BCA Salary in USA - Average & Highest Salary Package


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The average salary of BCA graduates is more than any other graduates in USA. Read more to know about the salary and career prospects after BCA in USA with the states with the highest salary in USA

BCA Salary in USA - Average & Highest Salary Package

BCA salary in USA: With the fast-changing modern world heavily dependent on technology for their daily lives, computer science degrees are in high demand. A survey conducted by Forbes in 2022 showcased that 4.65% of high school students were interested to pursue computer science.

Since the 90s, investors have encouraged internet-based start-ups which resulted in the consistent growth in demand for BCA graduates who have the ability to perform complex functions related to computing technology.

That being said, BCA salary in USA remains lucrative throughout and has great career prospects. A BCA graduate has the potential to bag a job with a higher starting salary than the other graduates. If you are among the one who is aspiring to study BCA in USA, you are making a wise choice in terms of return on investment (ROI) and will be bringing home more than USD 1,00,000 a year.

In this article, we will discuss the BCA salary in USA and the various job prospects that would provide you with the necessary motivation to take a bachelors degree in computer application.

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Overview of BCA in USA

Before diving into BCA salary in USA, let us know the highlights of BCA in USA:



Duration of Course

4 years

Top US Universities for BCA

Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University

Average BCA Salary in USA

USD 1,01,000

Top BCA Recruiters in USA

Tesla, Amazon, Disney, Meta, Apple

Top BCA Job Roles in USA

Database administrator, Project manager, AI engineer

Higher Education Scope


Can I Get a Job in USA after BCA?

Yes, you can easily land a high-paying job after completing four-year BCA degree in USA as it is hot in demand. The knowledge and expertise that you gather during this time help you to bag a job that gives more than the average annual salary.

Not only the job roles are widespread and popular but also lucrative. The usual roles are software engineering, data scientist, development operations engineer, cyber security expert and business developer. You can work with top companies like Amazon, Google, Meta, Apple and various other multinational companies.

Career Prospects After BCA in USA

The topics that you have to tackle while studying BCA in USA are machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security, software engineering and cloud and network infrastructure. Students who graduate with a bachelors in computer science from USA pursue career paths such as:

  • Game Developer- Game developers are assigned the task to create and design video game software for mobiles and computers. They have to be involved from designing to testing.

  • IT Consultant- The IT consultants create strategies to solve consumer problems with the use of technology. They have to understand both the requirements of customers and business goals.

  • Software Developer- They code and design software for businesses as well as consumers. They have to remain in constant touch with the client to know the work requirements.

  • UX Designer- An UX designer is a professional who turns applications into user-friendly interfaces. They study user experience and make applications efficient for users.

  • Information Security Analyst- They monitor computer networks for security issues. They investigate breaches in cyber security and protect systems through software.

Average, Lowest and Highest BCA Salary in USA

According to the reports of Glassdoor, the BCA salary in USA can be estimated as follows:

  • The average BCA salary in USA as of 2022 is USD 1,01,000 per year which roughly translates to INR 80 Lakhs.

  • The highest salary for a BCA in USA is USD 1,44,000 per year as of 2022

  • The lowest salary is USD 72,000 annually. The salaries include various other compensations apart from the basic pay. Hence, you can expect to earn a hefty BCA salary in USA.

As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the median annual wage for computer and information technology jobs was USD 97,430 in May 2021 which was higher than the median annual wage for all occupations of USD 45,760.

BCA Salary in USA Based on Job Role

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment in computer and information technology will have a prospective growth of 13% in between 2020 and 2030 which is faster than all the occupations in USA. More than 6.5 lakhs jobs will be created where the BCA graduates can fit them.

BCA graduates receive different salaries based on the job roles. In order to get an idea of which job role will fetch you the maximum average annual salary, check out the table given below:

Job Role

Median Salary (in USD)

Computer Network Architect

USD 120,520

Computer Programmer

USD 93,000

Computer Systems Analyst

USD 99,270

Information Security Analyst

USD 102,600

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

USD 80,600

Universities with High BCA Salary in USA

Studying computer science in USA guarantees entering into a highly paid and fastest-growing job. If you expect to be highly paid, then you should apply to the top US universities which have demonstrated statistics of students getting high salary packages. According to Payscales College Salary Report, here are the top schools for BCA that guarantee a good early career salary and mid-career salary after graduation:

University Name

Early Career Salary (in USD)

Mid Career Salary (in USD)

Harvard University



Stanford University



Massachusetts Institute of Technology



University of California-Berkeley



Carnegie Mellon University



Princeton University



Yale University



Columbia University



Dartmouth College



Duke University



University of Pennsylvania



Brown University



University of Washington



Rice University



Cornell University



States with Best BCA Salary in USA

After knowing the universities that will help you have a fulfilling career in the USA, let us know the states in US with the best BCA salary:

US State

Average Annual Salary (in USD)







New York




Source: indeed.com

BCA Salary in USA vs BCA Salary in Other Countries

The USA is among the highest paying countries for BCA graduates. Apart from the USA, other countries also have a high demand for BCA graduates and pay satisfactory salary packages.


Average Annual Salary (in INR)


38.67 Lakhs


52.50 Lakhs


55.64 Lakhs


44.67 Lakhs

New Zealand

45.28 Lakhs

Source: indeed.com, glassdoor and payscale

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BCA Salary in India vs BCA Salary in USA

The BCA salary in India at the start of the career is around 2.5 to 3 lakhs per year whereas as one gains experience, the salary increases and they earn around 12 lakh per year after 4-5 years.

Comparatively, the BCA salary earned in the USA is quite high with the booming technology market. There are chances of better job switches and upgradation in the USA.

So if you are considering studying BCA in USA and thereafter wish to get employed, it is probably one of the best decisions to take towards your career goals. All the tech giant companies are based in both USA and India providing multiple career opportunities to BCA graduates.

To get a good BCA salary in USA it is necessary to develop skills and values that are admired by employers. You need to have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to find high-salaried jobs. Therefore, empower yourself with education to attain your aims.

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Is mid-career BCA salary in USA is high?

Yes, the mid-career BCA salary in USA is high. It is almost USD 100,000 after you work for 10 years or more. The pay is in accordance with the experience gained and the job profile that you will reach after 10 and more years.

Can BCA students get high salary in USA?

Yes, BCA students can get a high salary in USA as per their theoretical knowledge and transferable skills. If you get the opportunity to work in companies that are renowned your salary will automatically be high than others. Therefore, to grab a high paying job after BCA it is important to study hard and build knowledge.

What is the per month BCA salary in USA?

The per month BCA salary in USA is around USD 8,000 to USD 10,000. If converted to INR it is approximately 6 lakh to 8 lakh. Hence, you can understand that the compensation received by BCA graduates is attractive for freshers and is a wise career choice.

Is the BCA salary in USA higher than in India?

Yes, the BCA salary in USA is higher than in India. In India, graduates can earn a maximum of INR 3 to 5 lakhs in a year whereas in USA, the salary is nearly INR 80 lakh to 1 crore. The salary is higher in USA as the cost of living is also high. Besides, the US companies provide high packages to get the talent pool in their company.

Does BCA salary in USA increase with experience?

Yes, BCA salary in USA increases with experience. As you work, your knowledge and experience regarding your domain of work will increase. You will get to learn from the various projects in which you will work and also gain knowledge from your leaders and colleagues. All these will build up your skills and increase your salary.

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