Canada Set to Increase Investment in Visa Processing in Chandigarh and Delhi


Aarushi Jain
Updated on Dec 01, 2022 04:00 PM IST

Canada intends to increase visa processing capacity in Delhi and Chandigarh. Starting next year, Canada will conduct targeted drawings for skilled immigrants for the first time, allowing it to select candidates with the most in-demand skills.

Canada Set to Increase Investment in Visa Processing in Chandigarh and Delhi

Under Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy, the Canadian government has decided to strengthen the existing infrastructure of the entire visa process by including more capacity in two cities, Delhi and Chandigarh, to ease the entire process of receiving a visa for Canada from India.

According to Canada's Minister Sean Fraser, Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy will have a huge impact on the country's economic potential, especially through immigration, which will deepen relationships between people in Canada and the area. The approach will also boost recruitment efforts through their foreign student programme to attract the capabilities needed to sustain our economy and establish ties with people throughout the area. This investment will be critical in assisting the government's efforts to minimise processing times and maintain Canada's status as a destination of choice for newcomers as the country continues to reach its ambitious admission targets.

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In its engagement with India, Canada is all set to strengthen economic ties, including through deeper trade and investment, as well as collaborate on building resilient supply chains; seek to expand market access by concluding an Early Progress Trade Agreement (EPTA) as a step toward a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement; and establish a Canada-India desk within the Trade Commissioner Service to promote EPTA implementation for businesses and investors looking to enter the Indian market.

Meanwhile, Canada will conduct targeted draws for skilled immigrants for the first time next year, allowing it to select applicants with the most in-demand talents for the parts of the country that are most in need of employees, according to the federal immigration minister. A major focus will be on hiring more physicians and nurses, but only in provinces that make it easy for foreign-trained health personnel to confirm their credentials and begin practising as soon as they arrive.

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The country is also planning a targeted draw to begin in 2023. This will allow them to choose workers based on the industry they work in and the region of Canada they will be visiting. This means that Canada will be able to put more emphasis on welcoming more healthcare workers in jurisdictions where they can practise. Many economic immigrant candidates in Canada are assessed based on language, education, and other skills, and those with the highest total score are encouraged to apply for permanent residency. The reform will allow Canada to screen for certain skills and industries, as well as persons who plan to relocate to specific places.

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Source: Live Mint

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