Essential Tips for Study Abroad Aspirants - Fall/Spring 2023


Subhashri Roy
Updated on Jul 15, 2022 12:57 PM IST

If you are planning to study abroad, you already know how competitive it can get for both Fall and Spring admits. Here are some tips that can be helpful as you start your Fall 2023 or Spring 2023 semester.

Essential Tips for Study Abroad Aspirants - Fall/Spring 2023

If you are a newly admitted 2023 international student, you could be feeling a mix of anxiety and positivity at the same time. Well, why wouldn’t you? Getting into a university abroad is not a cakewalk.

While a high GPA/test score works for some, many make their way into top schools using their outstanding Statement of Purpose. Again, while some prefer the Fall to the Spring because Fall is the primary intake, a handful chooses the Spring to overcome the Fall competition.

Whether you are a Fall applicant or a Spring applicant, here are some expert tips on studying abroad in Fall 2023 or Spring 2023. 

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Tips for Fall 2023 International Applicants

Of the thousands of universities abroad, almost all of them offer Fall admission with a wider range of programs, on-campus jobs, scoop for participation in groups, projects and internships. Fall deadlines usually begin from November/December of the previous year and go until Feb/March of the year of admission. However, this may vary from one university to another. Given below are hot tips for you if you are planning on applying for Fall 2023 intake:

  • First and foremost, choose Fall 2023 intake if:

    • You are sure of a particular course that is not available in the spring intake.

    • You are hoping to complete your degree sooner and need some buffer time before campus recruitments/placements or job applications.

    • You wish to begin your summer internships and research assistant positions and start earning sooner than Spring intake students. 

    • You are looking forward to working in leadership positions at university clubs and societies.

  • Keep Your Grades High: Given that a higher number of applications come pouring in in Fall, the competition is higher even after you have been accepted. Also, as mentioned above, your GPA in Bachelors or high school, admission test scores, Statement of Purpose(SOP) and Letters Of Recommendation(LORs) are going to help you get through fall admissions. 

  • Apply Early: Although many ignore this, applying early can maximise your chances of securing admission to the university of your choice. Applying early would also mean taking the tests early, writing your SOP before time and getting your LORs ready right on time. In many courses, a high test score will not guarantee you admission for the fall intake but a low score would definitely kill your chances of getting selected. Universities abroad might also have specific early admissions deadlines. Make sure to figure them out and apply on time. 

  • Build a Professional Network: Most of the campus jobs are taken up in Fall, meaning you would be against a number of other job applicants. However, getting a campus job is the best way to build a professional network, which in turn, is one of the best-known ways to find job opportunities upon graduation.

  • Build Rapport With Professors: Fall applicants have the advantage of building a solid connection with university professors. This often leads to a good recommendation, followed by a research assistantship and project guidance. 

Tips for Spring 2023 International Applicants

In order to get into a foreign university in Spring 2023, you would have to apply by the month of July or August (depending on the university). So, in case you are one of those potential Spring applicants, here are some essential tips that will ease the process for you: 

  • Choose Spring 2023 intake only if: 

    • You want to wait for some time before beginning your degree and have a gap year.

    • You are not fully prepared for admission tests for fall 2023 admissions but also don’t want to wait for an entire year to begin your program. 

    • You want to wait a few more semesters and take up summer internships and research assistant jobs with more experience. In other words, you can spend a semester working, completing a language course or many other things before enrolment in January.

  • Maximise Your Time Before Starting School in the Spring: 

Use this extra semester to prepare well for success upon enrolment, which can involve working to gain experience, earning money for the upcoming semester or simply getting acquainted with the new and foreign environment. Explore new fields of interest, research programs or online learning opportunities for further learning and preparation.

  • Attend On-Campus Events in the Fall: 

A great way to utilise this time is to make friends through events on campus. Try and become involved with organisations on campus and in the surrounding this fall that can provide benefits if you are starting in spring. In case this is not an option, try to arrive on campus early when schools open dormitories and other facilities before the first day of spring classes. Give yourself at least three days to explore the campus and ensure a smoother start to the semester. 

  • Learn About the Resources Available for Spring Admits:

Talk to your school about the resources available for Spring students and take advantage of opportunities like spring orientation so you are well prepared for your first semester. Knowing well about the resources would further enable you to not feel overwhelmed or feel like you are falling behind your peers. 

  • Do Not Waste Your Time Off:

While many do this, we think it is rather better if you work, take extra classes or travel before your classes begin. This will not only help you acclimate quickly to a new environment but also help you grow and get ready for fresh challenges lying right in front of you. 

Be it fall or spring, research well and ensure that you are confident enough to navigate through the entire admissions process. If not, consult with the study abroad experts and learn what could be your unique plan to begin this journey to study abroad in Fall 2023/Spring 2023.

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