IELTS Online Test: Eligibility, How to Apply, and Requirements


Sristy Sharma
Updated on Apr 14, 2023 05:49 PM IST

The IELTS Online Test 2022 or the IELTS Indicator is a new home-based addition to the existing paper-based and computer-based IELTS exams. Find out all about the IELTS exam online, its eligibility, exam pattern, application process and so on.

IELTS Online Test: Eligibility, How to Apply, and Requirements

The IELTS Online Test or IELTS Indicator has been officially launched in early 2022 to allow students to take the IELTS Academic exam from the comfort of their homes. It is one of the formats of the IELTS exam apart from the paper-based and computer-based formats. 

Since its establishment, the IELTS exam has been conducted in a paper-based format, and later in a computer-based format. In fact, the testing authorities still view the format to be the best manner of conducting the exam. However, as the Covid-19 pandemic forced people to go under lockdown, the authorities found themselves unable to conduct the IELTS exam and hence launched the online version of IELTS. 

Here, we will find out more about the IELTS online test, from its exam pattern to test requirements.

Overview of IELTS Online Test

The major characteristics of the IELTS Online Test have been highlighted in the table below:



Name of the Test

IELTS Online or IELTS Indicator



Number of Sections

4 (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking)

Scoring Scale

0 to 9 bands


International Higher Education


64 Countries 

Result Declaration

Within 3-6 days

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Who Accepts IELTS Online Test or IELTS Indicator?

Taking the IELTS online exam brings up a world of possibilities for aspirants! The exam is accepted by different colleges and universities in 64 different countries from around the world including the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, France, Dubai, China and many more. 

The IELTS Indicator test will clearly assess the applicant's usage of the English language at job and study, reflecting how the aspirant would manage communication overseas. Furthermore, universities and other educational institutions can use IELTS Indicator to assess applicants' language ability when test takers are unable to access the in-person IELTS.

Benefits of IELTS Indicator

Now that you know quite a lot about the IELTS online test or the IELTS Indicator, let us shed some light on the benefits of taking the IELTS exam online:

For Test-Takers

  • The IELTS Indicator test will allow you to assess your listening, Reading, Writing, and speaking skills.

  • While IELTS testing has been suspended in some locations, the IELTS Indicator can be performed at home or online.

  • IELTS Indicator can be used for application reasons by universities and educational organisations.

  • IELTS Indicator is a reliable and original IELTS product.

For Universities and Colleges

  • It is an excellent approach to assessing your prospective students' English Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills.

  • The IELTS Indicator test contains official IELTS test questions and is graded by qualified IELTS examiners using IELTS test standards.

  • It is available in countries where IELTS testing has been halted due to COVID-19.

IELTS Indicator Test Dates and Deadlines

IELTS Online Test dates and deadlines are the same as the IELTS paper-based and computer-based formats. IELTS testing authorities conduct academic tests every week globally. It conducts at least 48 tests throughout the year in any country. Test-takers can choose any date as per their convenience and attempt IELTS Online when they have all requirements in place.

IELTS Online Test Centres

There are no specific IELTS Online test centres. Since IELTS online tests can be attempted from anywhere, IELTS test centres have done away with this format.

However, IELTS online test is not yet available globally. The format is still newly launched, and since 2022 also serves as its testing period, there are only limited countries where the format shall be available.

IELTS Online Test Exam Pattern

IELTS Online test exam pattern does not cause any additional burden on students since it is exactly the same as the IELTS paper-based and computer-based formats. The only difference between the IELTS Online test and the IELTS Computer-based vs Paper-based Test is that IELTS Online is conducted on a purpose-built secure remote proctoring test platform. Proctors have been specially trained for the new platform. Furthermore, AI monitoring has been built into the exam to ensure no malpractice occurs. 

IELTS Online test format is only applicable for IELTS Academic test and follows the exam pattern of the IELTS Academic test. It comprises four sections including Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. In IELTS Online, the Speaking test is conducted over a video call with a human examiner. The examiner will conduct a real-time face-to-face speaking test online and also mark the student’s test.

Eligibility for IELTS Indicator

The eligibility criteria for IELTS Online test continue to coincide with the IELTS Academic Test eligibility criteria without any change. Interested applicants are required to be at least 16 years of age and must have a valid passport as identity proof.

However, in the case of the IELTS exam online, candidates can only appear for the test with the purpose of pursuing higher education abroad. Candidates attempting IELTS for visa and immigration purposes cannot attempt IELTS online test. Similarly, IELTS general test also cannot be attempted online.

The IELTS Online Test is only for IELTS Academic and not for the IELTS General test. But what is the difference between the two? Read IELTS Academic vs IELTS General to know more.

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How to Apply for the IELTS Online Test?

IELTS online test application process also coincides with the IELTS registration process, except for a few selected steps.

Step 1: Visit the Official IELTS Website

Test-takers need to visit the official IELTS website and register themselves as a new user. The site will generate login credentials which will be sent to their email account. In case they already have an account, they need to use their login credentials to log in to the site.

Step 2: Select Test Type and Test Format

Once the candidate has logged in using their credentials, they need to click on ‘Register/Apply for the Test’. Here, they will be asked to choose the test type. They need to select IELTS Academic test as the test type and IELTS exam online test as the test format.

Step 3: Select Test Date

Once the test type and format are finalised, the site will prompt the candidate to choose the test date. They can choose any of the available test dates as per their preference.

Step 4: Add Personal Details and Registration Details

Here, candidates shall have to fill in their personal details like name, age, contact details, address, etc. Following this, the site will prompt them for registration details, like academic qualification, the purpose of the test, etc.

Step 5: Upload Documents

After filling in personal and registration details, candidates will have to upload the relevant documents proving their provided information as true. Additionally, they will have to upload their signature and profile picture.

Step 6: Select Institutions to Send Test Scores

After uploading all relevant documents, applicants will have to select the universities to which they would like to send their IELTS test scores.

Step 7: Review Application and Process Payment

After completing the sixth step of the IELTS Online application process, candidates will have to review the application as a whole, and once satisfied, they can opt to make the payment by confirming the details. After processing the payment, they will be registered as a test candidate.

Note: These steps are only applicable to candidates residing in countries where the IELTS exam online test is available.

IELTS Online Test Requirements 

IELTS Indicator requirements are slightly different from the IELTS Academic Test of paper-based and computer-based formats. While the IELTS Online test does away with all the requirements regarding test centres, it has its own set of requirements to ensure the same reliability and authenticity as maintained in test centres.

  • Test-takers must have a computer system at their chosen place to attempt the IELTS exam online.

  • The computer system must be configured with a microphone and camera if the features are not inbuilt.

  • The internet connection must be smooth and reliable.

  • The audio and video inputs and outputs of the system must be in perfect condition.

  • The chosen system must be updated with Safe Exam Browser or SEB.

  • The system must be updated with the Zoom application to conduct the IELTS Speaking test.

  • The chosen place must remain free from disturbances and the presence of other persons during the test.

  • The test taker must be dressed in semi-formal attire and not casual clothes.

  • Additional accessories and jewellery, like caps, non-religious headcovers, scarves, non-religious rings, watches, etc. must not be worn during the test.

  • Test takers must take note of the cleanliness and presentability around them.

  • The camera of the system must be working continuously during the test.

  • Things like utensils, water bottles, pens, paper, etc. must not be present with the test taker.

  • The chosen test centre must be within the territory of selected countries for IELTS  online test.

Why Take the IELTS Online Test?

IELTS Indicator can be opted for over other IELTS Academic Test formats for the following reasons:

  • It can be taken from the comfort of one’s home.

  • The formal requirements of the IELTS Online are comparatively easier to follow than that of other formats.

  • Since there is no change in the exam pattern, it is easier to follow and get used to the IELTS exam online test pattern.

  • Students are not bound to choose their homes for the test, they can choose any place as their test centre as long as it fulfils the requirements of the IELTS online test.

  • IELTS Online allows candidates to get faster results as validated results are made available within three days after the test date. 

IELTS Online Test 2022 has been launched and is clearly only in its testing phase. Considering the possibility of errors and shortcomings, testing authorities have only made the format available in selected countries. Candidates must make note of any additional instructions issued by the IELTS testing authority and ensure that they are fulfilled. 

Over time, the IELTS Online test can be expected to become available internationally. Meanwhile, you can write to us at to get clarity on the IELTS exam formats as well. 

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Is it possible to cancel IELTS Online exam date?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the IELTS Online exam date in India. IELTS online test is the alternative for test-takers attempting IELTS Academic test for admission to foreign universities. IELTS exam online has evaded the need for test centres, however, the process of slot booking and all other related procedures are the same.

Is IELTS Online Test valid?

Yes, IELTS online test is valid. IELTS Online is a format of IELTS exam launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic. IELTS score remains valid for two years from the date of declaration of results. While the pandemic did not allow any IELTS test centres to operate, the severity of its impact lasted for two years, rendering many IELTS scores invalid for admission abroad.

Can I apply for IELTS General Online Test?

No, you cannot apply for IELTS General online test. The testing authorities for the IELTS exam have only launched IELTS online test for IELTS Academic. Only international students who wish to apply to foreign universities with the help of the IELTS exam can opt to attempt the test from their homes, or in online mode.

Can I take IELTS exam online from home?

Yes, you can take IELTS exam online from home. IELTS has recently launched an online format of the exam in selected countries. International students who wish to get admission to foreign universities can apply for IELTS online test which is home based. The exam pattern and scoring are the same as IELTS paper-based and computer-delivered IELTS exams.

Can I take IELTS home based test in India?

Yes, you can take IELTS home based test in India. India is among the few selected nations across the world to have been authorised to conduct IELTS Online. The test format provides candidates with an option to take the test at their own convenience from their homes. Candidates can register for the online test through the official website of the IELTS exam.

Can I take IELTS Online Test for visa application?

No, you cannot take IELTS online test for visa application. The IELTS online test is only available for international students applying for foreign university admissions. Candidates, who wish to use the IELTS exam to apply for any visa type or immigration purposes need to attempt the test in paper-based or computer-based format.

How long does it take for IELTS Online Test results to generate?

It takes about three to six days for IELTS online test results to generate. The exam structure and scoring pattern are the same as paper-based and computer-based formats. Each section - Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, is scored individually in 0-9 bands. Section wise IELTS scores are averaged to obtain an overall IELTS band score. 

How is IELTS Online Test scored?

IELTS online test is scored in the same manner as the IELTS paper based and computer based tests. The scoring is done in 0-9 bands. Each band represents a different set of skills and proficiency. The higher the band score, the more fluent is the candidate in the English language. IELTS band scores, section and overall, are awarded in full or half bands for both.

How is IELTS Speaking test conducted in IELTS Online Test?

IELTS speaking test in IELTS online test is conducted through video call. IELTS exam has been known to rely more on human intelligence and perception to score the test takers. Testing authorities are of opinion that the judgment required to score the fluency cannot be expected from an algorithm. Hence, IELTS speaking section is conducted similarly to thecomputer-based test, through a video call with a human examiner.

What are the fees for IELTS Home Edition in India?

The fees for IELTS home edition in India are fixed at INR 15,500. The amount is the same as charged for IELTS academic paper-based and computer-based formats. The format of the test is just an alternative method to attempt the exam. 

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