STEM Scholarships in the UK for International Students


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Updated on Feb 10, 2023 05:04 PM IST

The high tuition fee associated with STEM courses serves as a barrier to thousands of students' dreams of studying in the UK. However, scholarships can help reduce one's financial burden. Scroll through to find out the list of top STEM scholarships open to international students in the UK.

STEM Scholarships in the UK for International Students

While the UK is one of the top destinations to study STEM, the high tuition fee and living expenses in the UK often serve as barriers to studying abroad. Here are the top STEM scholarships for international students looking forward to studying in the UK.

Studying in the UK as an international student can be expensive, especially when you are willing to pursue a STEM course. Hence, the UK government has an excellent STEM scholarship system for Indian students, making it one of the top destinations for studying abroad. There is a plethora of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management (STEM) courses provided by UK universities that offer promising employability to international students.

However, the cost of studying in the UK and its high tuition fees add up to a large number of education loans which seems like a fortune to invest in education abroad. Keeping this in mind, the UK government has provided various STEM scholarships to candidates on the basis of their academic abilities as well as economic need. Check them out right here!

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Wish to study STEM courses in the UK? Consult our study abroad experts to get guidance on the application process to the top universities in the UK.

Find & Apply For STEM Scholarshipsin the UK!

List of STEM Scholarships in the UK

There are various scholarships for international students when it comes to studying in the UK. However, some scholarships outshine others due to their generous grants, availability in large numbers, and flexibility during selection criteria.

The cost of living in the UK or the tuition fee that these STEM scholarships cover varies and depends on several factors such as the number of scholarships available, the number of students applying for the scholarship, and more. In addition to the public scholarship, various private organizations also provide merit and need-based scholarships to international students. Stem scholarships for international students in UK help the students with the cost of education.

There are also a few STEM scholarships for international students in the UK that cover all the expenses of studying in the UK, including travel expenses, tuition fees, and a monthly stipend depending on the verge cost of living. Some of the top STEM scholarships in the UK are listed below, along with their eligibility criteria, minimum scholarship amount, and participating universities.

We have curated a list of some of the top STEM scholarships for international students to study in the UK in the table below which contains information about the eligibility criteria, the minimum amount of scholarship, and the authorities providing the scholarship.

Name of the Scholarship

Provided by

Minimum Scholarship Amount


GREAT Scholarship

UK Government

GBP 10,000 tuition fee

  • Be a citizen of India
  • Have a good academic record
  • Meet English language requirement

Commonwealth Scholarship

UK Government


  • Be a citizen of a commonwealth country
  • Must have completed undergraduate with an upper-class degree

British Council Scholarship for Women in STEM

British Council


  • Be a citizen of India
  • Must be from a STEM background
  • Must enroll in the proposed degree programme in the selected universities

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship

European Union


  • Pursue a joint masters degree affiliated with the European Union,
  • Apply within the scholarship deadline

These are some of the top STEM scholarships available to Indian students. However, there are many other scholarships to study in the UK awarded by the universities and colleges as well, to international candidates on the basis of merit and economic background.

The amount of money available for scholarships varies and depends on the institution's funds. There are certain STEM scholarships for international students UK that cover entire tuition fees along with the living expenses as well. While other scholarships might cover some part of the tuition fee or the complete tuition fee.

The competition is higher when applying for government-funded scholarships in comparison to university-specific scholarships. Hence, students are advised to start their application process at least 10 to 12 months before the course intake.

Studying in the UK does not have to be expensive if you plan well in advance. These STEM scholarships for international students are a great way to reduce your total cost of study and make your experience of studying in the UK smooth. Offered to meritorious international students to help them fund their studies, these awards are either fully or partially funded, depending on factors such as eligibility criteria, the university, and the course of study.

Students should note that most of the scholarships are provided on the basis of a good academic score. However, various other criteria such as chosen destination, subject and level might also be considered. Some scholarships also consider students' extracurricular activities and volunteering during the assessment.

Every scholarship has its own selection criteria. While some of them can only be achieved by a mere application form, others require completing assignments and project work in order to be considered for them. Whatever may be the case, students should always be fully aware of the timeline and eligibility of the scholarship they wish to apply for. Also, do not hesitate to ask your queries to admissions team in case of any doubts.

British Council Women in STEM Scholarships in UK

Are you a woman with a degree or a PhD in a STEM field who is enthusiastic about your work? You could be awarded a scholarship or an early academic fellowship to pursue a master's degree in a scientific, technology, engineering, or mathematics programme at a prominent UK university.

The British Council Women in STEM Scholarships programme, now in its third year, collaborates with 19 UK universities to benefit women from the Americas, South Asia, East Asia, Western Balkans, Central Asia, Brazil, Egypt, Mexico, and Turkey.

This STEM scholarship in the UK for international students (women) aims to increase opportunities in STEM for girls and women. According to data from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in 2019, fewer than 30% of researchers worldwide are women, and only 30% of female students choose STEM-related fields in higher education, but this number has slowly been increasing and is now at 35%. (Anon, 2022).

According to a subject breakdown from 2017 to 2018, girls studying STEM disciplines were particularly low. Computer Sciences, Engineering, and Technology, with 19% versus 81% for males. Physical sciences, mathematics, and statistics are stronger at 39% and 37%, respectively (compared to 61 and 63% for their equivalents).

Eligibility Criteria 

For this particular STEM scholarship in UK for international students who are women, the British Council is looking for students who:

  • Can study in the United Kingdom during the academic year September/October 2023-2024.

  • Can demonstrate the need for financial assistance.

  • Have an undergraduate degree that allows them to enrol in one of the pre-selected postgraduate programmes at a UK university (for Masters level) or have completed all components of a PhD within the last three years (for Early Academic Fellowships).

  • Can achieve the required level of English for postgraduate study/research at a UK university.

  • Are active in the field, with employment experience or a demonstrated interest in their field.

  • Are committed British Council scholarship alumni who are enthusiastic about their field of study.

Universities Involved 

The universities that are offering British Council Women in STEM Scholarships in UK to international students are mentioned below:

UK Universities

Course Type

Coventry University


University of Bath


The University of Manchester


Other STEM Scholarships in the UK for Women

Aside from the prestigious British Council Women in STEM Scholarships, there are other STEM scholarships available in the UK, particularly for women students studying in this sector. Let us look at some of these scholarships:

Name of the STEM Scholarship in UK

Brief Description 

DeepMind Scholarship with The University of Cambridge

DeepMind, an artificial intelligence startup, is financing a series of scholarships for under-represented graduates at Cambridge for the third year in a row. These scholarships are intended for talented UK and foreign postgraduates who identify as female and/or come from a minority ethnic background.

L’Oreal – UNESCO Women in Science Programme with Imperial College London

L'Oreal funds five annual GBP 15,000 scholarships for postgraduate women in research. This programme is intended to provide practical assistance throughout the research process and can be used to fund anything that promotes research continuity, such as equipment, travel and living expenses, or child care.

Women in Science Scholarship Scheme with King’s College London

The 'Women in Science' scholarships at Kings College London are worth GBP 3,000 and provide financial aid to outstanding students during their undergraduate studies (for up to three years). The programme is intended to boost the representation of women in STEM fields by introducing them to various projects and events going place within the campus.

Women in Engineering Programme with The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick's 'Women in Engineering' initiative is entering its seventh year of funding possibilities for women in STEM. This award was created to support post-graduate research and career development for the university's most brilliant female engineering students.

J.P Morgan’s Winning Women in Technology Scholarship with The University of Bath

The University of Bath has teamed up with J.P. Morgan to give ten undergraduate scholarships to deserving female students. The scholarships include not just GBP 3,000 per academic year, but also a paid industrial internship in J.P Morgan's technology department.

The Bell Burnell Doctorate Fund with The Institute of Physics Leaders in Engineering 

The Bell Burnell Graduate Scholarship supports full-time or part-time graduates pursuing a doctorate in physics. The fund is intended specifically to support women and other under-represented minority groups in physics.

Scholarship with The Royal Academy of Engineering

The scholarship from the Royal Academy of Engineering will include a total award of GBP 5,000 to be used over three years to cover career-related personal development activities. Awardees will be assigned a mentor and will be invited to training and networking events to help nurture the necessary abilities to become engineering leaders in the UK.

Women in Tech with The University of Birmingham

Over the next year, the University of Birmingham's Coding and Data Analytics scholarship will support 200 female students.

The scholarship includes a GBP 4,000 study discount, as well as additional mentoring and career help. Several prominent tech businesses in the UK, including Amazon, HSBC, WISE, and PwC, will provide awardees with industry career help, knowledge, and prospects.

Tips on How to Win a STEM Scholarship in the UK

If you want to pursue a career in one of the highly esteemed and financially profitable STEM sectors, you have many scholarship alternatives to consider. Apply for as many STEM scholarships for UK international students as possible. Here are some helpful tips for obtaining STEM scholarships in the UK:

Choose the Best STEM Scholarships in UK and Apply for Them

If you know what career you want to pursue before starting college, focus your search on scholarships for those industries and firms. You can check up on anything, including disciplines like environmental science, artificial intelligence, and aeroplane engineering. If you want to get the most out of your job search, apply for roles with a broader perspective. Additionally, check for STEM scholarships that are tailored to your demographic. Many women's organisations, for example, provide them to foster gender diversity in these historically male-dominated areas.

Follow all Scholarship Application Guidelines

Never assume that all scholarship committees want the same information from you. Even if you apply for a dozen scholarships, understand the requirements and read reports of other candidates' experiences. This type of diligence may lead to greater degrees of success. Never expect your reputation, academic performance, or extracurricular activity to compensate for missing deadlines or critical inquiries.

Only Use Information that is Accurate and Thorough

Never leave anything out when filling out the scholarship application, and never utter lies or stretch the truth. They will find out, and you may face serious repercussions in the world of scholarships or education. Furthermore, you will jeopardise your prospects of receiving the necessary money to attend your preferred college. Any optional or extra questions or sections on the scholarship application forms are included in the complete information. Always give it your all to show that you will go above and beyond in your academic life.

Keep Accurate Records of your Successes

Even if certain general and STEM scholarships do not require transcripts or achievement evidence, you must supply all required documents if they do. Once again, this demonstrates your ability to follow directions and respect the process, which can be impressive to others who are solely concerned with the money advantages.

Our well-versed study abroad consultants have assisted numerous Indian students to study STEM courses in the UK with scholarships. Our team is delighted to know that many of our counselee students are attending prestigious universities in the UK.

Find Out Full Scholarships to Study in the UK!


What is STEM?

The acronym STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The term encompasses a vast range of sub-fields that fall into one or more of these broad groups. Computer science, for example, is considered a STEM discipline because it draws on knowledge from all four domains. Different institutions and organisations define STEM in different ways. Unlike many other organisations, the National Science Foundation (NSF) recognises social science as a STEM field, which covers fields such as economics and political science.

Does the UK government provide STEM scholarships in the UK for international students?

The UK Government does not actively give STEM-related scholarships and bursaries to postgraduate students in the UK. Students pursuing research or a PhD will find that any funding from the UK Government is made available through the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council or another of the UK's Research Councils that distribute grants and cash for studentships. Other postgraduate funding options, such as UK Government student loans, are available to students doing a taught postgraduate study in a STEM subject.

Are STEM scholarships in the UK covered under the renowned Chevening scholarships for international students?

Chevening Scholarships finance excellent students in a variety of areas, including STEM subjects at the postgraduate level, for international students who want to study in the UK. These are applied for through the student's local British Embassy. Each embassy chooses which students to fund, and they are typically provided to students whose postgraduate courses complement the activity of the British Embassy in the local area. A Chevening Scholarship is around GBP 26,000 in value.

Does UK universities offer STEM scholarships in UK for international students?

Almost all universities in the United Kingdom provide scholarships to encourage students to pursue STEM disciplines at the postgraduate level. Scholarships and bursaries will be available for students to apply for at each institution and department. Many scholarships will be open to all students, while others will be subject or student-specific. Many grants are offered for students who have historically been underrepresented in postgraduate STEM studies. For example, Imperial College London offers a large number of STEM scholarships, as does the University of Edinburgh.

Does renowned organisations and companies also offer STEM scholarships in UK to international students?

Scholarships are offered by many corporations and companies that have an investment interest in the next generation of postgraduate students pursuing STEM degrees. Companies like Amazon and Sky aim to encourage postgraduate students to pursue STEM disciplines, especially if they are studying or living near the company's research or development facilities. It is worthwhile to contact these businesses directly to see what they have to offer.

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