Will the Biden Administration Attract More MBA Applicants from India?


Subhashri Roy
Updated on May 13, 2021 04:22 PM IST

Experts have said that US B-schools are expected to see an increase in the number of international applications under Biden administration. Read on to understand how Biden will attract more MBA applicants from India.

Will the Biden Administration Attract More MBA Applicants from India?

In a survey conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) before the US Presidential election 2020, a good percentage of international students said that they are more likely to study in the US if Biden comes to power. Bidens policy document also mentioned that he will ensure that over 500,000 Indians are provided American citizenship in the next few years.

Unwelcoming and restrictive visa policies under the Trump administration have resulted in a significant decline in the number of international students in the US, which eventually hurt the countrys reputation as the top study destination for foreign students. However, the number of shifts which the Biden administration is expected to work in favour of US B-schools, many of whom have had a hard time attracting international students in the past few years.

This article will help you understand how Biden will attract more MBA applicants from India as USAs new leader begins to reversing Trumpss hostile immigration policies.

International MBA Application Trends in the US

Before we discuss how Bidens leadership will encourage more prospective study abroad aspirants to study in the US, let us first have a quick look at the international application trends for graduate business degrees in the US for the past few years.

The number of international students in the US has declined for the fourth consecutive year, according to the State Department and the Institute of International Education. Many experts say that this is because of Trumps tightened restrictions for students from outside the US. While there may be other reasons as well, the numbers going down during former US President Donald Trumps term is not a mere coincidence.

Full-time MBA Applications Trend in the US

Trump banned travel to the US from several countries, curtailed visa programmes for foreign workers, introduced new rules to make it difficult for foreigners to obtain a student visa for longer than two years and a number of other restrictions. These contributing to making the US less and less attractive to international students in the past few years.

Having that said, the US still boasts of hosting over 1 million international students currently, which has been the case since 2015. Students from over 220 countries and territories move to the US for higher education, with China and India accounting for 53% of it.

Year-on-year Change in Graduate Business Degree Applications in the US

The GMAC annual Application Trends Survey 2020 pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic did not discourage MBA applications for Fall 2020 intake. Among a sample of 1,085 graduate business school programmes, 67% said that they received more applications in 2020 than they did in the previous year.

Also, with Joe Bidens victory in the 2020 US Presidential elections, international students have not just reacted to it positively but have also been looking forward to studying in the US.

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How Will the Biden Administration Attract More MBA Applicants from India?

As the US welcomed its 46th President on January 20, 2021, international students hoping to study in the US have been waiting for Joe Biden to do as promised. Only a few days to his presidency, he has already started undoing the policies introduced by the Trump administration. Heres all you should know about Bidens plans on making it easier for prospective MBA applicants from India to study in the US:

  • Making Changes to the Temporary Visa System: Biden will reform the temporary visa system for high skill speciality jobs to protect the workers and their wages. Limits on employment-based H-1B visas by country will preferably be done away with, as they create long backlogs. The current annual ceiling cap is 7% per country for obtaining green cards. Experts are predicting that the old Obama-era temporary visa policies will be reinstated, which were way more lenient towards international students. In simple words, during Biden era, getting student visas approved will be easier.

  • Restoring the Naturalisation Process for Green Card Holders: The Biden administration has promised to improve the naturalisation process in the US through which US citizenship is granted to permanent residents. It may now become more accessible to green card holders and the road to US citizenship will become easier and less expensive.

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  • Increasing the Number of Visas for Permanent Work-based Immigrants: Under Bidens leadership, the number of visas granted for permanent, employment-based immigration and recent STEM fields doctoral graduates in the US will be exempted from any cap.

  • Allowing Applicants With a Temporary Non-immigrant Visa: Biden will allow applicants with a temporary non-immigrant visa to enter the US until a permanent visa is granted. This means that children and spouses of green cardholders will be considered immediate relatives and hence be exempted from restrictions.

Bidens victory has not offered fresh hope to international students but also to US business schools eagerly waiting to revive their image and lure more international students.

Popular US Universities to Pursue MBA for International Students

Check the list of popular universities in the USA to pursue an MBA course:


Courses Offered

Annual Fee INR

California State University - Fresno Campus


15,40, 019

Saint Louis University



Suffolk University

MBA - Marketing

MBA - Finance





University of Tulsa


18,38, 792

Cleveland State University



Virginia Commonwealth University



University of Massachusetts



New Jersey Institute of Technology



University of South Florida



Pace University

Financial Management, MBA


Florida Atlantic University

Executive MBA


George Mason University



Adelphi University

MBA Management with Specialization in Management Information Systems/ MBA Management with Specialization in Marketing/ MBA Management with Specialization in Finance/ MBA Management with Specialization in Accounting/ MBA Management with Specialization in Human Resource Management

Global MBA



University of Dayton


12,64, 005

Louisiana State University



Hofstra University

Executive MBA


Saint Louis University



University of Idaho

Executive MBA


University of NebraskaLincoln



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