Doctor Salary in the UK - Minimum and Average Salary Per Year


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Updated on Feb 21, 2023 05:45 PM IST

If you are looking at a future as a doctor in the UK, you must know how much you can expect to earn. So, find out the average doctor salary UK and what you can do to earn a higher salary.

Doctor Salary in the UK - Minimum and Average Salary Per Year

Doctor salary UK: The salary earned by a doctor in the UK is among the most lucrative remunerations in the world. Doctors' salaries are known to be high and rewarding around the world, irrespective of the country. Hence, when it comes to a doctor's salary in one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and also a country with one of the strongest currencies, it is obvious that the remuneration to be high as well as appealing.

The average doctor salary UK can be one of the reasons why Indians aspire to build a career in the country. However, what makes it worthy of international attention is the fact that professionals from across the world can choose to become a doctor in the UK.

Let us see how! Here is a guide that shows the doctor salary UK in 2023, and the ways in which Indian students and healthcare professionals can earn it.

Minimum Doctor Salary UK

The salaries of doctors in the UK depend on their training, qualification, and field of specialisation. The average doctor salary UK experiences a rise in basic pay and remunerations over the years as the expertise of a specialist increases. Here is an overview of the basic doctor salary UK for the year 2023:

Doctor Profile

Annual Basic Doctor Salary UK (in GBP)

Foundation Training


Specialist Training


Speciality Doctor


Specialist Grade Doctor




Salaried General Practitioner


Source: NHS

Consult experts to learn about possible ways through which you can practice medicine in the UK.

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MBBS in UK for Indian Students

MBBS in UK for Indian students can be a great opportunity to ensure a successful and fruitful career in medical sciences and earn a good MBBS doctor salary in UK per month. The UK is one of the top study abroad destinations and also a country recognised and reputed for its advanced healthcare system.

Indian students can benefit significantly in their careers by pursuing MBBS in UK. They will be able to complete studies with qualified courses and under the guidance of the best medical practitioners out there. Additionally, there are various career prospects available for MBBS students in UK and students can apply for various speciality courses in the UK after completing their 12th in India.

Given below is an overview of MBBS in UK for Indian students:



Name of Course


Qualification Level


Other Names


Accrediting Authority

General Medical Council (GMC)

Course Duration

5-6 year

Practical Training

Included in course duration

Average Annual MBBS Fees

GBP 36,700

MBBS Eligibility Criteria

18 years or more

10+2 from ICSE/CBSE

10+2 in Chemistry and Biology

GPA Requirement

80% in 10+2 Chemistry and Biology

Accepted Entrance Tests

UKCAT - 650; BMAT - 4.5+; GAMSAT - 60+

NEET Score Acceptance

Accepted; 50 percentile or more

English Proficiency Test Requirements

OET - B; IELTS - 7.0

Application Deadlines (UCAS)

October 15, 2022

Documents Required to Apply

10+2 Academic Trancripts (attested)


Academic CV

Letters of Reference

Test scores of UKCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT

OET/IELTS exam scores

Proof of Funds

Average Annual Living Expenses

GBP 6,200

MS in Medical Sciences

4-5 years

MS Average Annual Fees

GBP 32,000-40,000

PhD in Medical Sciences

3-4 years

PhD Average Annual Fees

GBP 20,000-32,000

Best Medical Colleges in UK for Indian Students

The UK healthcare system is so advanced that many international students prefer to gain education in the UK itself. Although the UK offers an option for various international healthcare professionals to practice in the UK, it is a lengthy process to learn and adjust to the norms of the UK healthcare system.

That said, medical education in the UK can resolve this problem for international students. They can easily grow accustomed to the UK healthcare system and its norms by doing their MBBS and higher medical studies in the UK.

Here are the top 10 medical colleges in UK for the Indian students along with their Times Higher Education world ranking 2022:

Name of University

World Ranking (Times Higher Education 2022)

MBBS Annual Fees (in GBP)

University of Oxford


36,800 (6 years)

University of Cambridge


60,940 (6 years)

Imperial College London


46,650 (6 years)



38,000 (6 years)

Kings College London


41,300-44,540 (4-5 years)

University of Edinburgh


32,100-49,900 (5-6 years)

University of Glasgow


52,000 (5 years)

University of Manchester


29,000-48,000 (5 years)

University of Bristol


36,800 (5 years)

Queen Mary University of London


42,500 (5 years)

University of Liverpool


24,200 (5 years)

University of Birmingham


26,640-39,960 (5 years)

University of Warwick


25,997-45,326 (5 years)

University of Nottingham


26,500 (5 years)

University of Sheffield


38,050 (5 years)

How to Get a License to be a Doctor in UK?

International students and healthcare professionals can get a license to practice and offer their medical services in UK after clearing an entrance exam called PLAB.

The UK conducts the PLAB exam for all those international healthcare professionals who have completed their MBBS residency training and now wish to continue their medical practice in the UK. Here, international professionals include all those who are not British, EU, or EEA citizens. Hence, even after medical education in the UK, noncitizens have to clear the exam to earn in the UK, such as Indian doctors in UK salary.

The PLAB exam is conducted in two parts. Professionals who clear Part 1 are qualified for Part 2. The PLAB Part 1 exam is conducted worldwide, including in India, while qualifying candidates have to go to the UK to attend the PLAB Part 2 exam.

In case one is sure about practising medicine in the UK, they can benefit from medical education in the UK, as the courses will prepare them for the exam as well.

Know More about the salaries in UK

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Types of Doctors in UK

Doctors work in all fields of healthcare providing different career specialisations and opportunities in UK. As a part of medical training and experience, there are few posts for doctors. They earn a basic salary, a weekend allowance and an availability allowance. The doctor grades and the average salaries are given below:

Grades of Doctors in UK

Average Salaries (in GBP)

Doctor in Training


Specialty Doctors




General Practitioners


Medical Profiles and Average Doctor Salary UK

Similarly to other professions, the medical profession also bifurcates into various specialisations after a basic foundation has been set for the profession. Hence, 10+2 and MBBS serve as the basic foundation for all medical professionals, while further studies require them to choose a specialisation. These specialisations make way for various job profiles within the UK healthcare system for medical practitioners.

There are options available, though limited, for healthcare professionals even after 10+2, for instance, they choose nursing or medical practice.

Here are some of the top-earning job profiles of healthcare professionals in the UK along with their annual average doctor salary UK:

Medical Profile

Annual Average Doctor Salary UK (in GBP)

Anaesthesia Administrator








General Practitioner






Occupational Health Specialist














Sexual and Reproductive Health Specialist






Source: Glassdoor and Indeed

Highest Paying Cities in UK for Doctors

The salary of doctors in UK varies depending on the city and location. The salary structure is more in top metro cities while it is a little lesser in small cities. It is also at par with the living expenses of cities in UK. Here is the list of the highest-paying cities in UK for doctors:

UK Cities

Average Salary (in GBP)

























Source: Salary Explorer

Doctor salary UK can be an appropriate award for all the efforts and services provided by medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals. Moreover, as a part of the UK healthcare system, professionals have a chance to become a contributor to some milestone advancements and achievements in the medical sector. As a wholly beneficial and high-paying job, medical practice in the UK is an inviting offer for medical professionals worldwide. They can view the high doctor salary UK as a motivating factor to either study MBBS in UK or attempt PLAB.

You can request elaborated guidance from study abroad experts on all the aspects related to medical study and practice in the UK. You can reach out by writing at

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Is doctor salary in UK higher than doctor salary in US?

No, a doctor's salary in the UK is not higher than a doctor's salary in the US. Although the average doctor's salary in the UK is dependent on the medical practitioners’ experience, expertise, qualification, and employer, still they earn less than US doctors in general. The reason is that the basic doctor salary US exceeds a doctor's salary in the UK per month by twice or thrice at any given time.

Is NHS doctor salary in the UK different?

Yes, NHS doctor salary in the UK is different. NHS is a national and government-regulated body that helps in establishing the basic pay for all doctors in the UK. However, the doctors and professionals employed by the NHS could have a contract for different doctor salary in UK than the other hospitals and institutions.

Is doctor salary in UK among the highest salaries in the country?

Yes, doctor salary in UK is among the highest salaries in the UK. The basic pay itself is extremely high from the national average salary of GBP 45,000, approximately. Almost all doctor salaries in the UK per month are at a premium of at least 140% over the national average, making it among the top 10 high-paying professions in the UK.

Can I get a good doctor salary in UK after completing my medical studies in India?

Yes, you can get a good doctor salary in UK after completing your medical studies in India. The PLAB exam allows all the qualifying international medical professionals to practice in the UK. You can also apply for the exam after completing your studies in India. The exam will be conducted in two parts, where Part 1 is an objective written exam, while Part 2 is a practical exam.

Do doctors have to pay tax on their doctor salary in UK?

Yes, doctors have to pay tax on their doctor salary in UK. The income tax law in the UK makes every individual or person (for taxation purposes) who is earning an income in the UK liable to pay tax for using the country's resources to earn a personal income. Since a doctor's salary in the UK per month also comes under this definition, medical professionals have to pay taxes on their income in the UK.  

What is a private doctor salary in UK?

A private doctor salary in UK is not applicable, the reason being the absence of any employer. However, a private doctor can earn up to GBP 75,000 per year. The figure is premium at approximately 166% over the national average salary of GBP 45,000 (approximately). A private doctor can affiliate themselves with a profitable or non-profit healthcare provider as a part-time employee, in bonafide. 

Has doctor salary in UK increased over the years?

Yes, doctor salary in UK has increased over the years. The national healthcare agencies, such as NHS, often revise the basic doctor salary in UK per month throughout the years. This revision is based on the national inflation rate, global market conditions, healthcare, and life sciences industry and performance, and the general market trends expectable over a period of 5-10 years.

What is a junior doctor’s salary in UK?

A junior doctor’s salary in UK is ranged depending on their training and qualification level. In foundation training, the salary is GBP 29,384-34,012, while in specialist training the salary can range between GBP 40,257 and 53,398. The doctor salary UK of a junior doctor will grow as they proceed in their training years.

Are doctors paid well in UK?

Yes, doctors are paid well in the UK. In fact, they are among the highest paid professionals in the world. Although MBA graduates earn much higher salaries and MS graduates are on almost similar ranges, healthcare professionals in the UK are still among the top 10 highest-paid in the UK. Additionally, GBP, UK's currency, is one of the strongest, more expensive than the USD, and most stable currencies in the world. 

Which specialisations are the best to complete MS in medical sciences in the UK?

There are many specialisations that can be considered best to complete MS in medical sciences in the UK. The basic pay of all doctor salary UK is the same, hence, the annual income of the medical practitioners is dependent on their own practice, employment, and experience. That said, some of the best specialisations are Cardiology, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, and Psychiatry.

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