How to Postpone IELTS Exam?


Samarpita Goswami
Updated on Apr 27, 2023 04:24 PM IST

How to reschedule IELTS exam date or postpone it? Not to worry if you have already booked an IELTS slot but later realised that you are unable to take the test. You can postpone, cancel or reschedule IELTS exam provided you follow the strict guidelines outlined by the administrating authority.

How to Postpone IELTS Exam?

Can we reschedule IELTS exam? This question is often asked by students when faced with an emergency that prevents them from appearing for the selected IELTS exam date and they have to postpone it.

You can never foretell what may occur next in life. When faced with certain situations, such as the death of a family member or a catastrophic accident, one may choose to reschedule their IELTS exams. In such situations, you will need to reschedule the exam and alter the date. The good news is that you can schedule an updated IELTS test date online from your account by entering all the necessary details and attaching supporting documents.

First off, you are not permitted to change your IELTS exam date within five days of the test day or you will lose any money that you have already paid. As a result, you will need to get in touch with your testing centre well in advance and request another test date. Depending on the type of IELTS test, you must complete this task before the time mentioned below:

  • IELTS paper-based test (apply at least five weeks before the scheduled test date)

  • IELTS computer-based test (apply at least three weeks before the scheduled test date)

If you do not apply by these dates, you will be liable for the entire IELTS fee you have already paid and will have to reapply for it. Further, you will still be levied a 25% administration fee if you want to reschedule IELTS exam for a new test date, so you should only consider doing so if you have no other option.

It is also necessary to remember that you must select a new IELTS test date that falls within three months of the original exam date. Additionally, the testing facility will decide on the new test date, so if they are unlikely to comply with your request, you will need to completely reschedule the exam.

The IELTS is one of the oldest English proficiency tests in the world and has immense popularity. Non-native English speakers take IELTS or International English Language Testing System to migrate to a country where English is the primary language of communication. The migration can be for higher studies, a job, or settling abroad. While earlier IELTS was used to be conducted by both the British Council and IDP India, IDP is now the sole administrator of the exam in India.

Let us now discuss the relevant information related to how to postpone IELTS exam date IDP and the conditions under which it is possible for test-takers.

How to Reschedule IELTS Exam?

Anyone can postpone or reschedule the IELTS exam without giving any reason if they do so 34 or more days before the actual IELTS test date. Apart from that, you can postpone the IELTS exam within 34 days from the IELTS exam date in case there is an emergency. However, you must make sure that the emergency you will be citing is true and that you can show solid evidence to prove it. Also, the IELTS exam can be postponed only once, so it is mandatory to be present for the examination on the changed date. No further postponement is encouraged.

Deadlines to Postpone IELTS Exam Date

Refer to the following deadlines to successfully reschedule IELTS exam date:

IELTS Exam Type Deadlines for Rescheduling IELTS Exam
IELTS Less than five weeks before the IELTS exam date
IELTS UKVI Less than five weeks before the IELTS exam date
IELTS for Life Skills Less than five weeks before the IELTS exam date
Computer-delivered IELTS Less than three weeks before the IELTS exam date

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How to Reschedule IELTS Exam Date?

If you want to know how to postpone your IELTS exam then you must be aware of how to book a slot for the IELTS exam in the first place. You need to log in to the official website of IELTS India to register for the exam, choose the test centre, and book your date and time to appear for the test.

To postpone the test date, you need to write an email or fax or visit in person to the IDP office. You must inform the authorities of the reason behind your IELTS Exam rescheduling and submit proper proof to support your reason. This has to be done if you are trying to postpone your IELTS exam date 15 days ahead of the exam.

If the test organisers are convinced of the postponement of the IELTS exam after verification of your documents, then they will allow you to choose the next IELTS exam dates for rescheduling. The decision of the IELTS test centre must be followed by the candidate.

How to Postpone IELTS Exam Date IDP?

For test-takers applying within India, the IELTS exam is conducted by IDP India. Hence, if you wish to postpone and reschedule your IELTS exam then you must contact the organisers of the test at IDP.

Here is the step-by-step process of how to postpone IELTS exam date IDP:

Step 1: Download the Transfer, Cancellation Application Form from the official IELTS India website.

Step 2: Fill up the application form with your personal and other required details.

Step 3: You will have to choose the option transfer in the row dedicated to request for Transfer/Cancellation.

Step 4: Choose two possible IELTS dates to reschedule or transfer the IELTS exam.

Step 5: Submit a cancelled cheque along with the application form.

Step 6: Give details of the medical practitioner in case of a medical emergency.

Step 7: Submit the form in person, by email, or by fax.

The IELTS test centre will study your application form and scrutinise your evidence in case you are postponing IELTS within 34 days of the IELTS test date. They will provide you with another IELTS test date according to the availability at the test centre.

How to Postpone IELTS Date British Council?

The IELTS exam in India is no longer conducted by the British Council. Therefore, there is no application process with the British Council for Indian students. In any case, if you want to know more about how to postpone IELTS Date British Council in other countries, here are some important points to keep in mind:

  • If candidates request to postpone IELTS exam more than five weeks before the IELTS exam dates, they will receive a full refund.

  • In case it is postponed within five weeks, some amount is deducted as administrative fees.

  • Only in case of an emergency, can the IELTS exam be postponed within three days.

  • You can reschedule the IELTS exam only up to three months after the previous examination date.

Please note that proof has to be submitted if the IELTS exam is postponed within five days.

How Can I Reschedule my IELTS Exam IDP Online?

Now, it is possible to transfer or reschedule or even cancel the IELTS exam date online. You can reschedule the IELTS exam date if:

  • You apply for postponement 15 days before the test date.

  • You can also reschedule the test date without stating any reason if you postpone before 34 days of the IELTS exam dates.

Steps to Transfer/Reschedule IELTS Test Online

If you are already aware of how to register for the IELTS exam online, then let us move on to the steps to postpone and reschedule IELTS test online:

Step 1: Log in to your account on the IDP IELTS website.

Step 2: Select the reason for your transfer or reschedule.

Step 3: Upload supporting documents.

Step 4: You will receive an acknowledgement of the submission of the request.

Step 5: If your transfer/reschedule request is not accepted you will be mailed or an SMS will be sent.

Step 6: If accepted you can move on to the next step.

Step 7: Choose another IELTS test date and location.

Step 8: Accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the IELTS exam.

Step 9: Upload passport.

Step 10: Pay the IELTS exam fee.

Emergency Reasons to Reschedule IELTS Exam

The IELTS conducting body has laid down some emergency circumstances under which the exam can be rescheduled or postponed to another date. These are:

  • Serious illness - The illnesses linked to hospital admission or serious illnesses like surgery, typhoid, jaundice, eye flu and infectious diseases will be considered. Viral fever, cough and cold, and stomach ache do not fall under the category of serious illness.

  • Serious injury - Injury related to hospitalisation, or fracture of body parts such as hand which will prevent the candidate from writing.

  • Death of near and dear - loss of a close family member or friend, hardships and traumas related to it.

  • Other reasons -

    • Victim of a crime,

    • Victim of a traffic accident,

    • Loss of passport after applying for the IELTS exam or passport submitted to the passport office for some purpose.

Candidates must submit an application form and relevant documents signed by a first-class government official.

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Documents Required to Postpone IELTS Exam

The documents required to postpone IELTS exam are:

  • A medical certificate containing the signature and registration number of the practitioner.

  • In case of absence due to hospitalisation, candidates have to submit a hospital admission certificate and discharge summary.

  • Police report/diary/FIR in case of a victim of crime or loss of passport.

  • Death certificate of the deceased with registration number and signature of the doctor.

  • Receipt from the Passport Office containing the passport number and the tentative date to return the passport.

The centre administrator of the IELTS test centre will verify the documents and make the decision known to the candidate.

Refund Policy for Rescheduling the IELTS Exam

Before processing your refund or the money you paid for the IELTS postponement process, an administrative fee is collected. The repayment process begins within 10 business days. But, as usual, there are some restrictions on the return policy that the test centres must adhere to. Below is a list of them:

  • If you make an IELTS exam appointment or cancel it within five weeks before the test date, the entire amount will be subtracted unless you have an urgent medical need.

  • If you change your IELTS test date or cancel it more than five weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund after deducting a 25% administration fee.

  • If you present a medical certificate within five days of the test date, you will receive a refund after deducting the local administrative fees.

Important: Your untimely absence from the assessment is taken into account as a cancellation. There will therefore be no refund available. Further, you need to re-register for the exam as a new user and pay if you intend to appear for the test again at a later date.

What to Do If You Are Unable to Attend the IELTS Exam Due to Serious Illness?

If a serious health problem prevents you from taking the IELTS exam, you have five days to submit a medical certificate and get a refund minus the local administrative fee. You will forfeit your entire test money if you skip the IELTS test day without providing any prior notice to the respective administrating authority.

IELTS Reschedule Fee in India

In order to postpone IELTS exam dates, a transfer fee has to be paid. The fees chargeable to applicants for rescheduling different types of IELTS exams are:

IELTS Exam Type

Transfer Fee to Reschedule IELTS Exam (in INR)

IELTS Paper-based


IELTS for UKVI Paper-based


IELTS for Life Skills


Computer-delivered IELTS


Computer-delivered IELTS for UKVI


Note: These fees are applicable from April 2023 and are subject to change due to currency fluctuations.

International students may need to complete several prerequisites before they can reschedule IELTS exam. However, the only thing they need to worry about is having an appropriate and valid reason to reschedule their IELTS exam. The centre will attempt to determine whether your rationale for not taking the test is legitimate once you have provided evidence to support it. If they believe it to be authentic, they will provide you with a new IELTS test date and charge you 25% of an additional administrative fee. 

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Can I postpone the IELTS exam for the second time?

No, you cannot postpone the IELTS exam for the second time as the IELTS exam date can be postponed only once. If you miss the second exam date, the IELTS exam stands cancelled.

Students must take necessary precautions so as to not miss the second IELTS exam date or else they will lose the whole IELTS fees.

Is it possible to prepone the IELTS date?

IELTS IDP India does not provide any provision to prepone the IELTS exam date. There is a provision only to postpone or cancel the IELTS test date. Students should check the admission deadlines of the universities and register for the IELTS exam date accordingly. As there is no option to prepone the test date, it must be selected carefully.

Will the rescheduled IELTS exam remain on the same date and time?

In all probability, the rescheduled IELTS exam will remain on the same date and time. The applicants will be conveyed about the rescheduled IELTS exam date and time five days before the exam date via email and two days before via SMS. Students must reach the IELTS test centre on the given date and time.

Within how many days do I need to book an IELTS test date after postponement?

Applicants have to reschedule their postponed IELTS exam to an exam date within three months of the previous test date. After that, no request will be entertained. Therefore, students should be careful while deciding the test date and appear for the same within 90 days. The postponement should be done in time to avoid complications.

What documents are required to postpone the IELTS exam?

The documents which are required to postpone the IELTS exam depend on the cause of the transfer of the IELTS exam date. The commonly accepted documents are a medical certificate issued by a registered doctor, hospitalisation details, police reports in the form of a diary or FIR, the death certificate of the deceased (must be a close one) or receipt from the passport office.

Will my IELTS exam be postponed if I miss the exam?

If you miss the IELTS exam due to a medical emergency, you can apply for a retest by providing a medical certificate. If you face any difficulty to reach the IELTS test centre, you must immediately inform the IELTS test centre about the same. The test administrators can take immediate steps to accommodate you on any other test date.

Can the IELTS test centre postpone the IELTS exam on its own?

Yes, the IELTS test centre can postpone the IELTS exam date on its own if there are circumstances that are not under control. Extreme weather conditions, pandemics, natural disasters, and civic or industrial unrest can be a few reasons for the deferment of the IELTS exam. The students will be provided notification well ahead of time.

Can the IELTS exam be postponed online?

Yes, the IELTS exam can be postponed online. For this, test takers have to log in to their account on the IDP IELTS website, then write the cause of postponement and submit the document to be verified. They will receive an email or SMS confirming the postponement of the IELTS exam.

How much does it cost to postpone the IELTS exam?

It costs INR 3,650 to INR 3,935 to postpone the IELTS exam depending on the type of IELTS exam you are appearing for. Postponement is possible only till 15 days ahead of the IELTS test date by giving a proper reason for the same. For rescheduling, before 34 days of the IELTS exam, you do not need to give any reason.

Can I postpone the IELTS exam one day before?

The IELTS exam cannot be postponed one day before unless there is an emergency.  You can show a medical certificate to the IELTS test administrator within five days of the exam and get your IELTS exam date postponed. IELTS exam cannot be postponed without any concrete reason before one day of the exam.

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