MBA Salary in Canada - Top Job Profiles, ROI


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MBA salary in Canada guarantees a high ROI and is a great investment toward your future goals. Read the article to know the average, minimum and highest MBA salary, business schools with top salaries and ROI after MBA in Canada.

MBA Salary in Canada - Top Job Profiles, ROI

Are you currently researching MBA salary in Canada? After all, an MBA degree does not come cheap which is why a prospective salary after an MBA degree can determine your Return to Investment (ROI). Therefore, it is also important to select a university in Canada that produces graduates with good starting salaries.

It is a no-brainer that an MBA degree helps to solve more complex and sophisticated business problems involving algorithms and artificial intelligence. While it is true that studying MBA is a substantial investment, the salary statistics show a compelling and fruitful return.

Graduating from a top MBA school in Canada not only will guarantee a high salary but also give you a valuable work experience in the industry. Data from Emolument shows that Canadian MBA graduates earn an average salary of CAD 108,000 per year.

In this article, we will disclose the MBA salary in Canada in detail including the minimum MBA salary in Canada, the highest MBA salary in Canada, MBA finance salary in Canada, MBA HR salary in Canada and other most profitable job profiles that help you to count more dollars.

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Overview of MBA in Canada

Before we get into details about MBA salary in Canada, let us introduce you to the highlights of MBA in Canada:



Course Duration

2 years

Top MBA Schools in Canada

University of Toronto, Ivey Business School, University of British Columbia

Average MBA Tuition Fees in Canada

CAD 50,000-100,000

Average MBA Salary in Canada

CAD 108,000

Top MBA Graduate Recruiters

EY, Meta, Accenture, Amazon, Deloitte

Top MBA Roles

Marketing Manager, Data Scientist, Finance Manager

Best Specialisations for MBA in Canada

Nowadays, businesses know no borders. It requires business professionals to be up-to-date and have skills and knowledge highly regarded by employers. You need both hard and soft skills to produce results and work effectively with your colleagues. The top specialisations that help to earn a high MBA salary are:

  • Human Resource- In this specialisation, you learn to understand and analyse the cultures of organisations, identities and people and communicate your ideas coherently and persuasively. You also learn to solve complex problems and take quick decisions.

  • Finance- MBA in finance teaches you to analyze trends, build forecasts and create financial models. You will be also able to perform quantitative analysis of financial and operational data.

  • Information Technology- Businesses now are tech-intensive. Therefore, an MBA degree will make you an IT specialist with courses covering software and hardware assessment, programming and algorithms.

  • Healthcare- MBA in healthcare is a combination of business courses along with medical subjects like health policy, hospital management, etc.

  • Risk Management- Here you get to predict and analyse the financial risks that may affect businesses. You learn to identify, develop and implement various procedures to minimise risks.

Average, Minimum and Highest MBA Salary in Canada

MBA support professionals with promotions and increased salaries. They also experience exponential career growth. The average salaries increase is documented through various studies. For example, the reports of Glassdoor estimate the MBA salary in Canada:

  • The average MBA salary in Canada is CAD 66,000 per annum.

  • Minimum salary of MBA in Canada is CAD 45,000 per year.

  • Highest MBA salary in Canada is CAD 95,000 yearly.

The salaries include various compensations that companies pay to their employees. You can have a great start in your career with an MBA in Canada.

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MBA Salary in Canada According to Job Role

Tech companies prefer MBA graduates in Canada for most of their job openings.

There are various MBA job roles in Canada and their salaries differ depending on the company, department, and previous experience and course results. To give you a clear picture of which job designation offers what salary, we have put it in the tabular format:

Job Role

Average Salary (in CAD)

Management Consultant


Financial Analyst


Marketing Manager


Financial Controller


Corporate Development Manager


Chief Financial Officer


Marketing Manager


Human Resource Manager


Marketing Analyst


Business Consultant



Business Schools with Top MBA Salary in Canada

The business schools in Canada are known to foster leadership skills, build professional networks, help in promotions and open new doors for MBA graduates. These benefits along with high salaries can be availed of in the following MBA universities in Canada:


Average Salary (in CAD)

University of Toronto


University of Calgary


Queens University


Dalhousie University


University of Alberta


University of British Columbia


Ivey Business School


McGill University


York University


Western University


Source: Emolument

MBA Salary in Canada Vs Other Countries

Canada is one of the highest salary paying countries to MBA graduates. Some other countries that pay high MBA salary are:


Average Annual MBA Salary (in INR)


91.67 lakhs


77.38 lakhs


74.10 lakhs


63.75 lakhs


63.08 lakhs


45.74 lakhs


61.75 lakhs

Source: Emolument

MBA Salary in Canada Vs India

The MBA graduates in India earn INR 15 to 20 lakhs which is very low in comparison to Canada. The salary increases with experience still it is not at par with Canadian standards. There are chances of better promotion and job upgradations in Canada.

So if you wish to earn a high package and make steady growth in the job market, you should decide to study MBA in Canada.

MBA ROI in Canada

An MBA in Canada is an investment in your future success. Therefore, it is important to calculate the return to investment (ROI) before taking the leap into studying at business schools in Canada. It is a major financial commitment toward the future.

Understanding the ROI is important to decide if MBA is the right option for you and the business schools and programs that are best suited to satisfy MBA ROI.

A study by QS universities noted that it takes less than four years to recoup the investment made in attaining an MBA in Canada. There is also an average 75% increase in the average annual salary of MBA graduates. York University records the highest 138% increase in salary uplift in 2019.

MBA Tuition Fees in Canada

As we already know the salaries received after MBA in Canada let us also know the tuition fees of MBA courses to get a better idea of the ROI:

Business School

Average Tuition Fees (in CAD)

University of British Columbia


McGill University


Ivey Business School


Rotman School of Management


Queens University


Stay Back Period after MBA in Canada

The course duration of most MBA programmes in Canada is two years. It ensures that you get a three-year stay back period after completion of your degree. It also means you can work in Canada for at least three years to get returns on the financial investment you have made toward the MBA degree.

The ROI also increases if you are able to stay back for a longer amount of time as the salary structure is better in Canada than in India. Also, Canadas job market has the lowest unemployment rate and is importing labour to meet the shortages. Expertise in the business management field can help students to get high-paying jobs in Canada.

Hence this is the ideal time to pack bags for Canada to grab a degree in the pocket and a good salary amount in a bank account.

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What is the MBA finance salary in Canada?

MBA finance salary in Canada is between CAD 60,000 and CAD 120,000 per year which is a lucrative salary for MBA graduates. The salary and other compensations increase with experience gained. MBA finance graduates focus on major areas like financial management, accounting, capital, banking and insurance.

What is an executive MBA salary in Canada?

An average executive MBA salary in Canada is around CAD 60,599 as per reports on the employment website, Glassdoor. Executive MBA salary is tempting for professionals who wish to gain expertise in a short time without compromising on their jobs. Skills, knowledge and experience play a huge role in determining the salary.

What MBA HR salary in Canada?

MBA HR salary in Canada is between CAD 90,000 and CAD 180,000 per year.  The salary is quite high due to the numerous responsibilities related to human resources they have to perform. They recruit, engage, retain, and provide salary appraisals and maintain relations with employees. HRs function like a bridge between employers and employees.

Which companies provide high MBA freshers salary in Canada?

The companies that provide high MBA freshers’ salary in Canada are Amazon, Accenture, Deloitte, eBay, Facebook, Google, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, KPMG, Microsoft, Nestle Canada, and many more. The MBA graduates from Canadian universities are highly employable and these companies welcome them with open arms.

Is MBA salary in Canada higher than MBA salary in other countries?

MBA salary in Canada is higher than MBA salary in most other countries of the world. The high salary is due to the technological advancement the country is going through and the economic boom prevalent in the country. Canada has also a shortage of skilled workers so companies pay more to retain the MBA graduates. 

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