Scandinavian Countries Emerging as the New Hotspot for Indian Students


Samarpita Goswami
Updated on Feb 21, 2023 11:00 AM IST

Scandinavian countries are garnering popularity among international students because of their innovative teaching methods and research facilities. 

Scandinavian Countries Emerging as the New Hotspot for Indian Students

A new hotspot of international education, Scandinavia is emerging in the north of Europe with its snow-covered mountain peaks and beautiful oceanic views. Norway, Denmark and Sweden are part of Scandinavia while Finland and Iceland are also culturally included in it. 

These Nordic countries have high happiness indexes and provide a high standard of living. The natural resources are plenty with several top companies like Nokia, Skype, Volvo, IKEA and Spotify being born in these countries. 

The number of overseas students taking up courses in the universities of these Scandinavian countries has increased recently. As per QS Rankings 2023, the three universities ranked in the top 100 and 26 universities found their place in the top 500 universities of the world.

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Why Study in Scandinavia?

Based on data from the Indian government, it is estimated that around 4,000 Indian students are studying in Scandinavian nations, especially Norway, Sweden and Finland. This trend will witness an upward trend in future. Here are the reasons for the growth of international students in Scandinavia.

Globally Reputed Universities

The education system is highly advanced and the teaching methods are innovative in these Scandinavian countries. Sweden has time and again ranked second in the surveys conducted globally for innovative teaching methods.

The strategies used by universities evoke critical thinking capacity in students. The classroom size is small which promotes interaction with the teacher and peers and improves understanding of the topics.

Courses are Taught in English 

Though the countries in this region are multilingual, Sweden and Denmark offer more than 700 courses that are taught in English. As the countries have some of the top non-native speakers, international students can gel easily with the locals. 

Emphasis on Research

Scandinavian universities highly prioritise research and development. Denmark houses the biggest population of research students while the universities are affiliated with the research institutions to aid in hands-on experience.

Some of the popular universities in this region are Lund University, the University of Helsinki, the University of Oslo, the University of Copenhagen and Uppsala University. 

Cost of Education in Scandinavia

The cost of education in these Scandinavian countries is relatively more than in other countries. However, several countries provide opportunities for free education. Public universities in Norway are free for domestic and international students. While the tuition fees are reasonable, the living expenses are on the higher side. 

The average tuition fee in these countries are given below:


Average Tuition Fees


EUR 7,000-17,000


SEK 85,000-3,00,000


EUR 10,000-15,000

Several scholarships are offered by the government and universities to international students. Erasmus Mundus is open to both EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA nationals. Lund University Scholarships and KTH Scholarships are some other popular ones.

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Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Scandinavia

It is easy to get part-time jobs in Scandinavia. Sweden has no work-hour restrictions. Norway and Denmark allow students to work for 20 hours a week. In Finland, students are permitted to work part-time for 25 hours. Students can earn around EUR 500-1,000 per month.

The Scandinavian countries are the safest to study in with some of the most progressive social laws. The economy is robust with creative teaching styles, research facilities, possibilities of free education and access to the best healthcare facilities making these countries appealing to international students.

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Source: Economic Times

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