IELTS TRF (Test Report Form)


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Updated on Apr 14, 2023 05:24 PM IST

IELTS TRFs are scorecards that are generated after taking the IELTS exam. Students can send five TRFs for free directly to universities. Read the article to understand what is TRF and how it can be sent to institutions.

IELTS TRF (Test Report Form)

The IELTS TRF is a copy of the IELTS exam result. The TRF full form is Test Report Form. Simply put, it is your mark sheet or scorecard for the IELTS result. It contains the combined score as well as sectional scores of the key skills of the exam, namely, reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections.

The TRF for IELTS is valid for two years from the date of its issuance and can be submitted for the purpose of admission to foreign universities where the first language or medium of instruction is English. It is also submitted to migrate or secure employment opportunities abroad.

Normally, one copy of TRF is given but in certain circumstances such as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA), you can get two copies.

You must note that IELTS scores and TRFs are used by organisations as evidence of your proficiency in usage and fluency of the English language. In this article, we will walk you through the nitty gritty of the IELTS TRF, its components, tracking procedure and more.

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When is IELTS TRF Released?

The IELTS TRF is released a few days after the exam. The time the result is issued depends on the type whether IELTS Computer-based vs Paper-based Test and the mode of the IELTS exam you have taken. The details regarding the release date are given below:

Type of IELTS Exam

TRF Release Date

IELTS on Paper

13 days

IELTS on Computer

3-5 days


13 days

IELTS for Life Skills

7 days

Contents of the IELTS TRF

IELTS TRF is an important document which can be collected from the IELTS test centre or delivered by post. For the online version of the exam, you will receive the TRF for IELTS in digital form.

Do note that you cannot request to send the result card via phone or email. Check out the contents of the IELTS TRF form which are provided below:

  • Test Type (IELTS General or IELTS Academic)

  • Test Date

  • Test Centre Number

  • Candidate Number

  • Personal Details such as telephone number, email, address for correspondence, ID type and ID number. 

  • IELTS scores of individual sections and overall scores and the CEFR levels are mentioned.

  • At the bottom right corner, the TRF number is given.

IELTS TRF Download Steps Through IDP Candidate Login

Indian students can download this form from the official website through an IDP candidate login. The IELTS TRF downloading steps are given below:

Step 1: Use your IDP IELTS login details that is your username and password to sign in through the IELTS candidate login on the official website.
Step 2: Check the IELTS results by clicking on “Download Results”.
Step 3: Select the IELTS result date range.
Step 4: Mention the exam date.
Step 5: Choose the format from XML or CSV.

Tip: Save your IDP IELTS login details at the time of registration.

What is ATRF or Additional Test Report Form?

The first five ATRFs, that is, Additional Test Report Forms are issued electronically to five institutions free of charge within one month. They will be sent directly to the universities which you have chosen in your IELTS application form. Though no extra money is charged for regular postage, yet, you have to pay extra for overseas postage or courier services. 

After the first five ATRFs, an administrative fee of INR 250 is charged for each additional TRF. For international couriers, the charges are INR 1,250. You will be provided with a tracking number and the delivery can take up to four days. When requested electronically, the universities that are linked with the electronic medium will directly receive the scores.

You cannot cancel sending ATRFs and the processing time may vary from five to ten working days. Offline requests for ATRFs are not entertained now. Students can only apply online for it without the hassle of visiting an IDP branch, delay in delivery or extra processing time. Also, you can ask for an additional TRF if the current one is lost or damaged.

Can I Get My IELTS Exam Re-Scored?

Yes, it is possible to get your IELTS exam re-marked if you are not satisfied with your scores. The process is called Enquiry on Results (EOR). The form must be submitted within six weeks.

You have to directly visit the candidate portal and open the download section. Next, you need to fill up the form properly by giving your details. An administrative fee of INR 11,625 will be charged for this purpose.

A senior examiner will evaluate your paper who would not be aware of your previous marks. If your scores are increased, the test centre will be notified. The administrative fee will be refunded and a new Test Report Form will be generated that can be sent to the institutions.

With the competition escalating day by day, it is necessary to score high in IELTS to get into your desired university. A foolproof preparation strategy and dedication will help you to reach the pinnacle of success which will be reflected in your IELTS TRF form.

If you are curious to know more about IELTS TRF or want any other information regarding IELTS you can write to us at

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What is the IELTS TRF full form?

The IELTS TRF full form is Test Report Form. It is a certificate that is used to validate your proficiency in the English language test to prove your ability to study or work in an English-speaking country while applying as a non-native English speaker. It consists of your band scores in the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections.

What is the validity of IELTS TRF?

The IELTS Test Report Form or IELTS TRF is valid for two years. The reason behind the expiry of validity is that the English language proficiency skills may change within this time frame. After this, students have to re-appear for the IELTS exam. You may check with your university regarding the score validity and schedule your exam accordingly.

How are the IELTS TRFs sent to institutions abroad?

The TRFs are directly sent to the institutions by the organisers of the IELTS exam. Students cannot send the scores on their own. It is possible to send five TRFs free of charge after which an administrative fee will be levied for each additional TRF.

How to track the IELTS TRF?

The IELTS TRF can be tracked by visiting the IELTS centre, SMS or post. You must know that the paper delivered IELTS TRF will be available within 13 days from the day of the exam whereas for online mode it will be delivered within three to five days. You must produce an identity card during registration to access the test reports from the IELTS centres.

Can I use the IDP candidate login details for both IELTS result and TRF download?

Yes, you can use the IDP candidate login details to check the IELTS result as well as for IELTS TRF download. For this, you need to sign in through the IDP IELTS login portal via IELTS candidate login section and select the exam date to check your IELTS result. Keep your IELTS login details handy to save time.

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