Top 10 Commerce Courses to Study in USA After 12th


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Updated on May 10, 2023 07:45 PM IST

Accountancy, finance, international business, etc are the top commerce courses to study in USA after 12th. Students can leverage their careers by studying these subjects.

Top 10 Commerce Courses to Study in USA After 12th

The commerce courses in USA after 12th for Indian students are designed to master concepts that will help them tackle the business challenges that the dynamic world is facing at this time in diverse organisations. The US universities provide students with the opportunity to join the global community of learners. Besides hard skills, they also get to develop soft skills like problem-solving and decision-making. One can progress in their career path through commerce courses in USA.

While studying commerce for a bachelor's degree in USA, international students will learn side by side with peers from a global cohort that will help in sharing perspectives and surfacing insights as one progresses through the programs. They can be masters in commerce subjects through education and infrastructure that are provided by the universities. They are empowered with tools, concepts and techniques that empower them. This article will provide insight into the top 10 commerce courses in USA after 12th that students can pursue to achieve success in their academic careers and emerge as powerful professionals. 

Why Study Commerce Courses in USA?

Studying abroad after 12th commerce in USA is one of the finest decisions students can take. 

Commerce consistently contains a cluster of undergraduate concentrations on campus and attracts diverse international students to study in USA who have a broad range of interests. The bachelor's in commerce provides thorough training on both the techniques and applications of various concepts.

The unique courses help to study a wide range of business skills that are designed to form well-rounded and confident graduates. Students have the liberty to choose any specific area of business as a major. Whether they are sure of the business area in which they wish to study or want to gain as much experience as possible, studying bachelors of commerce in USA will come with its bag of advantages. Check them out below as they are described in detail. 

  • Access to Tools and Techniques to Succeed: Students understand the practical and theoretical aspects of business well with studying commerce courses in USA. Besides seminars, lectures and discussions, they will get the opportunity to gain practical knowledge through internships and work placements.

  • Boost to Employability: The flexible nature of commerce courses makes them highly admired by employers. A university degree from USA is a great way to have a competitive employment market such as business. 

  • Flexible Courses: Not only do Indian students studying commerce courses in USA get general skills that help to boost employment but the degrees can be unique to their personal interests. The degree can be used to strengthen the fundamentals of business and one will be able to choose a subject specialism as they progress in their studies. 

  • Introduction to the Business and Corporate World: USA is the major hub of business and corporates. The professors of commerce courses are industry experts with a wealth of knowledge to share. Learning under such teachers would allow one to get exciting exposure to the business world.

  • Gain Transferable Skills: Not only do students get to learn business-specific skills, but also develop other skills such as teamwork, communication, time management and negotiations. All these skills will help in resolving conflicts and problem-solving. 

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Top 10 Commerce Courses in USA after 12th

The major area in commerce after 12th in USA has to be pre-decided by students after they typically find out the area in which they want to grow and they are most interested. It should depend on their passion and ambition and their shared vision regarding the same. The typical bachelor of commerce courses in USA is given below:

#1 Accountancy

Accountancy courses are pre-eminent in research and teaching areas in US universities and are related to the dissemination and use of information in markets and within firms. The subject includes economics, finance and statistics and employs various analytical and empirical methodologies to study various issues such as the pricing of securities in the capital market, design of performance measurement and implementation of best practices in corporate governance. 

#2 Business Analytics

Bachelors in Business Analytics help to learn to create powerful and data-driven business strategies. Various governments, non-government agencies and businesses collect and analyse vast amounts of data that would help them meet the needs of customers, maximise their profits or use the data to serve the public. Several statistical methods and technologies are used to uncover patterns and trends in aggregate data and then apply those insights to real-world problems. 

#3 Finance

Finance studies how individuals, business entities, and other organisations allocate resources over time and make financial decisions during uncertain periods. The two major areas include asset pricing and corporate finance. 

#4 Economics

The study of economics as a discipline includes studying academic theory, industrial organisation, labour economics, macroeconomics, environmental economics and international trade. The ideas are brought from various economic research to the classroom to empower students on the principles of economics and statistics in managerial foundation classes. 

#5 Management

The undergraduate course in business management provides students with advanced skills to manage organisations efficiently and effectively. This programme focuses on developing advanced competencies in strategic, behavioural and applied management that emphasize critical thinking and ethical principles. Upon graduation, students get the opportunity to partake in various junior to executive-level positions in various business enterprises. 

#6 Marketing

Marketing management helps to develop skills for areas of key marketing management. Students get to learn how to manage the core marketing functions within any type of organisation. From marketing analytics, digital marketing, brand management, search engine optimisation, paid advertising, social media and marketing research, marketing specialists are given the charge of generating interest in a product or service. 

#7 Digital Innovation

With this unique bachelor's degree in commerce, one will get the right theoretical and practical skills to grow and expand its portfolio and operations. The course further helps in honing and developing entrepreneurial skills and visions that help to implement digital innovation processes in the future scope of employment. 

#8 Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneurship degree will help one to transform dreams into reality and one gets to learn the basics of business and get to know the global marketplace and the technologies that businesses will need in future while developing a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Students can harness their passion to build it into a recipe for success. 

#9 Business Mathematics

Business and mathematics go hand-in-hand with accounting, banking, finance, commerce and more. To work in a business-related industry, this course allows merging in different fields of business like accounting, operations, human resources, business policy and marketing. Students will get to learn to solve problems using numbers, puzzles, patterns and symbols for purposes of businesses including analysing financial health, predicting profits, assessing corporate risks and determining product pricing. 

#10 Global Business

A global or international business mindset is developed through this bachelor's degree where one can implement sustainable, integrated strategies that will help multinational corporations to grow. One can get first-hand experience that is required to lead with opportunities to work for real companies on real projects. 

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Top USA Universities to Study Commerce After 12th

Students who want a good start in their career can study commerce after 12th in USA. The commerce courses are designed to give a broader understanding of international business as well as a rich intercultural experience. Also studying at top US universities will provide opportunities to get high-quality work placements with leading corporates and businesses in the country. The top US universities to study after 12th commerce are:

Top US Universities

Average Tuition Fees (in USD)

University of California


Harvard University


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


University of Albany


Texas A&M University


Arizona State University


University of South Florida


University of Pennsylvania 


Princeton University


Yale University


Eligibility Criteria for Commerce Courses in USA after 12th

Admission to commerce courses after 12th in USA requires students to meet certain eligibility criteria that would help them work in start-ups or multinational corporations. Applicants must check the websites of the US universities to where they want to apply. The length of undergraduate courses in the USA is four years and here are the eligibility requirements that students might require to fulfill:

  • Educational Qualification: Students willing to pursue a bachelor's in USA, need to complete higher secondary from a reputed institution. The GPA score varies for universities however Indian students are expected to get at least 70% to become eligible to apply for the courses. 

  • English Language Requirements: USA is a country where the first language is English. Therefore, non-native speakers must take a language proficiency test such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or Duolingo English Test. The IELTS score must be 6.5 -7.0 bands whereas the TOEFL score must be between 80 and 100. 

  • Standardised Test Scores: With most USA colleges going test-optional, some colleges might still require one to submit their standardised scores for the ACT exam and SAT exam. The higher the scores, the better the chances to get admission to the college. 

  • Document Requirements: The documents that are required for admission to US colleges include Letters of Recommendation, Academic Transcripts, a Statement of Purpose, a language proficiency test certificate, a portfolio, an updated CV, a passport, proof of financial statement and photographs. 

Admission Procedure to Study Commerce in USA after 12th

Knowing the admission process to study in USA after 12th commerce, students must be aware of it well ahead of time so that they can manage everything well. The US universities accept students from all countries and backgrounds. Some top universities in USA consider students based on their needs. One must look through the following steps to understand the admission process:

  • Step 1: Check the university website to find out the courses that one wishes to study. Have a look at the list of documents that the university requires one to submit. 

  • Step 2: Fill up the application form carefully with details and submit it along with the required documents. 

  • Step 3: The application fee can be between USD 50 and USD 100. Some universities offer fee waivers under certain situations. After that, it may require a few days to get approval from the university. 

  • Step 4: When the application letter will be accepted, eligible students will receive offer letters from the universities.

  • Step 5: Some universities may require students to appear for interviews.

  • Step 6: Submit the tuition fees to book a seat at the university.

  • Step 7: Apply for a US F-1 Student visa

Career Opportunities After Studying Commerce in USA after 12th

Studying commerce in USA after 12th helps to find ideal jobs for themselves that will leverage their career. The average salary earned by them is around USD 65,000. The jobs are more than just 9 to 5. The goals, duties, work settings, training, salaries and required skills are quite diverse in this field and depend on the job opportunities provided to students in this field. Some of the popular career opportunities after studying in USA after 12th commerce are:

Commerce Job Roles in USA 

Average Salary (in USD)

Market Research Analyst


Management Analyst


Financial Advisor


Operation Research Analyst


Social and Community Service Manager


Studying commerce courses help to encompass every aspect of life and increasing skills will help students to understand concepts across industries and markets better. One gets a greater picture of the management, leadership and marketing businesses which helps them develop skill sets to get higher salaries. The top US universities equip graduates with knowledge, skills and power to make their lives better. 

Streamline the study abroad application process in USA under the guidance of our study abroad counsellors. 

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What are the top commerce courses to study in USA after 12th?

The top commerce courses to study in USA after 12th are accounting and finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, management, business administration, economics, etc. These are the most sought-after specialisations among commerce students from India. There are several lucrative opportunities to launch a career if one can creatively handle the challenges faced by modern businesses.

What are the top USA universities to study commerce after 12th?

The top USA universities to study commerce after 12th are the University of California, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arizona State University and Yale University. All these colleges help students to build fruitful careers and have good links with the industry that helps them get job opportunities. 

Can international students work while studying commerce after 12th in USA?

Yes, international students can earn extra money while studying commerce after 12th in USA. Several part-time jobs will help students finance a part of their education and stay in the country. The most popular part-time job roles in USA include graphic designer, coder, online tutor, translator and data entry operator.

What is the duration to study commerce courses in USA after 12th?

The duration to study commerce courses in USA after 12th is four years which is generally more than what students will require to study in other countries such as India and UK. Therefore, an extra year means extra expenditure and students must therefore be financially well-equipped to bear the expenditure of their education.

What is the cost of studying in USA after 12th commerce?

The cost of studying in USA after 12th commerce is around USD 15,000 to USD 40,000 per year in the case of public universities. The cost of the course is more in private universities and can be around USD 50,000 and 80,000 annually.

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