PTE Score Chart 2023: What is PTE Academic Score Report?


Sristy Sharma
Updated on May 26, 2023 10:38 PM IST

PTE Academic is a popularly growing English proficiency test. Given that it is relevant for various purposes, learn what is meant by PTE Score Chart, what the scores represent, and how they stand in front of IELTS bands and TOEFL scores.

PTE Score Chart 2023: PTE Score Validity & Calculation

PTE Score Chart 2023: The Global Scale of English, which has a granular score range of 10-90, is used to evaluate PTE Academic candidates. On this measure, students earn an overall score that accurately reflects their level of English proficiency. Based on sophisticated algorithms that were tested against a data sample of more than 10,000 students speaking more than 120 native languages, the PTE automated scoring system was developed. 

Students may get a full picture of their language skills, including their overall English score as well as scores for certain sub-skills, with the help of the PTE score chart and academic report. Each report includes a total score between 10 and 90 as well as ratings for speaking, listening, reading, and writing communication abilities. 

This article aims at covering every aspect of the PTE score report, including the PTE band score chart 2023, PTE to IELTS or TOEFL conversion 2023, PTE scoring system, and more information that will help aspirants to study abroad. 

PTE Score Chart 2023

A PTE band score chart latest 2023 is a graph of scores that shows how well you speak English or know about it. The challenge of analysing the PTE score is difficult. The sum and average of the skills evaluated by the PTE exam format is the PTE score. When determining the total Pearson PTE score, which ranges from 10-90, grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, writing abilities, and PTE communication skills are all taken into account. Each PTE test component—speaking, writing, listening, and reading—has a different level of perfection, and PTE points are assigned accordingly. 

The PTE score table allows candidates to compare these. Candidates can have a thorough knowledge of the new PTE score chart by reviewing the table below:

PTE Scores

Level of Excellence














Very Good



What is PTE Academic Score Report? 

The PTE Academic score report includes two forms of scoring: total and communication skills scores in listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

  • Overall Score: The overall score, which ranges from 10 to 90 points, is based on the candidate's performance throughout the exam. It is not, however, an average computation of the communication skills scores.

  • Communicative Skills Scores: These are the scores a candidate receives in the four communication skills, namely listening, reading, writing, and speaking. These abilities have a scoring range of 10-90 points.

Learn PTE Score Range Accepted by Universities!

Breakdown of PTE Score Chart Ranges 

The table below provides a full breakdown of each score range on the PTE score chart 2023. Candidates can create an idea for an average PTE band score chart as follows:

PTE Score Range

Skills Evaluated


Basic phrase and expression use, as well as introduction and conversation skills.


Ability to address important subjects using common terms and idioms. Improved engagement strategy and exchange of fundamental personal information.


Understanding of typical speech and capacity to articulate incidents. The ability to form an opinion on broad topics.


Language skills are excellent. Capability to provide true information based on real-life experiences. Capability to record and disseminate data.


Fluent conversation and contact with others, with few faults. Skills to highlight key information related to a certain issue.


Capability to comprehend a variety of difficult texts and emphasise key concepts connected to the issue. Effective communication skills and the capacity to describe oneself are required.

Above 85

Communication skills at the highest degree. Capability to comprehend information from a variety of sources. There is a lack of clarity in their explanation.

PTE Scoring System 

The PTE scoring system is based on automated scoring technologies, and some responses are assessed only on their correctness and incorrectness, while others are rated on formal elements (e.g. task word limit) and response quality (e.g. fluency and pronunciation). The PTE exam calculator has two systems of scoring:

  • Correct or Incorrect: The applicant receives one point for each correct answer, with no reduction for incorrect answers.

  • Partial Credit: Tasks are assessed as correct, somewhat correct, or wrong using this system. For example, if a candidate's response to a task is accurate, full points are awarded; if the answer is partially correct, some score points are awarded; and if the response is erroneous, no score is awarded.

PTE vs IELTS vs TOEFL Score Comparison 

This PTE band score chart, IELTS score chart, and score chart make it simple to display the PTE score chart latest 2023 with the IELTS and TOEFL band scores. Candidates can understand the corresponding scores of the PTE points they have received by comparing their PTE scores to the PTE marks distribution table 2023 with their IELTS and TOEFL scores.

The table below compares the most recent PTE score chart 2023 to the bands for IELTS and TOEFL scores:

PTE Score Chart vs IELTS Band Score Comparison and Conversion

IELTS and PTE are two distinct approaches for assessing candidates' English language skills for immigration or university. They have distinct layouts and scoring methodologies: IELTS assign applicants, bands of 1-8, whereas PTE assigns several scores out of 90. For applicants who choose the PTE test but want to know their IELTS scores, the chart below gives a thorough comparison of IELTS scores with PTE academic scores.

PTE Academic Score


Level of Excellence






Very Good 



Very Good 
























Extremely Limited

PTE Score Chart vs TOEFL Score Comparison and Conversion 

The TOEFL is the most obvious alternative to the PTE and IELTS exams. Here is a comparison of PTE and TOEFL scores for the benefit of PTE test takers:

PTE Scores        

TOEFL Scores        

Level of Excellence        

0 to 30

0 to 31

Extremely Limited

30 to 34

32 to 34


35 to 41

35 to 45


42 to 49

46 to 59


50 to 57

60 to 78


58 to 63

79 to 93


64 to 72

94 to 101


73 to 77

102 to 109


78 to 82

110 to 114

Very Good

83 to 86

115 to 117

Very Good

85 to 90

118 to 120


PTE Speaking and Writing

PTE speaking and writing section is 54 to 67 minutes in duration. There are seven types of questions asked in this section which will assess the speaking and writing skills using English used in academic settings. The types and scoring parameters are given below:

Types of Questions

Time Allotted

Scoring Parameters

Personal Introduction

55 secs

This question aims to familiarise students with the exam pattern and does not contribute to scoring. 

Read Aloud


Response must include all the points in the reading text.

There should be oral fluency with smooth, natural and effortless speech.

Pronunciations or speech sounds must be similar to natural speakers.

Repeat Sentences

15 secs

Must include all words in the sentence.

Must have oral fluency.

Must pronounce like regular speakers. 

Describe Image

40 secs

Response should accurately and thoroughly describe the image.

It should be orally fluent with smooth rhythm, phrasing and stress.

Re-tell Lecture

40 secs

Response must thoroughly and accurately re-tell the lecture.

There should be oral fluency and correct pronunciation.

Answer Short Questions

10 secs

Ability to understand a question and provide a brief and accurate response. 

Summarise Written Text

10 mins

All key points of the passage must be included without misinterpreting the purpose or topic of the passage.  


20 mins

All aspects of the topic must be addressed. The details, explanations and examples used to support the viewpoint should be appropriate. 

PTE Reading

PTE reading section is 29-30 minutes in duration. Five different types of questions are asked in this section. The types and scoring parameters are given below:

Types of Questions

Scoring Parameters

Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks

Correct use of contextual and grammatical parameters to identify words. 

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

Must be able to analyse, evaluate and interpret the text. 

Re-order Paragraphs

Must understand the organisation and cohesion of the text. 

Fill in the blanks

Must use context and grammar to identify words. 

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Must analyse, evaluate and interpret the text. 

What PTE Score Range Represents?

The PTE score chart 2023 and their synonymous skill levels were summarised above. Here each of the PTE score ranges, their purpose and usage and each candidate's skills based on the score have been elaborated. 

PTE Academic Score: 85-90

The highest score range that is awarded in the PTE exam by PearsonVUE is between 85 and 90. The score applies to all settings and the minimum eligibility criteria required for universities is way below this score range.

Skill Representation:

Those students who are between this PTE score range are individuals who can:

  • Comprehend everything that is virtually read or heard.

  • Summarise information from different spoken and written formats.

  • Reconstruct arguments and points out incoherent presentation.

  • Spontaneously, precisely and fluently express themselves.

  • Even in complex situations, they can differentiate between finer shades of meaning.

PTE Band Score: 76-84

As per the PTE band score chart, a score between 76-84 is considered as good. This score is applicable for admission to all the universities with the most masters and doctoral courses requiring scores in this range. This scoring range is also a requirement for an Australian PR skilled migration visa

Skill Representation:

  • Can understand different lengthy and demanding texts.

  • Can recognise the implicit meaning of texts.

  • Can express themselves spontaneously and fluently without searching for expressions.

  • Can use language with flexibility and effectiveness in various social, academic and professional contexts.

  • Can handle and produce clear, well-structured and detailed texts on various complex subjects.

  • Can control the use of organisational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.

PTE Academic Score: 59-75

PTE band score between 59 and 75 is often the minimum score required to get into prestigious universities. The score is accepted in all bachelor’s, master's and PhD programmes. Certain streams of Australian visa PR also use this score range. For employment and professional purposes, these PTE Academic scores are accepted too.

Skill Representation:

  • Can understand the meaning of complex texts that are based on both abstract and concrete topics.

  • Can hold technical discussions in their relative fields.

  • Can converse with certain oral fluency and spontaneity with native speakers without strain for both parties.

  • Can produce clear and detailed text on various subjects.

  • Can explain a viewpoint on a topical issue by providing advantages and disadvantages.

PTE Academic Score: 43 - 58

PTE Score range of 43 - 58 could still be used as a valid score for certain options.


  • Admission to Bachelor level courses may be achieved at various universities within this score range.

  • The scores could be used to apply for certificate and diploma courses as well.

Skill Representation:

The candidate is understood to be:

  • Able to understand main points of clear standard input on familiar matters, regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

  • Able to deal with most situations likely to arise whilst in an area where language is spoken.

  • Able to produce simple connected text on topics, which are familiar or of personal interest.

  • Able to describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions.

  • Able to briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

PTE Academic Score: 30 - 42

As per the PTE score chart 2023, the PTE score range of 30 - 42 may be acceptable for certain courses but it is not enough for academic purposes.


  • Foundational courses can be applied by the students within this score range.

Skill Representation:

The candidate is understood to be:

  • Able to understand and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance.

  • Able to communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.

  • Able to describe in simple terms aspects of their background, immediate environment, and matters in areas of immediate need.

PTE Academic Score: 10 - 29

PTE Academic score of 10 - 29 is not applicable for any purposes. It is too low.


  • The score is quite low for all purposes, from academics to employment. So, PTE scores within this range cannot be often used.

Skill Representation:

The candidate is understood to be:

  • Able to use and understand familiar everyday expressions.

  • Able to use very basic phrases aimed at very concrete basic needs.

  • Able to interact simply if the other person talks slowly and clearly and can offer help.

How to Send PTE Score Chart? 

Since universities do not accept paper or PDF copies of PTE scores and results, applicants can deliver their reports via the PTE-created online secure site. The service of sending PTE band score charts to universities is free and without further charge. The steps for sending your PTE score chart 2023 online are as follows:

  • Sign in to your 'my PTE account'.

  • Select the 'View Score Reports' option.

  • Select 'Send Scores'.

  • Enter the name of the desired institution and choose it.

  • Enter the course name and pick the appropriate course of study.

  • Examine the information, then scroll down the page and click 'Next' to confirm.

  • Repeat this process for each university or college.

How to Increase Scores in PTE Academic?

To achieve a good score in PTE Academic, students must first analyse their present proficiency in the English language. The overall score on the exam is based on the performance in the test and it is necessary to increase efficiency in weaker areas. Candidates should prepare well in advance to increase their scores. The following strategies will prove helpful in scoring high according to the PTE score chart:

  • Understand the PTE Exam Format: To increase your total score in PTE, it is important to get a fair idea of the test format and types of questions. Candidates should also understand the timing and length of the test, how to respond to questions, what tasks are needed to be completed and the layout of questions. 

  • Build Vocabulary List: A good vocabulary helps to enhance language skills. Also, it is necessary to learn how to place words in the right context. Read and listen to audio, podcasts and recordings and read magazines and newspapers to learn new words. Practice writing and speaking them in different contexts.

  • Improve Fluency and Pronunciation: It is important to practice speaking at home and in education or the workplace to improve fluency and pronunciation. Then only the candidates will be able to speak continuously for three minutes and get good marks.

  • Sharpen Listening Skills: In the listening section of PTE Academic, students have to hear excerpts from lectures and recordings. As the accents are different, it is often difficult to understand them. Therefore, it is important to closely observe native speakers of different English-speaking countries. 

  • Practice Writing Skills: The writing section is an important part of the PTE academic exam. One must be careful in using the right spellings, punctuation, vocabulary, phrases and grammar while writing. Only relevant information and examples must be provided. 

Who Accepts PTE Score Chart?

Test-takers can use their PTE scores for various purposes, such as higher education, admission, applying for a job, scholarships, fellowships, immigration, etc. There are many global organisations and institutions which accept PTE scores as proof of a candidate's proficiency in the English language.

Foreign Universities

PTE scores are accepted by the top universities in the world for admission in their bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programmes.

Here is a list of selected universities abroad that accept PTE scores along with their minimum score requirements:



PTE Score Requirements

University of Oxford



University of Birmingham



Harvard University



University of Toronto



University of Auckland

New Zealand


Yale University



Australian National University



University of Sydney



University of Alberta



Countries for Skilled Migration

PTE band score chart 2023 can also be used to apply for a permanent residency visa in English-speaking countries. Test takers who want to apply for PR visas should be aware that the score criterion for migration reasons is quite high. Many countries, such as Australia, may not even specify a minimum score requirement, yet lower PTE scores will not help you obtain a visa. 

Overall, a large number of countries throughout the world acknowledge PTE scores for student visas and immigration. The following list includes a few of these countries:

Countries Accepting PTE Scores for Migration 


Saudi Arabia





South Korea

South Africa

New Zealand












Sri Lanka








Hong Kong









Candidates can also use PTE scores to apply for jobs that require them to have a command of the English language. Although employers rarely ask for language proficiency proofs, providing one will help the recruiter trust your skills.

It is advised that when applying for a job with PTE scores, the skills represented by the score must be compared with the required skills of the job profile. Only when the skills match or are better than required, must the score be used while applying for a job.

Foundations and Trusts

There are many international foundations and trusts that offer scholarships, fellowships, start-ups, and other fund-based support to eligible applicants. They often require applicants to satisfy certain eligibility criteria, including a certain level of proficiency in the English language. In such a case, candidates can submit their PTE scores.

That said, the minimum PTE score requirement, except for language-based scholarships and scholarships and fellowships is often not mentioned.

As we have reached the end, it is suggested that test takers use this scoring chart to understand the scores, question types, and scoring methods of various sections.

As a result, we can finish this article by pointing out that the PTE band score chart's objective is to provide a fair and uniform way to evaluate all of the skills examined in the PTE tests. Whatever score a candidate receives accurately reflects their English skills and is calculated using the Global range of English - an aggregate score ranging from 10-90. Due to this constant method of assessment, universities and immigration requirements may rely on them for assurance. As a result, it becomes essential for test takers to fully understand how the scores and PTE score chart function.

Students who wish to know about PTE-accepted countries and universities can write to us at

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How to check the PTE score chart?

Exam results for PTE applicants are available online. Following the release of the results, candidates will get a postal notification. After receiving their message, students can log into their PTE Academic student account. The PTE exam certificate is valid for two years following the test date. 

What PTE band score 2023 is required for an Australia PR?

You must receive a minimum of 65 points on the PTE exam to be granted permanent residency in Australia on a work-related visa. This shows that you have an excellent level of fluency and spontaneity while speaking with native speakers and can comprehend the major concepts of a difficult text. 

How many types of PTE score charts are there?

There are three different types of PTE exams and each exam has its own PTE score chart:

  • PTE Academic: This exam can be taken if you want to study at a university abroad.
  • PTE General: This PTE exam type is for migrating to another country to work.
  • PTE Young Learner: This PTE exam type is for children whose age falls between 12 and 16, moving to another country with their parents and resuming their studies. 

How do I calculate my PTE scores?

Add together all the scores from the section on enabling skills, then divide the total by six to determine the PTE overall score. Together with the other 'four' conversational abilities, this average score will make up the 'fifth' factor. The PTE Overall score will be calculated as the average of these five components.

As per PTE Score Chart, is 79 a good score in PTE?

As per PTE Score Chart 2023, 79 is a good score to study abroad. The test score can be used to apply for all Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD courses in foreign universities. Additionally, the score can be used to apply for employment as well. The score is equivalent to IELTS bands range of 7.5 - 8.0, and TOEFL scores of 113 and above.

How does PTE score chart compare with TOEFL scores?

PTE Score Chart 2023 is compared with TOEFL scores in the same manner as IELTS bands. The chart compares the skills represented by PTE scores and TOEFL scores and denotes the same skill scores as equivalents. A PTE score of 84 is considered equivalent to a TOEFL score of 120, and a PTE score of 59 and above is equivalent to TOEFL scores of 87 - 88 and above.

What skills are represented by the PTE Band Score of 59 - 75 on the PTE Score Chart?

The skills represented by the PTE band score of 59 - 75 on the PTE Score Chart 2023 are moderate to high fluency in the English language. These test-takers are seen as people who can use and understand complex English texts on concrete and abstract topics and can participate in technical discussions of their specialisations, and converse fluently. 

What is the minimum eligibility score as per PTE Score Chart 2023?

The minimum eligibility score as per PTE Score Chart 2023 is band scores of 59 - 75 and above. These PTE band scores are common requirements for Masters and PhD courses abroad. A PTE score of 58, which is the highest score in the range, is also common as a minimum score requirement for Bachelors abroad.

As per PTE Score Chart 2023, which score is required to apply for PR visas?

As per PTE Score Chart 2023, scores required to apply for PR visas of foreign nations are 76 - 84 and above. Although IELTS is the basic listed requirement in many English speaking countries, it is replaceable by high PTE scores. A higher PTE score can present such PR applicants as skilled enough for the everyday usage of the English language.

As per PTE Score Chart 2023, which is the best score to apply for Masters?

As per PTE Score Chart 2023, the best PTE score to apply for Masters is 59 - 75 and above. The score range represents skills of higher fluency in the English language, making it appropriate as minimum eligibility requirements for Master's courses abroad. Students must note that different streams may have different PTE score requirements.

Is PTE Score Chart the same as PTE Scores?

PTE Score Chart is not the same as PTE scores. The PTE score chart draws an outline of the scores that shall be rewarded by the testing authority and what skills each score range represents. Scores, on the other hand, are the marks rewarded to a test-taker on the basis of their performance in the test.

What is the lowest score possible as per PTE score chart?

The lowest score possible as per PTE Score Chart is a 10-29 band score. The score is extremely low to represent any fruitful skills. Test takers scoring PTE band scores of 10 - 29 are understood to be familiar with only everyday expressions, like greetings, two to three-word phrases, etc.

Can you convert PTE Score to IELTS?

Yes, you can convert PTE score to IELTS. The PTE Score Chart compares IELTS bands by comparing IELTS bands with PTE scores on the basis of skills represented by the bands and scores. A PTE score of 89 and above are considered to represent IELTS bands of 8.5 and above. PTE scores of 66 and above represent skills similar to IELTS bands of 7.0 and above.

Can you convert PTE Score to Duolingo?

Yes, you can convert PTE scores to Duolingo scores. Duolingo English Test is an online-based English proficiency test and is most commonly used to apply for academic programs at foreign universities. PTE test score of 64 - 77 is equivalent to a Duolingo score of 115 - 130. Test takers can compare scores of PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, and Duolingo scores easily.    

What is IELTS 7 equal to PTE?

IELTS 7.0 bands equal to a PTE score of 66, as per PTE Score Chart 2022. IELTS 7.0 band score is commonly accepted as a good score for varying purposes among international institutions. This makes the equivalent PTE score of 66 a good score as well to apply to accepting global universities.

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