King's University College Emphasizes Increasing the Influx of Indian Students


Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on Apr 26, 2023 01:19 PM IST

King’s University College puts emphasis on increasing the enrollment of Indian students, including international students, by up to 15% each year. Calling it ‘The Kings’ Promise’, the institute offers varied multidisciplinary courses, awards, and specialised internship programmes to lure Indian students.

King's University College Emphasizes Increasing the Influx of Indian Students

The president of King's University College, David C. Malloy, has intentions to boost the enrollment statistics of international students, particularly those from India. Currently, the percentage of international students studying at the university is around 22%, or 800 students, of whom 35–36 are Indians.

In terms of growth, the university has plans to increase the overall international student body by up to 15% each year. Malloy said the university has ties to India that date back years, and now they will make every possible effort to stay connected to India through regular visits.  

The idea behind this step is to ensure that Indian students and their parents know more about King’s University College and the sort of opportunities it has to offer. 

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When asked about the high cost of education that Indian students face to study in Canada or any other country, Malloy talked about the specialised online courses the universities offer. He said 5% to 10% of the university’s courses are available online, in addition to the offline courses it provides. 

Further, he also acknowledged that the tuition fee is expensive, and to help students cope with it, they have just launched a new awards programme entirely geared towards Indian students. With this, the institution is providing a grant of GBP 26,000 over four years to students who choose to join the Bachelor of Management and Organisational Sciences Programme or the Organisational Studies Programme. Additionally, Indian students can also receive other awards depending on their academic achievements.

Adding to it, the institution provides a GBP 32,000 award to students who wish to pursue degrees in a discipline other than management and organisational studies, such as economics. Likewise, other performance-based scholarships are also available for Indian students.

Indian students enrolled at King's University College have mostly opted for management organisational studies and other multidisciplinary courses such as Decision Analytics. Again, many students are interested in psychology, finance, economics, and accounting, according to Malloy.

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Giving an idea about the kind of multidisciplinary course Indian students can expect from King's University College, Malloy said he is carrying out conversations with other authorities to combine the triplet of education, liberal arts, and technology. 

He added that given the field's high demand in the foreseeable future, the institution may establish a faculty or department of liberal arts and technology. Generally speaking, the kind of job opportunities and competencies essential to survive will so shift during the next two to three years. Students can acquire soft skills including analytical thinking, creative thinking, critical thinking, and leadership skills through liberal arts education. Such skills will enable them to be adaptable and competitive in a global labour market that is always evolving.

Malloy responded that students can participate in internships when asked how King's University College contributes to making them ready for life after graduation. Another unique feature of King's University is what they refer to as "The Kings' Promise". A student can enrol in this programme in their first year of enrollment, whether they are domestic or international. They must attend several seminars and work to prepare for careers throughout their four years. 

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They are paired with a mentor who can assist them in learning about life after Kings in general, as well as resume writing, interview techniques, and volunteer work. The university will give them up to one year of free tuition if, after four years, they have not been offered or found a post or a job in their field of study. Malloy emphasised that it is also a promise to businesses that they will be getting a top-notch student if they recruit an individual from King's.

It is not surprising that international institutions are now more interested in India than ever because of the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP), which opens opportunities for them to build offices in India. More scholarships have also been introduced in an effort to encourage Indian students to study abroad.

Source: Financial Express

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