India to Push Longer Stay Back Options for Indian Students in UK


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Apr 26, 2023 01:03 PM IST

In a bid to improve the bilateral trade agreements between India and the UK, India aims to push for better immigration and worker regulations for Indians in the UK. Among the demands, India aims to push during weeklong talks between Indian and UK officials include long-term work options for Indian students in the UK.

India to Push Longer Stay Back Options for Indian Students in UK

As the Rishi Sunak administration in the UK displays its reluctance in providing more visa opportunities for skilled professionals, especially from India, experts in the matter have raised their thoughts and opinions.

According to a report published by the Economic Times, it was reported that India will continue to push for easier visa regulations, particularly for skilled professionals hired by Indian companies investing in the UK. As per the data, it was reported that Indian companies are the second biggest overseas investors in the UK. Thus, adding further weight to India’s push for better flexibility in hiring for its businesses.

Several topics of discussion are expected to be raised in weeklong talks between Indian and UK officials which started this Monday. Among them included the long-term work options for Indian students in the UK.

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The demands raised by Indian officials included permission for Indian students to stay longer in the UK for the purpose of seeking employment after graduation from UK universities. As per current regulations, Indian students graduating from UK universities can stay back for 2 years, meanwhile, PhD graduates can stay back for three years.

India also aims to push for a better balanced social security system for Indian workers in the UK. Regulations currently require Indians and other foreign nationals to contribute a larger portion of their wages to the safety net, except if they stay for longer terms. However, the current visa regulations restrict foreign nationals from achieving the same.

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Over the past few months, the deadlines leading to the finalisation of the pact had been changed several times. The pact, designed to double the bilateral trade between the two countries by 2030, has been a prized goal for the British government for a long time, the report stated.

The media report further highlighted that a trade deal with the 7th largest importer of Indian goods is a crucial step towards India achieving its goal of 7 trillion in exports every year by 2030, further becoming a more attractive option for companies shifting their supply chains from China.

In a comment raised by a spokesperson for the UK’s Business and Trade Department, it was highlighted that the trade and immigration regulations are two different policy areas. Therefore, while temporary business travel can be discussed within the FTA, commitment to immigration regulations cannot be promised.

Source: Economic Times

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