Top 15 Science Courses in Australia after 12th


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Environment and Geoscience, Chemistry, Psychology, Biotechnology and other top science courses are preferred by Indian students because of their academic and research potential. Check out the top 15 science courses in Australia after 12th.

Top 15 Science Courses in Australia after 12th

Studying Science courses in Australia after 12th aids in delivering inspirational and transformative education to Indian students. Science courses in bachelor degree programmes provide world-changing outcomes and are delivered by world-leading academics. Students are trained in the art of scientific thinking and encouraged to pursue research programmes for higher studies.

Australian universities offer students science courses after 12th in various areas of interest such as the environment, biology, chemistry, or astronomy. The curriculum in Australian universities also encourages students to take up multiple minor subjects and push critical thinking ability in young minds.

In this article, we will take you through the top 15 science courses to study in Australia after 12th, the eligibility criteria to study them and the top universities in Australia for science courses. 

Top 15 Science Courses in Australia after 12th

The Science degrees in Australia prepare students for a career where they can solve real-world problems starting from climate to global health to the mysteries in oceans and skies. The state-of-art facilities in the universities give them the best opportunities to put their passion for scientific discoveries into use. The top Science courses after 12th in Australia provide a fundamental understanding of the world and here are the 15 most important programmes that students can study:

#1 Agriculture and Food

To gain knowledge in the multidisciplinary field of agriculture and food, students need to investigate how living systems are managed, interact with the environment, and contribute to our economic and social systems. The knowledge and skill will help to strengthen food security, sustain natural resources or become a dietician or nutritionist. 

#2 Animal Health and Veterinary Science

Students get to learn about many animal species, their significance for people and the environment, and the difficulties we currently face in conservation. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of veterinary and related animal science businesses, including companion animals and wildlife. 

#3 Biology

The solution to some of the most pressing problems facing our planet lies in studying biology. You can look into a wide variety of living forms, such as fungi, plants, animals, viruses, bacteria, and protozoans, as well as people.

#4 Chemistry

Chemistry is the fundamental science of comprehending the natural world and the properties that surround us. New medications and renewable energy sources have been made possible by chemistry advancements, which have assisted us in rising to new global issues.

#5 Environment and Geosciences

The study of our globe will be the primary focus of Geosciences. They will be working at the forefront of global concerns and get to specialise in climate change, coastal erosion, or sustainability. The studies will take students from the lab to the desert, the rainforest, and the ocean. 

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#6 Mathematics and Statistics

Every aspect of our existence, including science, technology, business, trade, the environment, and human nature, is supported by mathematics and statistics. It serves as the foundation for the ideas of data analysis, forecasting, modelling, decision-making, and problem-solving that are essential to modern civilization. 

#7 Psychology

For adults and children suffering from clinical disorders like anxiety disorder, clinical depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, personality disorders, trauma, alcohol dependence, childhood disorders, and psychogeriatric conditions, the Bachelor of Psychology programme offers advanced training in psychopathology, assessment, and therapeutic interventions.

#8 Earth and Environmental Sciences

Students can learn how to address environmental issues, absorb knowledge from experts in the field, and develop communication, policy, and planning skills by studying earth and environmental sciences. They can comprehend the connections between the oceans, land, atmosphere, and biological beings.

#9 Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Students contribute significantly to the general well-being of society by becoming a pharmacist. They will be in a unique position to comprehend the underlying characteristics of the medications and use their knowledge to better lives.

#10 Data Science and Decisions

The Bachelor in Data Science and Decisions will provide students with the skills necessary to gather, analyse, and take meaningful action on data. This degree integrates communication skills training with instruction in mathematical techniques, statistics, computing, and commercial decision-making. 

#11 Life Sciences

Research in the life sciences is essential to the development of our society and the planet. To provide comprehensive answers, the biological, environmental, and medical sciences are combined in the Bachelor of Life Sciences. Students will acquire transferrable abilities from this degree that can be used in a variety of sectors. 

#12 Biotechnology

Utilising our knowledge of cell biology and chemistry, biotechnology develops a variety of goods and addresses issues with food, medicine, and energy. Students learn the fundamentals of the life sciences, examine contemporary concerns and trends in the field, and work on major focus areas such as synthetic biology, bioprocessing, medicinal applications, and commercialization.

#13 Microbiology & Immunology

The study of bacteria, viruses, and parasites is known as microbiology. These microbes are fundamental to contemporary biotechnology as well as the cause of much suffering and death on a global scale. On the other hand, the immune system is the subject of immunology. 

#14 Palaeontology

To ascertain their origin, age, and the makeup of their ecosystems and palaeoenvironments, students of palaeontology find, examine, and document the fossilised remains of plants, animals, and microbes. This explains historical occurrences like mass extinctions, geological processes like continental drift, and scientific hypotheses like evolution.

#15 Geology

Planet Earth is the subject of geology. It looks into the mechanisms and forces at work both inside and outside of it. Geology narrates the history of our planet, describing its formation and evolution across very long epochs, the origin of life, and the formation and storage of many of our mineral and energy resources.

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Eligibility to Study Science Courses in Australia After 12th

Australian universities affix certain entry requirements for international students to study science courses in the institute. The criteria range from academic requirements to language requirements which students must fulfil to secure an offer letter from the universities. The  eligibility criteria to study science courses in Australia after 

  • Though the universities do not have any prerequisites, some courses require students to have physics, chemistry and advanced mathematics in their higher secondary. The medical and life science courses require candidates to mandatorily have biology in their class 12. 

  • While students from Indian state boards require at least 75%, the ICSE and CBSE board applicants must have a minimum of 65% marks. 

  • It is mandatory to score well in any one of the English language proficiency tests. The minimum score requirements are:

    • IELTS: 6.5

    • TOEFL: 79

    • Pearson: 58

    • C1 Advanced: 176

Top Australian Universities to Study Science After 12th

The top universities in Australia to study science for bachelors offer more than 40 major subjects that can be combined with other courses. Students have the liberty to select from a full range of courses that helps them to set on track right away. They get to learn from the best faculties in the world. The top Australian universities to study science courses after 12th are:  

Top Universities in Australia

QS World University Rankings 2023

Top 3 Science Courses 

Australian National University


Mathematics, Physics, Psychology 

University of Melbourne


Computer Science, Chemistry, Geography 

University of Sydney


Agriculture, Neuroscience, Mathematical Science 

University of New South Wales


Life Science, Advance Science, Data Science

University of Queensland


Agriculture Science, Conservation Biology, Magnetic Resonance Technology 

Monash University


Astrophysics, Environmental Science, Zoology 

University of Western Australia


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Marine and Coastal Processes, Sports Science

University of Adelaide


Plant Biology, Soil Science, Theoretical Physics

University of Technology Sydney


Medical Science, Marine Biology and Climate Change, Sustainability and Environment

University of Wollongong


Material Science, Physics, Psychology

Universities in Australia for science purposefully create an environment for students an environment that fosters and inspires innovative thinking and risk-taking activities. The science courses in Australia after 12th are not only receiving a degree on paper without value but also it is a chance to make profound impacts on the world. They get ample opportunities to progress in academia or start a job with a high salary post-graduation. 

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What are the top science courses in Australia after 12th?

The top science courses in Australia after 12th are life sciences, biotechnology, geology, pharmacy and mathematics and statistics. All of these courses are delivered in prestigious Australian universities with outstanding facilities and opportunities for academic research for students. Additionally, practical instruction is given to reinforce classroom lessons. 

What are the top universities in Australia delivering science courses after 12th?

The top universities in Australia delivering science courses after 12th are the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, Monash University, Australian National University and the University of New South Wales. The academic excellence of these universities attracts students from all over the world and gives them an impetus to participate in global challenges. 


What are the eligibility criteria for science courses after 12th in Australia?

The eligibility criteria for science courses after 12th in Australia include getting a minimum of 70-75% in higher secondary. Students are required to have physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics depending on the courses they are opting for. Proficiency and fluency in English are necessary as Australia is an English-speaking country. 

What are the top paying jobs after science courses after 12th in Australia?

The top paying jobs after science courses after 12th in Australia are environmental scientists, pharmacists, veterinarians, agricultural and forestry scientists and chemists, and wine and food scientists. The career opportunities are vast and help to expand the frontiers of knowledge in science. 

What are the documents required for science courses in Australia after 12th?

The documents required for science courses in Australia after 12th are a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, academic resume, curriculum vitae, essays, etc. The documents should be prepared from before so that they can be edited and proofread several times. 


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