7 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Study Abroad Application Process


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Updated on Nov 08, 2022 11:33 AM IST

Our study abroad experts have listed some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while applying to universities abroad. Know why is your application being rejected by your desired universities!

7 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Study Abroad Application Process

Wondering why your study abroad application is getting rejected? Well, we have the answer to your question!

We know you are very excited to apply touniversities abroadbut the long process offilling out the college application and gathering the necessary documents can take a toll on you. While the entire process can be overwhelming, a lack of correct information and guidance can make it even more complicated. It is, therefore, inevitable for you to end up making mistakes, whichcan lead to the rejection of your application form.

Most students already feel anxious just thinking about applying to universities abroad. This is due to the perception that applying for these institutions is a challenging and drawn-out process. But if you are thinking of attending a foreign institution, you should be aware of a basic fact: most foreign universities prefer to welcome students from around the world on their campuses. They seek variety in their classrooms since education is not just about academics; social interaction with people from other backgrounds can teach you a lot as well.

If things do not go as per the plan, it can even delay your admission and you may end up waiting for months or even a year to apply again. Let this not happen, read this article till the end as our study abroad experts have listed some of the common mistakes that you should avoid while applying to universities abroad.

Want to Know the Exact Deadlines to Apply for Your Course Abroad?

Common Study Abroad Applications Mistakes to Avoid

When getting ready for a study abroad trip, you will have a lot to accomplish, so it is better to avoid making these easy blunders. Be mindful of these common mistakes that study abroad aspirants make during their university admission process.

Lack of Research

Do not randomly select universities and apply for any random course you see on the list. List down your requirements and expectationssuch as the degree and course you wish to pursue, cost of study, location,programoutput and other important parameters before finalising a university.This will help you prioritise universities where you can send out your applications to increase your chances of selection for admission.

Missing Out on Deadlines

Creating a study abroad plan comes with various responsibilities like adhering to timelines, applying for visas, making plans for travel, etc. If you miss out on a deadline for a specific term, you may have to wait for a few more months or even a year to apply to your desired universities again.All universities abroad specify a unique application deadline and it usually varies course-wise and intake-wise. Once you shortlist colleges to study abroad, check the application dates for specific courses. Applications that are submitted after the deadline are usually not processed, with few exceptions.

Not Taking Expert Guidance

Having an expert onboard is probably the smartest and fastest way to ensure success in your study abroad journey. Overseas education experts have years of experience in sending students abroad and they know exactly what universities want to see in international students' applications. If you are not confident about your application process or even if there is the slightest doubt, we recommend you to ask for help. Students who have passed 12th can Click Here to Pursue Bachelors Abroad while students who have done their bachelor'scan Click Here to Apply for Masters Abroad.

Not Estimating the Budget

While planning to study abroad, make sure you estimate the overall budget to study in a specific country and university. Apart from the tuition fees, several other costs will need to be covered by the student while studying abroad. Some of the additional costs include the cost of accommodation, travel expenses, visa application costs, health insurance and miscellaneous expenses. Studying abroad can be an expensive ordeal, therefore building an estimated cost of studying in any country abroad will help you immensely in choosing the right country and university. Additionally, many countries, for visa purposes, require international students to provide proof of financial stability in the form of a minimum amount in their bank account.

Filling Incorrect Information

All documents received at an admission office of a department will be scrutinised thoroughly by the admission panel. You must be very careful while filling out the application form as any mistake or discrepancy in the application form can lead to the cancellation of the entire application process. For this, read through the application form first, which includes the instructions that come with the form. Additionally, all universities abroad will specify their admission requirements and instructions on the official website as well. Read through all the admission-related information you can find about any university that you wish to study in.

Not Creating an Effective SOP

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an important part of the application process to study at any foreign university. Moreover, an effective SOP increases your chances of getting shortlisted for admission at universities. Thus, make sure you give enough time to prepare, structure and format your SOP. We recommend doing a bit of research on what a good SOP is, keeping it brief but detailed.

Not Submitting All Documents

Your application to study abroad is incomplete until all the required documents have been submitted.The University may reach out to you through your registered email ID, in case you miss out on submitting some documents along with the application form. We, therefore, advise all international students to stay alert for the emails they receive from the universities they may have applied to, in a bid to avoid any hassles during the admission process.

You may watch the following to know the top 5 dos & don'ts to avoid during your study abroad application process:

Common Application Documents Required for Admission to Universities Abroad

It could not be argued that although each university and country require international students to submit certain specific documents, there are certain documents that are common to all of them. You may refer to the following list of Common Application Documents Required for Admission to Foreign Universities by international students:

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How to Apply to Universities Abroad as an International Student?

Now, this question might be spinning around your mind after knowing what documents are required to apply to universities abroad. Same as is the case with common documents, each foreign university has a separate application process. However, to make this process easier and less time-consuming for students, there are some centralised application portals through which students can apply to their desired universities abroad.

To know How to Apply to Universities Abroad as an International Student, you may follow the pointers provided below:

Step 1: Select a programme of your choice

Step 2: Check admission requirements

Step 3: Gather all the required documents

Step 4: Register for Entrance Exams to Study Abroad

Step 5: Book your admission interview

Step 6: Book your visa appointment

Step 7: Look for top scholarships, grants, education loans (if required), etc.

Step 8: Get ready for your interview and wait for your admission approval.

Hope the above information will help make your study abroad application process simple and easy. For any queries, write to us at abroad@collegedekho.com. and our expertswill answer them as soon as possible!

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How do universities abroad evaluate international students’ profiles?

Although it is well known that universities abroad also give extracurricular activities, SOPs, and LORs considerable weight, they also consider your GPAs and entrance exam test scores. To know How Universities Abroad Evaluate International Students' Profiles, you may read the following pointers:

What is the easiest way to study abroad?

There is nothing to be termed as the easiest way to study abroad. However, the best way to study abroad is simply to submit an online application straight to an institution or university. You can learn about and stay current with university information in this way.

How do I find accommodation to study abroad?

Typically, your university will be able to assist you in finding private housing and may even have a list of recommended landlords in the neighbourhood. It is feasible to look for your own, but doing so may raise the possibility of making a poor housing decision. To know more, you may check - Guide to Student Accommodation Abroad - Residence & Housing Types

How can I get a part-time job while studying abroad?

Highlight your qualifications, educational background, and specifics of your previous employment. Use language that is direct, concise, and clear. Also, if you are looking for a part-time job while studying abroad, it is a good idea to write your cv or resume in both English and the local language (if any).

What problems may a student face while studying abroad?

Preparing oneself to study abroad is a lengthy process and there could be more or less significant problems that a student may face while studying abroad. This is because it depends on how a student deals with them. Here are some common problems that international students face while studying abroad:

  • Feeling like an outsider

  • Overcoming the language barrier

  • Getting used to currency differences

  • Being far from the support network

  • Coping with cultural misunderstandings, etc.

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