Cheap MBA Colleges in USA for Indian Students


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Updated on Aug 02, 2022 05:47 PM IST

MBA in USA is a dream for many international students but the high tuition fees often force them to give up. Explore some of the cheapest MBA in USA for Indian students, colleges offering them, and the job opportunities after MBA in USA. 

Cheap MBA Colleges in USA for Indian Students

Cheapest MBA in USA: It is no secret that MBA from USA can be a golden ticket to fortune and career success. However, at the same time, if you want to attend one of the top US business schools, you might end up paying USD 100,000 in tuition. Although the subsequent advantages may seem to justify these costs, they are still as much a financial burden, and also unaffordable for many aspiring international students.

The cheapest MBA courses in USA might lead to you disbelieving their credibility, however, they can provide skills and opportunities as good as the top programs. Moreover, many international students who believe an MBA in USA is too high a price for can now pursue their dream.

To give a quick idea, the average annual tuition fee for a top MBA in USA is USD 55,700-161,800 while the cheapest MBA colleges in USA charge no more than USD 31,000. Let us now get a better insight into the MBA programs in USA that do not force students to shell out their hard-earned money.

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Advantages of MBA in USA

MBA in USA can prove highly beneficial for international students. It is one of the most elite masters courses in the world. The omnipresent need for MBA graduates among profit-making organisations (public or private) makes MBA all the more desirable and beneficial. Moreover, as an MBA graduate from top MBA USA universities, international students could unlock certain advantages which are:

High Employability

Students graduating from MBA colleges in USA are considered highly employable. In fact, most of the B-schools in USA have an employability rate of over 60%, which means, that over 60% of graduates are considered to be skilled enough to promptly take up responsibilities of varying job profiles relevant to business and management.

Gain Practical Experience

The total duration of MBA in USA is 18-24 months which is inclusive of 6-12 months of practical experience. Practical training is a highly experimented with and approved method in almost all US colleges, however, in the case of masters and doctoral curricula, it is included compulsorily as part of the program. International students through their practical experience learn about the actual working of the industry and the application of business administration and management concepts to real-life situations.

Global Acceptance

International students who complete their MBA in USA are free to pursue their careers in any part of the world. US MBA programs are considered so highly qualified and skilled that the graduates enjoy global acceptance. They can settle in any country of their own choice, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc., and pursue a great career with proper remunerations and growth.

Lucrative Remunerations

The remunerations offered to graduates of MBA graduates from the US are as high as USD 150,000 annually, with a minimum annual starting salary of USD 60,000. With the high demand for MBA graduates in the USA, international students will almost never have to accept a lower remuneration package for their elite skills.

Steep Career Trajectory

Almost all masters courses in the US have a reputation for lending a steep career growth curve to graduates. The annual salary offered doubles and the job profiles become more important in an organisations hierarchy. MBA in USA is one of the most elite graduate courses. It is the course that provides the steepest career growth to international students. In fact, MBA graduates from US universities are the highest salaried professionals on a payroll.

Consultation Practice

International students graduating with MBA in USA can freely choose to set up their own consulting firm or freelance their skills for organisations and other clients. The financial return for them is still going to be extremely high, in fact easily over USD 70,000 even in their first year.

Cheapest MBA Colleges in USA for Indian Students

The tuition fees for the cheapest MBA colleges in USA for Indian students start from USD 9,000 and peak at USD 32,500. Even at the peak, the tuition fees charged by these colleges remain lower by at least USD 25,000 than the average tuition fees for MBA in USA.

While the average tuition fees of MBA colleges in USA range between USD 55,700-161,800, these colleges can prove to be quite better and affordable for international students who cannot burden themselves with heavy educational debts. So, let us have a look at some of the cheapest MBA in USA along with their annual tuition fees:

Cheapest MBA College in USA

Annual Tuition Fees (USD)

Cameron University


California Miramar University


Central Michigan University


Clemson University


Iowa State University


Kentucky State University


Lamar University


Lehman College


Minnesota State University


Missouri State University


Northeastern State University


Saint Marys University of Minnesota


San Francisco State University


Southeast Missouri State University


University of Buffalo


The University of Hawaii at Manoa


University of South Dakota


University of Tampa


Worcester State University


Entry Requirements for Courses for MBA in USA

For international students who want to study MBA in USA, these are the eligibility requirements they need to meet:

  • GPA: Overall GPA in past academics is an important requirement to apply to the cheapest MBA in USA. MBA colleges in USA generally require a GPA (on a 4.0 scale) of 2.5-3.5.

  • GMAT: GMAT scores are also highly common among MBA colleges in USA. As colleges are going test blind or allowing alternatives to GMAT scores, it has become possible to pursue MBA in USA without GMAT. However, students are advised to present their GMAT scores if they can, as it can will make the admission process easier.

  • GRE: GRE scores are used by MBA colleges in USA as an alternative to GMAT scores. In the case of test blind MBA colleges, both tests can be done away with.

  • English Proficiency Tests: MBA colleges in USA expect international students to submit English proficiency test scores of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Duolingo. The minimum requirement ranges from IELTS 6.0-7.0 bands or equivalent scores in other tests.

  • MBA SOP: An MBA SOP may or may not be stated as a requirement, however, students are advised to include it irrespective of the clear intentions of the MBA college in USA. It is an important factor in getting successful admission to MBA colleges in USA.

  • Application Essay: Even the cheapest MBA colleges in USA ask specific questions prompt from international applicants. These question prompts or MBA essay prompts are considered part of admission applications, and affect the admissions decision significantly.

  • LORs: MBA colleges in USA ask international students for at least two or three Letters of Recommendation. These are known to strengthen the credibility of applicants.

  • Work Experience: Work experience certificates are acceptable at MBA colleges in USA. Although students can apply for MBA in USA without work experience, they are advised to include even part-time work experience, if relevant.

Popular Specialisations for Courses in MBA in USA

There are many MBA specialisations that can be applied for by international students to study MBA in USA. While applying to the cheapest MBA colleges in USA, students must ensure that the b-school is offering their desired specialisation. Here are some of the most popular MBA specialisations which can be applied by international students:

MBA Specialisation



The branch deals with educating students on how to use their skills for consultancy services. Here they are taught how to cater to their different client, organisations, companies, single ventures, partnerships, etc.


The skills required to set up and grow a business with a bankable idea or thought are covered under this specialisation.

Financial Management

The manner in which finances can be tracked and optimised is taught in this branch of the MBA course.

General Management

The overall management of an organisation, including various departments and their proper coordination, forms the base of this specialisation.

Human Resource Management

Students are taught to manage the most important and the most complicated resource for an organisation.

International Management

The techniques to discover business expansion opportunities, planning, implementation, monitoring, and controlling, are taught in this branch.


The branch deals with ensuring that the services and products are known among people or target audience, to maximise their subscription.

Operations Management

It teaches how to handle each and every step of a department. Since the core working may differ in students backgrounds, they are taught how to single out main features and eventually manage the work.

Project Management

The manner in which a project should be handled, from its inception to completion.

Strategic Management

Business strategies, their requirement, impact, implementation, and monitoring are some core skills taught under this specialisation.

Cost of Living in USA for International Students

Life as an international student in USA includes not only educational but also other living costs. International students need to pre-budget their life so that they can properly manage their finances in a foreign country. Here are some of the living costs faced while living in USA as an international student:

Living Expenses in USA

Average Cost (in USD)

Accommodation Rent (monthly)


Food and Groceries (monthly)


Clothing and Other Necessities (monthly)


Internet and Telephone (monthly)


Electricity (monthly)


Travel Expenses (monthly)


Entertainment (monthly)


Medical Expenses (one-time)


Miscellaneous (monthly)


Job Opportunities After Courses in MBA in USA

International students can apply for various job profiles after completing their MBA in USA. These job opportunities can be sought in the home country or even in the USA.

Students can apply for a Post Study Work Visa to stay back and work in USA. They can extend their stay back period to two years post practical training. Here are some of the most popular job profiles that international students can apply for after MBA in USA along with their average annual salaries:

Job Profiles

Average Annual Salary (in USD)

Business Analyst


Business Operations Manager


Financial Consultant


Financial Manager


Health Services Manager


Human Resource Manager


Investment Analyst


Investment Banker


IT Manager


Management Consultant


Marketing Manager


Planning Director


Product Manager


Project Manager


Technical Manager


Source: &

Applying to the cheapest MBA colleges in USA will not only help students in reducing their financial burden but will also allow them to subscribe to the same advantages as the leading business schools in the country. The USA is known as a land of opportunities, which students can unlock by studying MBA in USA and eventually migrating to the country. Alternatively, students can come back to the best opportunities available in their home country or move to other countries as well.

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Are part-time MBA courses the cheapest MBA in USA?

Yes, some of the part-time MBA courses are the cheapest MBA in USA. The MBA colleges in USA  where part-time MBA courses for international students are offered include Seattle University, Loyola University, University of Minnesota and University of Connecticut. That being said, you can apply for part-time MBA courses at these universities and can continue with your job while you study. This will help you complete your MBA while you have a consistent flow of finances.

What are the cheapest STEM MBA in USA?

The cheapest STEM MBA in USA includes Wisconsin School of Business, Mendoza College of Business and Terry College of business. The greatest advantages which you will get by studying in these business schools are that you can complete your MBA degree at low cost and also get a 2-year extension on Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Are online MBA courses among the cheapest MBA in USA?

Yes, there are many online MBA courses available which are among the cheapest MBA in USA. Many b-schools in USA offer low cost online courses to international students. Some of the b-schools offering cheap online MBA courses include Arizona State University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Florida, University of Washington, Indiana University, University of North Carolina, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania State University.

When is the right time to apply for cheapest in MBA in USA?

The right time to apply for the cheapest MBA in USA is when the admissions are announced by the desired b-schools. As you know, there are four intakes to apply for courses in MBA: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Among these, Fall and Spring are the most popular intake seasons. To apply for MBA in USA, the right time is when the student is looking to upgrade their career,financially .

What are the universities with cheapest MBA in USA without GMAT?

The universities with cheap MBA in USA without GMAT are South East Missouri State University,  Central Michigan University and  Minnesota State University. These universities provide cheap MBA in USA without the hassle to appear for the GMAT exam. However, students must have a clear idea of the GMAT waiver conditions at the time of application.

Which is preferred between GMAT and GRE for cheapest MBA in USA?

The best scores to apply to courses for cheapest MBA in USA among GMAT and GRE are the ones asked by the b-school. If the university requires only GMAT scores, or if they accept both GMAT and GRE scores but prefer GMAT, then GMAT scores must be submitted. In case no preference is mentioned, any of the two can be submitted.

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