How to Cancel IELTS Exam?


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Updated on Apr 14, 2023 04:16 PM IST

The IELTS exam date can be cancelled by students if they wish to do so. The article puts an end to their question on 'How to cancel IELTS exam?'

How to Cancel IELTS Exam?

How to Cancel IELTS Exam: Many students who do not have the option to reschedule or transfer their IELTS exam dates are forced to cancel IELTS exam altogether. And, that is when students many students start looking for the right procedure to cancel the exam.

Cancelling the IELTS exam can have a negative impact on an applicants future study or work abroad plans as IELTS is required for visas in any English-speaking country.

The cancellation of IELTS has to be done through steps set up by IDP India which is the sole organiser of the IELTS exam in India. Earlier, the British Council was also in charge of the exam.

Let us now dig a little deeper into how to cancel IELTS exam while finding out more about the IELTS cancellation and refund policy.

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Having Problems Cancelling IELTS Exam?

How to Cancel IELTS Exam Through IDP

Students can cancel IELTS exam by logging in to the official website of IELTS India. There are certain terms and conditions associated with the cancellation of the IELTS exam. We will discuss them later.

For now, let us look at the steps to cancel IELTS exam through IDP:

Step 1: IELTS Transfer, Cancellation Application Form has to be downloaded from the official site of IELTS India.

Step 2: The applicant has to enter the personal and other required details in the application form.

Step 3: Next, the option cancel needs to be chosen where it is written Request for Transfer/Cancellation.

Step 4: The rest of the details have to be given such as passport number and contact details.

Step 5: The candidate has to write a statement for cancelling the IELTS exam.

Step 6: A cancelled cheque along with the application form has to be submitted.

Step 7: The details of the doctor have to be provided if the reason cited is a medical emergency.

Step 8: The form can be submitted in person, or by email or fax.

Providing all the information is mandatory to process the cancellation request of the examination.

Cancellation Policy

Though candidates can cancel the IELTS test dates anytime, they have to adhere to some rules and regulations under the cancellation policy.

  • If the candidate cancels the IELTS test date five weeks or 34 days before the IELTS exam dates then they will have to provide documents for the cancellation and the exam is cancelled after the request is approved.

  • Exams are cancelled only if applied at least 15 days before the IELTS exam date.

  • The refund is initiated within eight to ten working days after the administrative fee is deducted from the IELTS exam fee.

Refund Policy

The refund policy for the IELTS exam conducted by IDP India is as follows:

  • If the IELTS exam is cancelled more than 34 days before, the applicant will get a refund with the administrative charges being deducted from the main amount.

  • However, if cancelled within 15 to 34 days before the exam, a refund will be only given if a proper reason is cited. Similarly, in this case,the administrative cost will be subtracted.

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How to Cancel IELTS Exam Through British Council

The British Council is no more responsible for conducting the IELTS exam in India from July 2021. The cancellation of the IELTS exam through the British Council is not applicable to Indian students. However, students from other countries can check through the steps to cancel the IELTS exam if it is conducted by British Council in their country.

The students have to log in to their test taker profile with their user id and password and initiate the cancellation process from there. They will also have to provide supporting documents elucidating the reasons for the cancellation of the IELTS exam.

Cancellation Policy

The candidate can provide a medical certificate proving illness on the IELTS test date within five working days of the exam date. They also need to show the submitted cancellation request at the Test Taker Portal.

The student will be marked absent if the IELTS test centre does not receive the cancellation request and evidence within five working days from the test date.

Refund Policy

IELTS applicants who applied through British Council are never issued a 100% refund of the application fees.

  • If the IELTS test is cancelled within three to 14 days before the IELTS exam date, a 50% refund is issued.

  • If the cancellation request is initiated before 14 days, then 75% of the amount is refunded.

  • In case of cancelling the exam due to serious medical conditions five days before the IELTS test date, then the student will get a 75% refund on the submission of the medical certificate. No sick notes by family or friends will be entertained.

  • No refund is granted to students who cancel their test within three days prior to their IELTS exam date.

Serious Causes for Cancellation of IELTS Exam

The serious and emergency causes accepted by the IELTS test centres for the cancellation of IELTS exam are:

  • Serious illness resulting in hospital admission. For the same, a medical certificate and hospital admission proof are to be provided.

  • A serious injury such as fracture of bones or body parts.

  • Death of a family member, for which a death certificate has to be provided.

  • Hardships or trauma owing to accident or crime. A police report has to be submitted to support the same.

Steps to Cancel IELTS Exam Online

The IELTS exam can also be cancelled online by logging into the IDP IELTS website. Given below are the steps to cancel IELTS exam online:

Step 1: The students have to log in to their candidates profile.

Step 2: A reason for the cancellation has to be submitted.

Step 3: Supporting documents have to be submitted to justify the cancellation of the IELTS exam.

Step 4: Also, the first and last page of the passport has to be submitted.

Step 5: An acknowledgement slip will be generated.

Step 6: The applicants will get an update on the request within three days via email and SMS.

IELTS Cancellation Fee

The IELTS Cancellation fee is 25% of the IELTS exam fees and the amount is deducted under administrative costs. Candidates who cancel the test 34 days before the IELTS exam get a 75% refund but if it is done in a period less than that without citing any proper reason, no money is refunded to the applicant. Candidates who do not attend the exam without reason are also not issued a refund.

Only in case of sickness, by providing medical certificates, the students can get a refund if cancelled within five days of the IELTS date.

Transfer of IELTS Exam Date

The IELTS exam date can be postponed or transferred to some other date. If done five weeks before the IELTS date, no reason needs to be cited and no extra fees are charged. But below that, the applicant has to be given a concrete reason for IELTS exam transfer.

The decision of the IELTS test centre administrator is final regarding the transfer of the IELTS date. They are the ones who check the authenticity of the emergency reason and declare their decision.

The new IELTS exam date must be within three months of the old date. If the student is absent even on the second date, no transfer is possible and a refund is also not initiated.

Cancelling IELTS exam is not a wise decision and should be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. It may cost the students a huge amount of money if not cancelled in time. Therefore, the students must be aware of the refund policies before they decide to cancel the exam.

If you have doubts related to IELTS exam cancellation, drop us a mail at to get them solved quickly by experts.

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Can I get a full refund by cancelling the IELTS exam?

No, you cannot get a full refund by cancelling the IELTS exam. Every exam entails an administrative cost and so does IELTS. A percentage of money is deducted from the IELTS registration fee if the IELTS exam is cancelled. It can be 25% to 50% depending on the number of days before the IELTS exam is cancelled.

Will my IELTS exam get cancelled if I reach late at the test centre?

Yes, if you reach the IELTS test centre late, your IELTS exam will get cancelled. You will not get a refund in such cases. If you do not arrive at the test centre without a reason, the IELTS exam stands cancelled. You will have to book a new IELTS date in these circumstances.

Within how many days will I get the refund after cancelling the IELTS exam?

You can get a refund within 8 to 10 business days after cancelling the IELTS exam. Once the cancellation form reaches the test administrators, they check the validity of your emergency claims and let you know the decision within 3 days by mail and SMS. Post that, the refund is initiated and reaches your bank account.

Can I cancel my IELTS?

Yes, you can cancel your IELTS exam if you wish to do so or if any emergency has taken place. For this purpose, you will have to contact the IELTS test centre within the specified days and let them know about your decision and the cause behind it.

What are the cancellation fees for IELTS?

The cancellation fee for IELTS is 25% of the registration amount. The amount is refunded only if the test-taker adheres to the rules and conditions of the refund policy. 75% of the registration fee is refunded to the candidate if they cancel before 14 days of the IELTS exam. Those who cancel IELTS within three to 14 days have to pay 50% of the registration as a cancellation fee.

Can IELTS be cancelled online?

Yes, the IELTS exam can be cancelled online by visiting the website of IDP IELTS. Test-takers have to select a reason for the cancellation of the IELTS exam and also provide sufficient proof. They will receive an acknowledgement slip and an SMS and mail will be sent to the candidate after the request is approved.

How many days before can I cancel the IELTS exam?

The IELTS exam should be cancelled well ahead of time. It can be cancelled anytime but in order to get a refund, test-takers should cancel the exam at least 34 days before the exam date. Those cancelling between 15 to 34 days before the exam will get less refund and those doing on days below that, will get no refund unless it is a medical emergency.

How can I cancel my IELTS exam?

You can cancel your IELTS exam by visiting the website of IELTS IDP and downloading the Transfer/Cancellation form. After that, you have to give personal details, cite reasons and provide documents. Lastly, you can submit the form by going to the regional office, or by mail or fax.

Where can I get the cancellation form for IELTS?

You can get the IELTS cancellation form on the website of IDP IELTS India. On the right-hand bottom corner of the website, you will get the option of “Downloads”. There is the form for cancellation, transfer and refund. You can download it and fill it up with the details asked for.

How can I submit the IELTS cancellation form?

You can submit the IELTS cancellation form in three ways. You can visit the IDP office and submit the form to the officials. Otherwise, you can email the cancellation form or it can also be faxed to the IDP office. Remember to attach proper documents and a cancelled cheque along with the IELTS cancellation form.

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