Canada or USA? Which is Better for Pursuing MBA


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Confused about where to pursue an MBA abroad? Both the US and Canada are top study abroad destinations to pursue an MBA. Read the article below to make a definitive decision.

Canada or USA? Which is Better for Pursuing MBA

MBA is one of the most popular postgraduate programmes opted by students of India to get better exposure, explore more opportunities, drive their career path or become successful entrepreneurs.

While there are many top-ranked B-schools in India, many Indian students do not get the opportunity to enrol in them because of various factors including competition, lack of seats and a large number of students applying for admission. Having said that, getting an MBA from a business school abroadplays a greater role in expanding ones career horizons, getting attractive compensation, enhancing networking opportunities andacquiringmore leadership skills and business management principles.

With the United States being home to almost 50% of top universities offering MBA as per the QS Global MBA rankings 2021, the country is likely to be the first choice of every study abroad aspirant. Nevertheless, a number of Canadian universities can be found among the top 100 universities offering the best MBA programmes in the world.This article provides a comprehensive comparison between MBA in theUS and MBA in Canada.

Our study abroad expert team has helped a large number of students to make a perfect choice that is right for them while the best part is that the majority of them have availed this benefit and now are studying comfortably in the country of their choice. Know More.

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MBA in Canada VS MBA in the US

Following is the comparison between MBA in Canada and an MBA in the USA based on various parameters:

Comparison Parameter

MBA in Canada

MBA in the US


Most of the full-time MBA programmes in Canada are of a duration of 2 years. However, there are some MBA programmes that may be 18 months long

Full-time MBA programmes are of a duration of two years but many MBA programmes can also be completed in one year

Eligibility Criteria

A Bachelors degree in any discipline

A Bachelors degree in any discipline

Admission Process

Candidates must appear in GMAT and English Language Test (TOEFL, IELTS) and apply for admissions to the desired university on the basis of the scorecard.

Candidates must appear in GMAT and English Language Test (TOEFL, IELTS) and apply for admissions to the desired university on the basis of the scorecard.




Top MBA Specialisations

Finance, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain/Logistics, Business Analytics

Accounting, Finance, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Production/ Operations, Management, Supply Chain/Logistics, Project Management

Average Fees

USD 70,000 per year

USD 120,000 per year


Study Permit

F-1 Student Visa

Financial Support

Scholarships and Education loans

Financial support is provided to students through scholarship, education loans and fellowships.


USD 115,800 per annum

USD 94,300 per annum

Cost of Living

USD 1196 to 1595

USD 3,000 to USD 3,500

DoesPursuing an MBA Abroad Sounds Appealing to You?

Reasons to Pursue an MBA from the US

Following are some good reasons to pursue an MBA from the US:

Highest-Ranked MBA Institutions

As mentioned in the beginning, the USA has the highest number of prestigious MBA colleges in the world. Stanford University has managed to retain its top spot in the 2020 edition of QS Global MBA Rankings. In fact, it is the country that introduced the MBA degree programme to the world. Pursuing an MBA from one of the elite MBA institutes of the US gives an edge over MBA graduates from other parts of the world.

Thriving Employment Opportunities

MBA is one of the most lucrative professional degree programmes offered in the US. The country offers ample employment opportunities to MBA graduates as the corporate giants are the largest employers in the country. The MBA graduates are hired by some of the top recruiters in the country including McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Google and Microsoft. Almost all US universities offer 360-degree career assistance, make students industry-ready and connect them with the leading recruiters hiring for hot jobs such as marketing manager, financial manager, business operations manager, database administrator and many more.

Quality Education

The US has world-class educational resources along with highly skilled and experienced faculty. Effective teaching, support and learning opportunities pave the way for students to excel at both academic and personal levels.

Students enrolled in MBA degree programmes at leading US universities discover the bridge to the real business world. The course helps them acquire advanced knowledge which further gives them an advantage in a competitive job market.

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PopularUniversities in the US to Pursue MBA

Check out the list of popular USuniversities offering MBA programmes:


Courses Offered


Annual Fee (in INR)

Stanford Graduate School of Business


21 months


Harvard Business School

MBA 21 months 52,06,896

California State University - Fresno Campus



15,40, 019

Saint Louis University


1 year


Suffolk University

MBA - Marketing

11 months


Suffolk University

MBA - Finance

11 months


Suffolk University


11 months


University of Tulsa



18,38, 792

University of Idaho

Executive MBA

22 months


University of Dayton



12,64, 005

Hofstra University

Executive MBA

20 months


Louisiana State University


22 months


University of South Florida


18 months


Pace University

Financial Management, MBA

18 months


Florida Atlantic University

Executive MBA

23 months


University of NebraskaLincoln




George Mason University


23 months


Adelphi University

MBA Management with Specialization in Management Information Systems



Adelphi University

MBA Management with Specialization in Marketing



Adelphi University

MBA Management with Specialization in Finance



Adelphi University

MBA Management with Specialization in Accounting



Adelphi University

MBA Management with Specialization in Human Resource Management



Adelphi University

Global MBA



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Why Pursue an MBA in Canada?

Canada boasts of more than 3 lakh students from outside Canada and every year the number of students getting enrolled for admission in top courses like MBA keeps on increasing. Students get an exposure to multiculturalism and later on expect a high standard of living. Adding reasons to do MBA in Canada are given below:

The Standard of Education

The B-schools of Canada offer quality education along with an updated curriculum and exposure to innovative learning opportunities. The institutions provide a quality education and the courses are designed as per the requirements of industry and the business world. Although Canada offers less number of specialised degree programmes as compared to the US, it provides an excellent learning environment that contributes to the personal and professional growth of a student.

Unlike US universities, the popular B-Schools in Canada such as the University of Torontos Rotman School of Management, McGill University, Ivey Business School, amongst others provide affordable education without compromising on world-class resources and infrastructure.

Job Opportunities

Toronto has created a huge number of management and tech-related jobs in the past five years. Almost every Canadian university works with a variety of industries to offer more and better work placement programmes. International graduates can obtain a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) after completing their MBA programme and work with any company of repute in Canada for up to three years. According to the World Bank Annual Report 2018, Canada stands at the second position among easiest places in the world to start a business.

Immigration Options

After the completion of the course, an international student can apply for an immigration process and can avail an option to work legally in the country. The immigration process in Canada is easier as compared to other countries and especially the US. If one wants to live in the country as a permanent resident after graduation, they can apply to an applicable immigration programme like the Canadian Experience Class.


Any university in Canada offers umpteen internal and external scholarship opportunities that international students can opt for. Such scholarships primarily depend on merit of the student apart from other criteria such as prior work experience, academic excellence, leadership qualities, etc.

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List of Top Universities in Canada to Pursue MBA

Check out the list of top Canadian universities offering MBA programmes:

Name of the University/B-School


Tuition Fees

University of Toronto- Rotman School of Management

19 months

INR 27,00,000

Queens University- Stephen JR Smith School of Business

20 months

INR 24,18,130

Western University- Ivey Business School

12 months


McGill University

20 months

INR 24,18,130

Schulich School of Business

16 months

INR 28,27,854

University of Alberta

20 months

INR 8,97,697

University of British Columbia

16 months


HEC Montral

12 months

INR 8,80,308 - 11,20,763

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University

16 months

INR 14,43,705 - 31,51,720

ROI of an MBA in Canada vs ROI of an MBA in US

ROI is one of the most important when deciding where to pursue an MBA - in the US or Canada. Return on investment is the financial ratio used to calculate the amount of return or benefit one will receive on a particular investment (in this case, an MBA), relative to the performance or efficiency of the investment.

After completing an MBA from a Canadian B-School, you can expect an overall average compensation of $94,300 a year with average bonuses of $11,300 and base salaries around $83,000.

In the US, the margin is slightly higher with MBA graduates earning average bonuses of $18,800 and overall salaries averaging an impressive $120,900.


Total Average Tuition Fees (USD)

Average Base Salary (USD)

Bonus (USD)

Total (USD)











MBA in Canada VS MBA in the US: Jobs by Salary

To further give a better idea of the ROI of an MBA in Canada vs inthe US, here are the top job positions along with their salary ranges offer by organisations inboth countries:

MBA in Canada

MBA in the US

Job Title

Salary Range (USD)

Job Title

Salary Range (USD)

Project Manager

$50,210 - $94,841

Project Manager

$60,000 - $134,000

Marketing Manager

$40,646 - $85,277

Senior Financial Analyst

$71,000 - $103,000

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

74,917 - $200,841

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

$95,000 - $347,000

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

$77,308 - $178,525

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

$107,000 - $244,000

Management Consultant

$49,413 - $99,623

Business Development Director

$84,000 - $184,000

Financial Controller

$53,398 - $94,841

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

$96,000 - $264,000

Financial Analyst

$36,661 - $62,962

Marketing Director

$71,000 - $165,000

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Throughout the years, our study abroad experts have helped thousands of students to make theright choice, with the best part being that most of them have taken advantage of this service and are studying MBA in the university of their choice. Know More.

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Hope this article helps you find the ideal US or Canadian B-school. Write to us to get further assistance in getting into the institution of your choice.

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Which is better to study abroad MBA, US or Canada?

There is no specific answer to which is better to study abroad MBA between US and Canada. Each country is reputed to have strong education systems. Moreover, MBA graduates from both countries have contributed immensely to the corporate world. Students need to decide which country is best for them on the basis of their own goals and expectations.

Which are the most popular MBA specialisations offered by universities in US and Canada?

The most popular MBA specialisations offered by US universities are general management, strategy, consulting, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and IT and technology management. On the other hand, in Canada, the most popular MBA specialisations among international students are accounting, business analytics, financial analysis, marketing, human resource management, operations management, and supply chain management.

How much does MBA from Canada cost?

MBA from Canada costs around CAD 25,000-CAD 45,000 annually. An Executive MBA at a leading B-school can cost about a few thousand Canadian dollars more than a specialised MBA. Some of the best business schools in Canada to apply for MBA courses are Schulich School of Business, Rotman School of Management, Smith School of Business, Ivey Business School, Asper School of Business and HEC Montreal.

How much does MBA from USA costs?

MBA from USA will cost international students around USD 45,000-USD 65,000 annually. Similar to Canada, an Executive MBA may cost higher than an MBA programme. US business colleges are costlier although the cost can be justified by their global reputation and high ROI. Some of the US business schools, featured among the top 100 global schools are Wharton School, Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Yale School of Management.

What are the eligibility criteria for MBA from US?

The eligibility criteria for MBA in US are different for every business school. The administering faculty or department of the university decides the eligibility criteria. However, in general, international students applying for an MBA course in the US must hold a three or four-year bachelor’s degree, a GPA score of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, GMAT or GRE scores, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/Duolingo scores, SOP, and at least two LORs.

Can international students stay back in US after completing their MBA?

Yes, international students can stay back in US after completing their MBA. International students in US are allowed to pursue a career in a field related to the programme of study they have studied in the US. An MBA programme is one of the most reputed courses and students can get immediate placements. Those who plan to stay back in US must apply for a Post Study Work Visa which includes OPT or an H-1B visa. 

Can international students stay back in Canada after completing their MBA?

Yes, Canada also allows international students to stay back after completing their MBA. Since MBA is a master’s degree, students are allowed to stay back in Canada for up to two years. International students can use this time to establish a career or gain work experience. In order to stay back and work in Canada, they need to apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) in Canada.

What is the starting salary after MBA in US?

The starting salary after MBA in US is about USD 95,000 annually. An MBA degree in the US is an advanced course which sets a student apart from their peers and makes them a significant asset in any industry. So, those who earn an MBA can expect to make 28% more than those not holding an advanced degree. 

What is the average salary for MBA in Canada?

The average salary for an MBA in Canada is CAD 80,000 annually. Canada is reputed for its friendly working environment and organisations working towards sustainable development. There are many multi-national companies in Canada that look forward to employing MBA graduates who can not only help in the company’s growth but also contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

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