Top Indian Government Scholarships for Studying Abroad After 12th

Sristy Sharma
Updated on Aug 23, 2022 04:43 PM IST

As a recipient of a government scholarship, you will have access to better opportunities while maintaining a healthy bank balance when studying abroad. Check out the top Indian government scholarships for studying abroad after 12th.

Top Indian Government Scholarships for Studying Abroad After 12th

Indian government scholarships for studying abroad after 12th can prove to be your ticket to not only easing your financial burden but also enhancing your resume significantly.

While all scholarships are respectful awards, government-based scholarships are a niche apart. They are more respected and reputed, and hence help in building up an impressive academic profile. Additionally, these scholarships often cover full educational expenses plus living expenses. Even if they are need-based, they cover the tuition fees which you might be struggling to pay. However, in return for these opportunities and lesser financial burden, they require you to show an impressive academic record.

Here are the top study abroad scholarships after 12th. Explore these programmes and also the standardised tests you need to clear to study abroad.

An application needs to have a competitive edge to clear the admissions screening process at foreign universities. 

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List of Scholarships for Studying Abroad by Indian Government After 12th

Given below is a list of the top scholarships for studying abroad by Indian government after 12th: 

Orange-Tulip Scholarship India

Orange-Tulip Scholarship India helps Indian students pursue their higher studies in the Netherlands at various universities. The universities offer various courses as a part of these scholarships, and students can select their university and course when applying for the scholarship. It is compulsory for the applicants to be Indian citizens.

Not all universities offer scholarships for bachelor’s courses, hence, students are advised to refer to the OTS-released list to know which universities are offering OTS scholarships for bachelor’s courses. Apart from bachelor's, OTS scholarships are also available for masters courses in the Netherlands for Indian students. Notably, all universities offer scholarships for masters.

You can apply for the scholarship with NESO India, a collaboration between the Netherlands and Indian education authorities. 

Deadline: The application deadline for Orange-Tulip Scholarship India 2023-24 is yet to be announced.

Fulbright Scholarships

The scholarships are awarded by USIEF, a collaborative authority of the US and Indian governments, to Indian and American students for their higher studies. These are based on the outstanding academic and extracurricular performance of the students.

The application deadlines for Fullbright Scholarships are set too early. The reason is that the scholarship programme is highly competitive and it takes USIEF around 7-8 months to finalise the awardees. You must ensure to keep a track of announcements made by the agency to ensure timely application in the upcoming year.

Deadline: The deadline for 2023-24, May 16, 2022, has already passed and the next deadline shall be declared for admission to the 2024-25 academic year.

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship programme can be applied for by Indian students to study bachelor's courses at the University of Cambridge, UK. The university has collaborated with the Indian government in honour of Dr Manmohan, the former PM of India, who is an alumnus of St. John’s College of the university. He is also a recipient of an honorary doctorate from the university. 

All the bachelor’s courses are available for scholarships for Indian students to study abroad after 12th, provided they show a history of excellent academic performance in relevant subjects. The award varies on basis of the need and calibre of the student. Hence, while the awardees are declared together, the quantum of their awards may differ.

Deadline: The tentative application deadline for Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship 2023-24 is the second week of January 2023.

Shastri Indo-Canadian Scholarships

Shastri-Indo Canadian Scholarships are awarded to Indian students who are outstanding and are in need of financial support to study in Canada. The foundation was set up to supervise the scholarship awards and acts as a representative of both the Canadian and Indian governments. The authority, apart from awarding scholarships, also takes steps to educate students about the various subjects, and their relevant educational opportunities in Canada.

The bachelor’s courses eligible for scholarship differ according to the university. You can either reach out to the university administration or your faculty advisor to learn more about the scholarships available for the course. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Shastri-Indo Canadian Scholarships authority to learn which universities are offering scholarships and for which courses.

Deadline: The tentative deadline for Shastri Indo-Canadian Scholarships 2023-24 is March 2023.

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening scholarships are prestigious scholarships for Indian students to study abroad after 12th in the UK. You need to showcase an outstanding academic record to get selected for the scholarship programmes. 

The scholarships are highly popular among students wishing to study in the UK, and hence, are highly competitive. Even with an exemplary academic record, you will struggle to get selected for the award. You are therefore advised to ensure a social or personal project, which is either related to your chosen course or triggers a positive change in society. These extracurricular activities and achievements are highly effective in gaining the scholarship award.

Deadline: The applications for the scholarships are presently open, and the last date to apply is fixed as November 1, 2022. 

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad After 12th?

Here is an easy and step-by-step guide to earning scholarship programmes for studying abroad by Indian government after 12th:

Step 1: Decide on a course of study and desired universities and if they meet the criteria of the Indian government scholarship. 

Step 2: Find out if you want a need-based scholarship or a merit-based scholarship. In case you need to apply for a need-based scholarship, make sure you have all documents to prove your financial situation. If you choose to apply for a merit-based scholarship, your past academic record along with ACT/SAT scores (if applicable) and English proficiency scores would determine your eligibility.

Step 3: Take the required tests and try to get an impressive score.

Step 4: Submit an application. Usually, merit-based scholarships do not require a separate application.

Step 5: Submit all required documents. 

Exams Required to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad After 12th

As an international student, you are expected to submit the test scores of the following standardised tests for university admissions. Several scholarships for Indian students to study abroad after 12th require some or all of these test scores to be considered eligible for the reward.

Admission Tests

  • SAT: SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardised aptitude test for students wishing to study at US universities and colleges. Apart from the US, the test scores are accepted throughout the world in over 40 countries as a standardised test for admission to bachelor courses.

  • ACT: The ACT exam is an acronym for American College Testing. It is a common standardised aptitude test for admission to bachelor’s courses in the US and Canada. Although the universities of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and over 30 other countries accept ACT scores for admissions, it is often less preferable than SAT test scores in these countries. 

English Language Proficiency Tests: 

  • IELTS: The IELTS exam is the most reputed and sought-after English language test in the world. The test is accepted in over 140 countries as proof of English fluency and is divided into four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Each of the sections is scored in 1-9 bands, which are then averaged for an overall IELTS band score. 

  • TOEFL: The TOEFL exam is another reputed English language test in the world. In fact, it closely follows the IELTS exam in terms of popularity and acceptance. It also tests candidates in four sections including Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. 

Common Document Checklist for Scholarships to Study Abroad After 12th

As an Indian student, your document checklists expand beyond university admissions. You need to apply for a student visa and scholarships as well. Moreover, even the university admission document checklists are longer than that for domestic students. Although each university and study abroad destination has its own differential requirements, some of the documents are common. Here is the common documents checklist to study abroad after 12th:

University Admission Document Checklist 

Almost all foreign universities will require you to submit the following documents:

Scholarships Application Document Checklist

Similar to foreign universities, scholarship applications also have certain common document requirements:

  • Academic Transcripts

  • Scholarship SOP

  • Required Test Scores

  • LOR (or any other document as required by the eligibility criteria)

Student Visa Application Document Checklist

The document checklist for a student visa application is most common across all study abroad destinations, except for specific vaccinations, insurances, or any other specific requirements.

  • Passport details

  • College Acceptance Letter

  • Visa SOP

  • Financial Statements

  • Education Funding Source details

  • Police Verification

  • Character Certificate

  • Travel History

  • Residential Address on Arrival

  • Vaccination Certificates

  • Insurance Certificates

Almost all scholarship programmes to study abroad after 12th are competitive to a certain degree. However, government-funded scholarships are further competitive due to the higher benefits attached to them. You must, however, not let the fear of competition avoid you from applying. It is rather better if you approach study abroad experts, who will help you choose the right scholarship, and also in applying for it.

Reach out to our experts to have your doubts regarding scholarships for studying abroad by Indian government after 12th resolved by writing to us at

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Are government scholarships helpful to study abroad after 12th?

Yes, government scholarships are helpful to study abroad after 12th. These scholarship programmes take into account your consistent merit and achievements to cover your tuition fees and other expenses to study abroad. Government scholarships often give full coverage of tuition fees expenses, which form the majority of study abroad expenses, and hence lessen your financial burden considerably.

Which government scholarships can I apply for to study abroad after 12th?

There are various government scholarships you can apply for to study abroad after 12th. You need to research which scholarships are available for your chosen courses, study abroad destination, and university. You can apply to these scholarships after checking their eligibility criteria and ensuring you satisfy them. 

What are the general expenses covered by the government scholarships to study abroad after 12th?

The general expenses covered by the government scholarships to study abroad after 12th include educational and living expenses. The majority of government scholarships either cover the full tuition fee expenses or at least three-fourth of it. Additionally, they may cover other educational expenses, such as the cost of stationary or study materials. Living expenses covered may include rent, travel, and basic necessities, or up to a certain amount per month.

Can I apply for foreign government scholarships for Indian students as well?

Yes, you can apply for foreign government scholarships for Indian students as well. Many study abroad destinations offer government scholarships to international students to study at their universities and colleges. If your choice of study abroad destination is offering scholarships for international students from India, then you can apply for such scholarship programmes.

Do I need to return the scholarship amount after completing my studies abroad?

No, generally you do not need to return the scholarship amount after completing your studies abroad. The scholarships are unconditional financial support for your further studies, and you do not have to return the support after course completion. However, certain financial supports are not ‘scholarships’ but ‘financial aids’, which you need to repay to the awarding authority. However, the repayment period is often extended to three to four years after course completion. 

Are all government scholarships for Indian students to study abroad after 12th merit-based?

Yes, almost all government scholarships for Indian students to study abroad after 12th are merit-based. The government scholarships are not just financial support, but awards of respect as well. They are awarded to students who showcase extraordinary caliber to study a particular subject, and so they are always merit-based. There are instances where they can be need-based, but even then merit is among the eligibility criteria.

Is there an entrance exam I need to take to apply for government scholarships to study abroad after 12th?

No, there is no entrance exam that you need to take to apply for government scholarships to study abroad after 12th. Although the scholarships may require you to have certain scores on study abroad entrance tests, there is no common entrance test that can be used to decide on the eligible candidates for a government scholarship.

Is airfare to travel abroad included in the government scholarship reward?

The airfare to travel abroad may or may not be included in the government scholarship reward. The majority of government scholarships cover full or a majority of tuition fees and other educational expenses. Apart from education expenses, living expenses and airfare for a round trip are included in the scholarship reward. However, it is not necessary for every scholarship to include the airfare charges.

Can government scholarships be revoked?

Yes, government scholarships can be revoked. The scholarships which extend over a period of time are awarded under provisional conditions. These conditions are required to be met continuously throughout the period of scholarship to continue being a beneficiary of the reward. In case the conditions have not been met, the scholarship can be revoked. 

Are government scholarships rewarded to study in a specific country or university?

Yes, government scholarships are rewarded to study in a specific country or university. The country or university may differ according to different scholarships. The eligibility criteria for the scholarships are designed to reward the students on the basis of their merit, sometimes financial need, to study in a particular country or university. The qualification level is also a common eligibility criterion.

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