a graduate management program, such as an MBA or other business administration or management-related courses at top business schools throughout the world. 

If you are unsure about the GMAT registration process online, this post will be of great assistance to you! We will go over the GMAT registration process, how to apply for the GMAT exam, how to pay the money, how to reschedule/cancel the exam, and the post-application submission phase.

GMAT Registration Process 2023 in Detail

A smooth GMAT Application is needed in order to take the test successfully. We have defined the steps to apply for GMAT 2023 easily for which the candidate will have to just schedule their examination. Follow the steps in order to register for the GMAT examination:

GMAT Application Process

Step 1: Registration:

The candidates will have to register themselves to create an account at GMAT official site. The candidates will have to provide their name, and email id and create a password in order to register for the examination. After the account is created the candidates will have to fill up the subsequent pages in order to register. Subsequently, they will then have to complete the following steps:

1. Enter Profile Details

2. Schedule Your Exam

3. Confirm Exam Details 

4. Payment for the examination

5. Registration Complete

Step 2: Assemble Information:

Candidates will have to gather all the required information before scheduling the examination. This step simply depicts the fact that the candidates will have to check the GMAT Eligibility Criteria before they even start to apply. 

Step 3: Timeline Creation:

Candidates will have to build their timeline using information gathered through step 1. Then the candidates will have to mention their mode of payment or payment details. The candidates will also have to mention their accommodation or timing. 

Step 4: Schedule Exam and Pay for the Examination:

The candidates would be able to schedule the GMAT examination online by phone, postal mail or fax, or through credit or debit card or cash or money order. Candidates can choose any of the following options to pay the examination fee. 

Step 5: Select your Score-Receiving Schools

GMAC sends one's GMAT online score report electronically to your chosen programme after you have received and reviewed your score. One may also ask GMAC to send the score to as many programmes as you want (extra fees may apply).

Step 6: Check your Confirmation Letter

Make sure that your name listed on the confirmation letter matches your document of identification.

Step 7: Take GMAT 2023

The GMAT 2023 online examination can be taken on both Mac and Windows personal computers and laptops. Or, you can take the test at the assigned GMAT test centre.  

Alternate Ways to Register for the GMAT

You should not wait until the last minute to register for the GMAT. Instead, you should start a GMAT slot booking while you are studying for the test or, at least one month before the day you intend to take the exam. However, it is recommended that you start registering for the GMAT at least three to four months earlier than the intended date of taking the test, especially during the peak season, which typically starts around November each year. As we have already discussed the GMAT registration process, the following are some alternate ways to register for the GMAT:

Postal Mail Registration: Candidates can register for the GMAT exam and pay the exam fees through a cheque.

Phone Registration: Candidates can also make the GMAT registration by phone. For this, they should contact their region's GMAT Customer Service. However, candidates must pay a USD 10 surcharge to schedule the exam over the phone.

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How to Register for the GMAT Online Exam?

If you are planning to take the GMAT Online Exam, you will need to complete the GMAT Online Test registration process. Interested candidates can register for the GMAT online test at their convenience by following the procedure outlined below:

Step 1: Create or log in to the Account

New users must create a new account on or those who already have an account must log in for registration.

Step 2: Register 

Visit the “Register for the GMAT Online Exam” section, select the GMAT online exam, choose test date and time and confirm registration.

Step 3: Pay for Registration

The fee of the GMAT Online Test is USD 275. Payment can be made using a debit card, credit card

Identification Requirements to Apply for the GMAT Online Test

Candidates from India need to present the Aadhaar Card as identification proof at the time of  GMAT Online Test Registration beginning in April 2021. 

The ID presented must be original and the photo must be recognizable. The ID must have the same name as mentioned in the online application form GMAT. The first and last names must be included. Also, a recent photo must be attached to the Identity Card.

GMAT Focus Edition Registration Dates

The Graduate Management Admission Council have announced the important dates leading to the commencement of the GMAT Focus edition this year, which is considered to be the new and improved version of the current exam. Here are the dates that have been released so far.



GMAT Focus Registration Starts

August 29, 2023

Availability of GMAT Focus Official Prep Books

June 6, 2023

GMAT Focus Tests

4th Quarter (Tentative)

Note: According to reports, GMAC is expected to hold the first batch of GMAT Focus edition tests in the fourth quarter of the year, however, no specific dates have been announced as of yet.

GMAT 2023 Fee Payment

Here are some basic details about the various fees applicable for GMAT: 

Fee Type


Amount (USD)

Exam Fee

Graduate Management Aptitude Test Fee and Unlimited Score Report Sending

Rescheduling Fee More than 60 days before appointment    50
15-60 days before appointment  100
14 days and less before appointment 150

Cancellation Fee

More than 60 days before appointment  100
15-60 days before appointment  75
14 days and less before appointment 50

Payment for the GMAT test can be done with Credit or Debit cards. Only the following cards will be accepted for making payment:

  • VISA

  • Discover Network Cards

  • Mastercard

  • American Express

For detailed information, see GMAT Exam Fees in India.

Register for the GMAT as a Test Taker with Disabilities

GMAT considers the talent and capabilities of students fighting disabilities. On this note in order to provide them with an even fighting ground certain reasonable accommodations have been appropriated by GMAC.

Students with disabilities may request reasonable test accommodations by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Create a profile on the official website of GMAT. (Do not register before you receive an accommodation decision).

  • Submit documentation as required for your disability type including learning and cognitive; psychological; sensory; physical and systematic; or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • Click on 'Apply for Accommodations' to provide the required details and documents. Accommodation requests through email will not be accepted. 

  • A confirmation email will be sent via email after the successful submission of the Accommodation Request Form. 

  • The next steps will be sent by GMAC.

GMAT 2023 Post Application Submission

Submission of the GMAT application is not the end of the test process. There are more things to be done even if an application is completed.

After the GMAT 2023 application submission is done then the applicants will have to download the GMAT 2023 admit card from the official site and check the venue and date of the examination. Then the candidates will have to reach the examination centre on the mentioned date and venue for GMAT 2023. 

Applicants planning to pursue MBA courses must appear for the GMAT because GMAT scores are accepted worldwide. GMAT has wide acceptability, according to GMAC, 9 out of 10 global enrollments are done through GMAT score. More than 2000+ institutes accept GMAT scores globally for admission in MBA courses and around 650 exam centres across 114 countries. 

Identification Requirements for GMAT 2023 Registration

GMAT test takers are required to prove their identity. Any of the below-mentioned documents will be required to be presented in original that are valid and government-issued. These IDs should certainly include the name of the candidates along with a recent, recognizable photo.

  • Passport

  • Government-issued national/state/province identity card (including European ID card)

  • Registration card (such as green card, permanent resident, visa)

  • Government-issued driver’s license

  • Military ID card

GMAT 2023 Rescheduling or Cancellation

GMAC recognises the reasons behind revisiting decisions. GMAT candidates have all the liberty to cancel or reschedule the test up to 24 hours before the scheduled exam time. If the candidate needs accommodation along with rescheduling then they will have to refer to the contact number on the approval letter. It is advisable not to cancel or reschedule the examination unless absolutely necessary because candidates will have to pay the fee to reschedule or cancel the examination.

The rescheduling/cancellation fee for GMAT 2023 has been set at USD 25 and USD 100, respectively. If any candidate chooses to reschedule or cancel the examination they must know that they will have to pay the additional USD 25 and USD 100 respectively. If the candidate misses the appointment then he/she can apply on or before 16 days however, it should be noted that the candidate will have to schedule the examination again and pay the full registration fee.

Important Points To Remember While Registering For GMAT

The GMAT Application process could be made a lot smoother by remembering thefollowing points:

  • Candidates must know that they can sit for the GMAT exam only if they are of 18 years and above. Candidates between the age group of 13 years to 17 years need to get a consent signed by their parents or guardians and submit it to the concerned authority.

  • You can take the exam only if you have not taken itfive to eight times within a period of 12 months.

  • You may take the GMAT online exam only once.

  • You shall wait for at least five years to take the GMAT again if you have previously scored 800 on the exam.

  • GMAT candidates can also select a time slot for the examination along with the date of examination.

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FAQs on GMAT Registration

Can I reschedule the GMAT exam?

Yes, you can reschedule the GMAT exam anytime by visiting the official website or via phone. You will be charged an additional service fee of USD 10 if you reschedule or cancel via phone. Changes cannot be made within 24 hours of your GMAT exam. However, you will not be refunded if you miss your scheduled GMAT test.

Can I cancel the GMAT exam after registration and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel the GMAT exam after registration and get a refund. If you cancel the exam up to seven days before your test date, you will be refunded USD 80 from your registration fee. You will forfeit your registration fee if you cancel between seven and 24 hours before your test date. However, you are not permitted to cancel the GMAT exam within 24 hours of the test date.

Which MBA colleges do not require the GMAT?

There are many MBA colleges that do not require the GMAT. Some of them are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan, Georgetown University, Cornell University, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College; University of Virginia (UVA), etc. For an exhaustive list of colleges, please check out the List of Universities Waiving Off GRE, GMAT for Admission in Masters Programs in 2023.

Is retaking the GMAT exam worth it?

Depends, it can be said that retaking the GMAT exam is worth it. Your GMAT score demonstrates your academic competence to face the rigours of business school. A retake will enhance your application with more preparation and a better study plan, you may take the GMAT exam again if it considerably increases your GMAT score. Please check out our article on Low GMAT Score? Check the List of Popular B-Schools Where You Can Apply.

Can I get an MBA scholarship with a high GMAT score?

Yes, you can get an MBA scholarship with a high GMAT score. Although scholarship committees do not specify a minimum GMAT score required to be considered for a scholarship, a good GMAT score surely boosts your chances of receiving one. For more information, please visit the GMAT Scholarships page. 

Can I register for the GMAT through postal mail?

Yes, you can register for the GMAT through postal mail. For this, candidates are required to fill out an application form online and mail it to the official GMAT website, along with their payment information or cheque. However, candidates can also make a GMAT registration via phone. This will cost a surcharge of USD 10.

Can I use Aadhaar Card for GMAT registration?

Yes, you can use an Aadhaar Card for GMAT registration. As long as the Aadhaar Card is current and valid, candidates in India have the option to verify their identity using either their passport or Aadhaar Card. However, the passport continues to be the only accepted ID required at the GMAT test centre.

How much does it cost to register for the GMAT?

The GMAT exam costs USD 275 to register regardless of where you are taking the exam in the world. Most students use their credit cards to pay the USD 275 registration cost when they register online for the GMAT. MasterCard,  Visa, American Express, and JCB are all accepted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). 

How many months before the test date can I register for the GMAT exam?

It is recommended that you register for the GMAT exam two to three months before the test date. Especially, if you are planning to take the GMAT around November (peak season), you must register for the test even before three months. However, you may also register for the GMAT up to six months in advance. 

What does the GMAT registration process include?

The GMAT registration includes a number of steps i.e., creating a GMAC account, assembling all the required documents, timeline creation, scheduling and paying for the exam, selecting score-receiving schools, opting for accommodation (for test-takers with disabilities) and lastly checking the confirmation letter.

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