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Planning to pursue MBA in Australia without GMAT? Certainly, many MBA colleges in Australia offer admissions to international students without the requirement of GMAT scores. Only if, other aspects of their MBA application are upgraded enough to match the required eligibility criteria. Continue reading below for detailed information about studying MBA in Australia without GMAT.

Study MBA in Australia Without GMAT

Did you know that MBA graduates who studied at Australian universities enjoy the second-highest salaries in the world? The highest-paid professionals in the Asia-Pacific region are also graduates of Australian universities. As per QS World Rankings 2023, top MBA colleges in Australia that do not require GMAT consistently rank somewhere between 30 to 501 positions.

MBA in Australia is unarguably the most incredible opportunity to kick-start a career in the management field. An MBA might be the best option for you if you have always been intrigued by business metrics. Furthermore, what makes pursuing an MBA in Australia a step ahead is that the majority of universities in Australia accept MBA applications without a GMAT score.

Pursuing an MBA in Australia has always been a popular choice among international students because of the countrys high-quality education and degree recognition all over the world. These highly-ranked universities offer a diversified academic MBA curriculum that helps students in developing their appropriate managerial skills in line with the modern business world.

However, there might arise an authentic question- why do these prestigious universities not have a mandatory GMAT score requirement for MBA admissions? Well, the answer to this question lies in the way the Australian Education System actually works. The Australian educational system provides weightage to both your academic performance and your professional experience, placing more emphasis on practical knowledge.

For you to be eligible to apply, the majority of Australian universities require a minimum of three years of relevant job experience in the field of management. Additionally, a brief glance at these universities' student profiles would reveal that the average amount of work experience for students enrolled in their MBA programmes is about four years.

On top of that, the Australian Education system has always been of the opinion that no GMAT does not always correspond to a lower level of qualification. To put it simply, GMAT scores are not the only way to access an applicants skills for pursuing an MBA programme. Let us now dig into some further details about how you can pursue an MBA in Australia without GMAT.

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Is GMAT a Mandatory Requirement to Study for MBA in Australia?

No, the GMAT is not a mandatory requirement to study MBA in Australia. In other words, you are not obliged to have a GMAT score in order to apply to Australian universities. If your academic score falls short of the cutoff, they may review your application and perhaps ask you for a GMAT score.

However, before discussing the top universities for MBA in Australia without GMAT requirements, let us first fathom the precise purpose of having a GMAT score and why the majority of b-schools across the world strongly suggest having one. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the most important exam for admission to MBA degree programmes for the reasons listed below:

  • It tests the analytical and quantitative skills required for the MBA programme.

  • It assists you in evaluating the effectiveness of the writing subject.

  • It indicates your dedication to the field of management and the drive to pursue a diversified MBA curriculum.

The advantages of possessing GMAT scores are without a doubt undeniable. On the other hand, there are several important aspects of an MBA application that can also be used to counterbalance or equate with the mandatory requirement of the GMAT.

Top Universities for MBA in Australia Without GMAT

Below we have provided a list of Australian MBA colleges that do not require a GMAT score. Whilst, we still maintain that admittance to these universities is stringently on a case-by-case premise. Acceptance of international students to these universities may vary from one MBA applicant to another. As a result, the standard advice is to discuss your MBA application with your desired university's admissions officer before applying.

University Name

Course Duration

Annual Fees (in AUD)

Curtin University

Full-Time: 1.6 years

Part-Time: 3 years


Deakin University

Full-Time: 1 year


Griffith University

Full-Time: 1 to 1.5 years

Part-Time: 3 years (online only)


La Trobe University

Full-Time: 1.5 years (online only)


Macquarie University

Full-Time: 2 years


Monash University

Full-Time: 2 years


RMIT University

Full-Time: 2 years

Part-Time: 1.5 years


University of Adelaide

Full-Time: 2 years


University of Newcastle

Full-Time: 1.5 years


University of South Australia

Full-Time: 2 years


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Full-Time: 2 years


University of Western Sydney

Full-Time: 2 years


University of Wollongong

Full-Time: 1.5 years or part-time equivalent


Note: The feeprovided above is tentative and may change at the universitys discretion. Readers are advised to conduct their own research for their desired MBA colleges in Australia.

Popular Courses for MBA in Australia Without GMAT

It is crucial to decide in advance which modules you want to take in addition to choosing the ideal college for your MBA programme in Australia without the GMAT. Some of the most well-liked MBA programmes in Australia that do not require the GMAT are listed below:

  • Accounting and Finance

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Sports Management

  • Hospitality Management

  • Information Technology

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Banking

  • International Business

  • Human Resources Management

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Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Australia Without GMAT

Australian MBA programmes that do not require GMAT test scores place more importance on supplementary documents for international applicants, such as a bachelor's degree, English proficiency test scores, prior job experience, etc. Let us examine each of these possible needs in greater detail one by one:

Bachelors Degree

You must maintain a strong undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) in addition to an excellent academic record if you want to study MBA in Australia without GMAT. Your bachelor's degree must be in a related management field and have a minimum GPA of 65%.

English Proficiency Tests

You must attempt to earn an excellent English language proficiency exam score, which is an overall 7 with no band lower than 6.5 in the IELTS exam or between 90 and 100 in the TOEFL exam. A better language proficiency score will undoubtedly be crucial to your admission to an MBA programme that does not require the GMAT.

Excellent Resume

An excellent CV or resume is required for admission to the best b-schools for MBA in Australia without GMAT. In this section, you should list all the paid internships you have done for your bachelor's degree, as well as any post-graduate jobs you have held.

Relevant Work Experience

Another approach to enrolling for MBA in Australia without GMAT is to have at least three to five years of work experience in a reputable organisation. The work experience certificates you gain while working will be crucial to your MBA path in Australia.

Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

The attention of the Admissions Committee can be attracted by strong letters of recommendation from your former academic lecturers or teachers stapled in your MBA application. Your LORs will be highly regarded by top colleges in Australia that offer MBA programmes without the GMAT.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

You must submit an SOP for MBA as part of the mandatory requirements if you are enrolling for an MBA in Australia without GMAT. Your successes on a personal and professional level are essential to a powerful SOP. This might help you demonstrate your skills in an SOP and gain admission to the university of your choice.

As a result, if you meet the aforementioned criteria, you will undoubtedly be able to enrol in one of Australia's best MBA programmes without taking the GMAT. Now let us look at how you can apply MBA in Australia without GMAT.

How to Apply for MBA in Australia Without GMAT?

The majority of Australian universities that offer MBAs without the GMAT typically have a similar application procedure to that of applying with GMAT scores. The following are the steps to apply for an MBA in Australia without GMAT:

Step 1: Finalise your desired MBA business school in Australia university that does not require GMAT scores by visiting its official website.

Step 2: Review information regarding your desiredMBA programme and its deadlines, eligibility criteria and requirements.

Step 3: Fill out the application form or apply via a university representative.

Step 4: Scan your documents and upload them.

Step 5: After receiving the offer letter, pay the depository fees by the due date to confirm your seat at the university.

Step 6: Prepare all documents required for an Australian student visa and apply for a student visa at the nearest Australian Embassy.

Popular Universities Offering Online MBA in Australia Without GMAT

Many factors make online or remote learning advantageous. For working professionals, stay-at-home mothers, businessmen, and even students from remote or economically precarious backgrounds, online learning may be the most convenient option in terms of time and costs. There are opportunities for the top online MBA in Australia without the GMAT from the comfort of your home for a variety of reasons.

An excellent GPA in a bachelor's degree combined with a minimum of two years of managerial or professional job experience, or a minimum of six years of professional work experience, are the two requirements for an online MBA in Australia without the GMAT. In order to apply for an MBA without the GMAT, the other eligibility criteria remain the same. Top Australian universities offering Online MBA programmes are:

Curtin University: Curtin Business School accepts applicants for a 35-month online MBA in Australia without GMAT. The programme is divided into eight core units and four electives. Students must submit a professional portfolio that includes at least 40 hours of professional development.

Australian Graduate School of Management: The only programme from Australia to rank among the top 10 globally is the online MBA offered by the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM). It is a very reputable online MBA programme with cutting-edge technologies integrated into the unique course content to provide students with the greatest learning environment possible.

Deakin Business School: The university is the third-ranked in the country that provides an online MBA in Australia without GMAT through their Cloud 'campus'. It is a platform for interactive learning that allows for face-to-face communication. Students must earn a total of 12 credit points to finish the university's MBA programme, with eight of those points coming from core units and four from elective units.

Macquarie Business School: The university is the second-ranked MBA programme in Australia and considers MBA from a global perspective to challenge the conventional MBA. The curriculum is creatively organised around six important skills like influencing, problem-solving, leading, adapting, and analysis for use in actual business environments.

La Trobe Business School: The best and most pleasurable online learning experience is what this college strives to provide. With engaging weekly video conferences, this online MBA in Australia without GMAT focuses on developing peer relationships for learning and professional challenges. This MBA programme is recognised for having a 'green' MBA, emphasising sustainability.

If you want to enrol in MBA programmes at universities without taking the GMAT, you must consider how it may affect your future. Students who want to specialise in a field of business administration, such as finance or banking, should mandatorily take the GMAT exam. These results will undoubtedly play a big part in your interview, so you should decide whether to take the GMAT or not based on your area of interest and the amount of professional experience you have had in the past.

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Can I pursue MBA in Australia Without GMAT?

Yes, you can pursue MBA in Australia without GMAT. The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for admission to MBA programmes at Australian universities:

Can international students work in Australia after pursuing an MBA?

Yes, international students can work in Australia after pursuing an MBA. For this, students can apply for the Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 visa after receiving their MBA degree, which will allow them to work in Australia for 18 months. However, international MBA students must have studied in Australia for at least 16 months in order to qualify for the ‘485 visa’. For more information, check out Post-Study Work Rights in Australia for Indian Students.

Which MBA universities in Australia do not require the GMAT?

There are many MBA universities in Australia that do not require the GMAT. These include Macquarie Graduate School of Business, La Trobe Business School, University of Sydney Business School, Monash Business School, Deakin Business School, and Adelaide Business School.

Is GRE or GMAT accepted for MBA in Australia?

Both GRE and GMAT are accepted for MBA in Australia. Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) scores are necessary for enrollment in postgraduate programmes like MBA in Australian b-schools. For entrance to Australian universities, the GRE exam is not very prevalent. However, many Australian universities have waived off GRE/GMAT requirements for 2023. To know more, check out the List of Universities Waiving Off GRE/GMAT for Admission.

What are the top MBA programmes to pursue in Australia?

There are many top MBA programmes to pursue in Australia, one of which is the General MBA. Others include MBA in Sports Management, MBA in HR, MBA in Information Technology, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Accounting and Finance, MBA in Event Management, MBA in Hospitality Management, and MBA in International Business.

Can I study MBA in Australia without work experience?

Yes, you can study MBA in Australia without work experience. Students who wish to pursue an MBA degree in Australia without any prior work experience are able to do so. Australia is remarkable and well-liked by students from all over the world due to its incredible educational system and a quality system that ensures the finest curriculum is provided. 

What are the job prospects after pursuing an MBA in Australia without GMAT?

The following are the job prospects after pursuing an MBA in Australia without GMAT:

  • Financial Manager

  • Business Development Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Development Manager

  • Accounting Manager

  • General Manager

  • Assistant BD Manager

  • HR Manager

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