How to Convert SGPA into Percentage?


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Every country has their own grading system. Students who have received their grades in the SGPA grading system often get confused while calculating SGPA into percentage. However, this article can be a one-stop solution for them. Here, we have discussed what is SGPA and how to calculate SGPA into percentage and CGPA. 

How to Convert SGPA into Percentage?

Innumerable grading systems have been set by different education boards worldwide to evaluate grades and students' accomplishments in an academic year.  The systems also may slightly differ as per the country's education system. In India, universities prefer a percentage system, while in countries like the US, institutes go for SGPA and CGPA. 

After graduating from a university, students wishing to pursue higher studies abroad at another institute may need to convert the scores as per the grading system used in that country. So, students need to know how to calculate SGPA or how to convert SGPA into a percentage.

What is SGPA?

SGPA is Semester Grade Point Average. It is also sometimes referred to as Sessional Grade Point Average. SGPA is a grading matrix that determines the performance of students in a particular semester. Simply put, it is the weighted average of all the marks a student has obtained in various papers in a semester.

SGPA is used as a standard of evaluation in universities in countries like the USA for tracking progress and performance. Getting a good SGPA every semester. Will improve your overall performance and help you to get good professional roles.

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How to Calculate SGPA?

It is important to know how to calculate SGPA. It is not difficult if the basics are clear. It is possible to calculate the SGPA quickly by using a simple formula. Here is the step-by-step process to calculate SGPA:

  • Step 1: Gather all the credit points.

  • Step 2: Multiply them with respective grade points obtained in a semester.

  • Step 3: Sum up the aggregate grade points.

  • Step 4: Divide them by the total number of credits obtained. 

How to Convert SGPA into Percentage?

Several universities and colleges in India set a percentage that an applicant has to obtain to get admission to a particular programme. If a student has received their final result in the SGPA grading system, it is important to know how to convert SGPA into a percentage. As a single miscalculation can make the candidate lose a valuable opportunity, it is advised to follow the steps closely. 

To get the percentage, first, calculate the SGPA. It will make the process easier. There is a basic formula used to calculate the SGPA into percentages. Just multiply the SGPA with 10 and then subtract 7.5. The number you will get is your percentage. To make it simpler for students, we have created a table below:

Steps To Convert SGPA Into Percentage

Step 1

Gather individual grade points for three subjects

Subject A - 8

Subject B - 7.8

Subject C - 9

Step 2

Gather credits for the same subjects

Subject A - 2

Subject B - 3

Subject C - 3

Step 3

Now multiply the grade points with the credits

Subject A: 8×2 = 16

Subject B: 7.8×3 = 23.4

Subject C: 9×3 = 27

Step 4

Add all the scores

16+23.4+27 = 66.4

Step 5

Divide the sum of total grade points by the total sum of credits

66.4/8 = 8.3

Step 6

This is the SGPA


Step 7

Now multiply SGPA with 10 and subtract from 7.5

(8.3×10) - 7.5

Final Percentage


How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?

Converting SGPA to Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is quite simple. First, let us briefly understand what CGPA is. So, it is yet another grading system to evaluate the overall performance and progress of a student in an academic year. In CGPA, students are provided with grades such as A, B, C, D or F. 

To calculate SGPA to CGPA, all you need to do is sum all the SGPA obtained in the academic year and then divide it by the total number of semesters taken. So, the formula is:

CGPA = (SGPA of all the semesters in a particular year / total number of semesters)

Is SGPA and CGPA same?

No, SGPA and CGPA are not the same. As the term implies, Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is a grading system that calculates the performance of a student in an entire semester. While, CGPA on the other hand, stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average. It shows the overall performance of a student in an academic year. 

The formula used to calculate CGPA is the sum of the total SGPA in all semesters divided by the total number of credit hours. While the formula to calculate SGPA is the sum of all the credit points awarded for the subjects divided by the total credits allotted to that particular semester.

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage with WES Evaluations?

As top universities in the world require academic documents that can be verified and authenticated, some of them also require applicants to present documents which have been evaluated as per the education standards of different countries.

The World Education Services, a renowned organisation that has specialised in evaluating and analysing international academic credentials, offers international students a number of services and tools to evaluate their documents according to US and Canadian education standards. Usually, these evaluated documents are a compulsory part of the international student admissions at some of the top universities in the country.

The WES evaluation services and tools available to international students offer a great deal of support and guidance in this regard. Once the necessary documents have been submitted to WES, several documentation experts work tirelessly towards evaluating and analysing the documents as per the requirements and provide an authenticated report within 7 business days.

Important Points to Remember While Converting SGPA

Before converting the SGPA into a percentage or CGPA, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind. First of all, make sure to go through the rules set by the particular university while applying. Try to get a solid idea about the scoring mechanism and conversion methods of the university. For instance, engineering colleges have a different grading system than any other university. So, it is better to have proper information about it. 

Secondly, check if your SGPA is required to get converted. Most universities accept scores in their original grading system. It is highly advised to check the requirements or ask the college authority first. 

Last, but not least, if you are not comfortable or feel confused while converting SGPA to percentage or CGPA, prefer using SGPA calculators. There are several SGPA calculators available online for free that can help calculate and convert the SGPA accurately. 

Students can also take help from their peers, professors or guardians to calculate SGPA to percentage. It is always better to take some guidance in these crucial matters. Academic records always come first in a selection process, but there are a few more requirements that need to be fulfilled by applicants to steal the seat. 

Starting from academic transcripts to test scores is equally important for every university to evaluate students' capability in all parameters. So, it is highly advised to give your best in all these tests to get admission to top universities.

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Does SGPA increase after clearing backlog?

Yes, once students clear the backlogs of a particular semester, their SGPA scores increase for that particular semester. Students need to study harder than before in order to clear their backlogs and increase their SGPA. An increased SGPA of a particular semester will help increase the overall CGPA when all the SGPAs will be added.

What is 8 SGPA as a percentage?

An 8 SPGA is 72.5% when converted to percentage. Students can convert SGPA to percentages manually or take the help of online calculators available. An SPGA of 8 per semester is a good score for students in undergraduate courses to get admission to Master’s courses abroad.

How is SGPA converted into a percentage?

The basic formula that is used to convert SGPA into a percentage is multiplying the SGPA with 10 and then subtracting with 7.5. Students can use this formula for the conversion of SGPA into percentages. Suppose a student got an 8.5 SGPA, after multiplying by 10, the percentage becomes 85. On subtraction with 7.5, the percentage is 77.5.

What is the SGPA result?

SGPA or Semester Grade Pay Average is the performance of a student in a particular semester. SGPA is the weighted average of all the scores obtained by a student in a semester across all the subjects. The institutions widely use SGPA results along with GPA scores.

What is the percentage of 7.3 SGPA?

The percentage of 7.3 SGPA is 66.5 per cent. You need to multiply SGPA with 10 and then subtract with 7.5 to get the percentage. An SGPA of 7.3 is considered an average score. Adding up all the SGPAs will give you the CGPA.

Is SGPA and CGPA same?

No, SGPA and CGPA are not the same. While SGPA is the average of the grades that a student gets in an academic semester, CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point is calculated by adding all the SGPAs during the entire duration of the academic course. Therefore, CGPA is the sum total of all the SGPAs.

What is a good SGPA?

9 and above is considered a good SGPA. An SGPA of above 8.0 is also considered an above-average score. Those who get an SGPA of 8.0 and above in all the semesters are likely to get a good CGPA too.

Why is an SGPA important?

An SPGA is important because its combination helps to determine the CGPA. If a student does not fare well in any one or two semesters, it is going to affect the overall CGPA. This will reduce the scores and students may miss many opportunities because of it. Hence, it is crucial that students take SGPA seriously.

Is 5.0 a good SGPA?

An SGPA of 5 out of 10 is an average score. You must work hard to increase your SGPA in the next semesters so that you can get a good CGPA at the end of your course. Moreover, it is essential to improve your SGPA because a high CGPA can open up vast possibilities in future.

Does SGPA percentage change?

Yes, SGPA percentage can change if there is a re-evaluation or re-checking. Or else, the SGPA remains the same after the marks are obtained. The SGPA of your particular semester will change if your marks increase or decrease after the results are re-checked.

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