Competition for Overseas Education Getting 'More Fierce' Among Chinese Students: New Oriental Report


Samarpita Goswami
Updated on Jul 07, 2022 11:58 AM IST

The interest to study abroad keeps increasing among Chinese students. They are considering rankings, security and future job prospects while deciding study abroad destination.

Competition for Overseas Education Getting 'More Fierce' Among Chinese Students: New Oriental Report

A private education services provider from China, New Oriental declared that the effect of the pandemic was “limited” on overseas education. It also forecasted the fierce competition for high-quality educational resources in years to come.

The research released by the service provider shows that parents who had studied overseas and students with a broad international vision are the driving factors behind Chinese students going abroad.

The report mentioned that 48% of students in 2022, who wish to study abroad, already have past oversea education experience. These figures have shown an upward trend in the past eight years. The Chinese parents who have themselves studied overseas, view the study abroad programs as enhancing experiences for their children.

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The report found that over 70% of parents wish to send their children for overseas education even when they are in their elementary, middle and high school. 48% of students responded that they wish to study bachelor's abroad. 43% of the 6,800 respondents said that they were studying and staying overseas as compared to only 15% in 2021.

The USA witnessed the major chunk of returned Chinese students with 60% of students present in the country. These figures are followed by Canada’s 52% and UK’s 51% Chinese students return.

Percentage of Chinese Students Intending to Study Abroad

50% of the Chinese students will review pandemic-related restrictions and Covid-19 breakout possibilities while selecting their study abroad destination. However, the popularity of the USA is slackening. Singapore and Hong Kong are gaining popularity for studying abroad in 2022.

Chinese students are considering three important factors- education level, safety and the prospect of future employment when selecting a study abroad country. University rankings and major subjects are playing a role in university selection. While 66% of students considered university rankings important, 60% paid emphasis to subjects available for major.

Consideration of scholarship has shown a decline with the average budget for studying abroad increasing from Yuan 4,92,000 in 2018 to Yuan 5,35,000 in 2022. The company said that the expenditure towards overseas education is now more “rationalised”.

The report also studied the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on studying abroad. 86% of students are still nurturing their study abroad dreams amidst the glares of the pandemic. 93% of the respondents needed assistance from overseas agencies for admission abroad.

The negative attitude towards overseas education has reduced and the capabilities of oversea education holders are being recognised in various fields.

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Sun Tao, president of New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting noted that international education remains strong in China and the country will support overseas education while improving the quality of international students. He envisioned that in future the competition for international education will increase.

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Source: The PIE News

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