Document Checklist for Indian Students Applying for a Study Visa


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After confirming your admission to a university abroad, the next important step for international students is to get their student visas approved for the country they wish to study in. Check the complete list of documents required for Indian students applying for study visas. 

Document Checklist for Indian Students Applying for a Study Visa

Student Visa Documents: Student visas are issued to individuals whose primary purpose in coming to the country is to pursue higher education. While it is important to get admission to a university, these visa documents can be very costly. Each country has its own immigration laws, which makes the requirements for student visas different depending on the country you will be pursuing your higher education in. 

A visa is an official document that enables a person to enter a foreign country. It's usually printed on his or her passport and can be used for different purposes. For instance, tourists need a tourist visa to enter a foreign country while students need a student visa to can study in a foreign country. A student visa is an endorsement that confirms that the student is authorised to study in a particular country.

There are strict requirements for student visa supporting documents and your documents must meet these requirements to prevent a visa denial. Let us now find out the right documents that you need to submit in order to ensure a successful student visa application.

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Right Time to Apply for a Student Visa

It is not uncommon for students to get carried away with planning their study abroad. However, you should make sure that they keep in mind all of their deadlines and work backwards. You are also required to appear for the English eligibility test as per the university's policy. Aside from appearing for the test, you also have to provide various documents in order to complete your application.

Usually, you should start applying for the test around four months in advance. This ensures that you can avoid getting rushed and are planning on getting financial aid or loans a couple of months in advance.

What is My Student Visa Type?

Every country has different categorisations and different procedures when they offer student visas to students of different nationalities. Depending on which category you fit in, what course you aim to study, and which country you choose to study in, your visa category is decided. However, there are two broad categories on which visa type is decided. These are:

Student Visa as Per Degree Duration

Depending on the length of the program, the student visa can be divided into Short-Term Student Visas and Long-Term Student Visas. Usually, students are given short-term visas to study in exchange for a certain period of time. This is usually limited to 90 days. On the other hand, long-term visas are for people who are planning on taking up degree programs that are beyond the three-month limit. These can include part-time studies and internship programs. These visas can also be used for students who intend to take up certificate programs and internship programs that are beyond the three-month limit.

Student Visa as Per Type of Programme

Depending on the type of the course, a student visa can be categorised as either a graduate or a student applying for a diploma or a degree. Some countries may classify a student visa as a doctorate or a graduate. It could also be a student applying for a vocational or diploma course.

These visas are linked to the duration of the student's course. Generally, they are not linked to the academic year or institution. Although these visas are linked to the duration of the course, they are not linked to the academic year or institution. For an exchange student, for instance, the duration of their visa would still depend on their country's requirements.

Documents Required for Applying for a Student Visa 

Here is the list of documents that we need to submit while applying for a student visa:


While a valid passport is the primary requisite for international travel, it might vary depending on the country of destination. Some countries will allow you to stay in their country for a certain amount of time, while some will not allow you to enter without having the necessary documents.

You also need to ensure that the blank pages in your passport are for visa stamping. Having two blank pages in your passport is ideal for the fast processing of a visa. In case there are expired passports, you should still submit a copy of all of them.

Bonafide Student Proof 

Regardless of the country where you are applying, you must prove that you are a legitimate student. This can be done by producing a copy of your admission documents. If you are applying for a Student Visa, this is the same requirement regardless of the country you are from.

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Financial Proof

Many countries would require students to prove that they can handle the expenses of their studies and stay in the country for the intended duration. Aside from paying the tuition and living expenses, they also need to prove that they can afford to stay in the country for the duration of their studies.

While many countries have a set amount of funds that they require, some have more comprehensive guidelines. For instance, in Europe, some countries have a minimum living cost. For students applying for study visas in different countries, they should provide proof that the amount is available in ready cash.

It is a dream come true for many aspiring students to study in top international universities. However, getting the funds to study abroad can be a challenging task. In order to overcome this issue, many universities and governments provide scholarships to support talented students.

English Language Proficiency

In order to speak to someone in a different language, one must first prove that he or she can speak in the language that is used for instruction. Since most of the students who study in English-speaking countries will need to demonstrate that they can speak and write in English, this requirement is usually met by passing the various English Language Tests such as the IELTS exam, TOEFL exam, PTE Academic or Duolingo English Test.

If you intend to take a course in another language, such as German, then you would need to provide the necessary CEFR certification. While some universities may accept different types of tests, the requirements are the same for all visa holders.

Before you can start your studies in another country, make sure that the English Language Test that you are planning on taking is recognized by the country's immigration office. For most countries, the minimum score that is required is usually a minimum of three.

Depending on the country where you are applying, this list may vary. Some countries may require medical proof. Many countries also require an SOP, which includes a list of the visa requirements and the associated documents.

Procedure to Apply for a Student Visa

After receiving an acceptance letter from your university, you need to start the visa application process. The visa application process begins once the acceptance letter has been received. Students are required to submit their visa applications within 14 days after they receive their acceptance letter.

The online visa application process is more convenient for students. They can simply create a student profile and submit their visa applications online. An offline visa process involves filling in the details of the online application form and submitting it to the appropriate authorities. The next step is paying the visa fee. All candidates would be required to submit their supporting documents along with their application.

What are the Requirements for Student Visa Extension?

If your study permit is due to expire before the end of your program, then you need to apply for a visa renewal. You can submit your application online or through the mail. A visa is issued for a specific period, which should be renewed at least 30 days before the end of the program.

For any queries or doubts related to studying abroad and student visa documents, write to us at and get in touch with our experts.  

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When do I start with my student visa documentation process?

Students should consider receiving their Letter of Acceptance from their selected university as a green light to start with the student visa documentation process. The application process for a student visa begins when your university issues you a letter of acceptance. Students who have received their admission letter must proceed with the Visa Application Process.

How long does it take to get a student visa processed?

Different student visas of different countries have different student visa process times. Depending on the type of student visa, the entire visa application process can take anywhere from two weeks to four months. Please check what visa category you will require so that you have enough time to complete the application process.

What documents do I need as an international student?

As an international student, you will be requiring some important documents for your student visa which are a copy of your passport; academic transcripts; a certificate of English proficiency like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE others; a birth certificate issued by the government authorised body; personal statement; letter of reference; letter of acceptance from your university; financial documents; passport sized photographs and more. 

How does the embassy verify my student visa documents?

The documents needed to apply for a student visa should be printed on college letterhead, which most people do not have, and signed by authorized officials with correct contact information. If the embassy has any questions, they should contact the college.

Do visa officers check your student visa documents?

Yes, the officers do check the student visa documents that you have submitted. The majority of the work in processing a visa is completed before the interview even begins. Officers confirm the applicant's identity, record their biographic information into our system, collect fingerprints, analyze biometric data, conduct security checks, screen required documents, and more. 

What do visa officers check for a student visa?

If you are a prospective student, the interviewer may inquire about your precise intentions or promises of future work, family or other relationships, educational goals, grades, long-term aspirations, and career prospects in your native country.

Can the embassy check my bank account documents for my student visa?

Yes, the embassy can check your financial/bank documents for your student visa. They can go as far as necessary to verify information given to them by visa applicants, including your bank, school, and workplace. Depending on what they suspect about your application, they can verify one, two, or all of the facts.

Is a birth certificate mandatory for a student visa?

Other countries usually do not require a birth certificate in order to issue a visa. The date of birth listed on your passport is assumed to be correct. The issuing authority is presumed to have exercised adequate caution in gathering valid proof for the applicant's date of birth.

Is a medical examination required for an F1 visa?

All candidates over the age of 15 must have a blood test and submit the results at the time of the visa interview, which will be delivered by an approved medical examiner. This is one of the medical requirements for obtaining a US F1 student visa.

Does a student visa need bank statements?

Yes, you will be requiring your bank statements for your student visa application. The bank statement(s) or evidence you use to demonstrate monies have been kept for 28 days must be from the 31-day period before the submission of your application. The 28 days are calculated by counting back from the date of the most recent financial evidence's closing balance.

Is a duplicate mark sheet valid for a student visa?

No, a duplicate mark sheet is not valid for a student visa and can hamper your student visa application process. If duplicate certificates are granted by the relevant Board and University with the proper seal and stamp, they will be accepted by all Government entities during the document verification procedure.

Is a provisional degree certificate enough for a student visa?

You can bring all of your mark sheets and your provisional degree certificate for a student visa. It would have saved you a lot of time and effort. You might have also scheduled your visa interview for some countries after receiving your provisional degree. However, some countries like UAE and UK Visas and Immigration will not accept any provisional documents. 

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