All About Sandwich Courses in UK - Top Universities, Eligibility, Types


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A placement year can expose you to hands-on training during your course, which can be made possible through sandwich courses in UK. We have provided a comprehensive guide for you to understand the benefits of sandwich courses.

All About Sandwich Courses in UK - Top Universities, Eligibility, Types

Sandwich courses in UK are courses that offer professional expertise and industry exposure in the form of an internship or professional experience. You get the opportunity to spend time away from the classroom in an industrial or business setting where you get exposed to real problems and solutions.

International students studying in the UK can gain work experience while they are studying sandwich courses in UK. You get to work in the industry or corporate setting for a period of 9 to 12 months between your academic years. It is an easy way to develop and enhance your skills besides building a strong network that will make your job search easy. This will also put you in a better place in the eyes of employers after you get complete your course.

So, should you take a sandwich course in the UK? Find out here, in this detailed guide covering all aspects of sandwich courses in the country.

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What is a Sandwich Course in UK?

The placement opportunities that you get while studying your course are defined as a filling-in sandwich and the courses that offer a few months of training in a professional setting amidst the academic sessions are called sandwich courses.

The concept of sandwich courses originated in the UK in the 1950s. It is the brainchild of Alexander Russel who advocated for industrial training with theoretical training. Since then, other parts of the world have picked it up.

During your study in the UK, you get a scope to work in a study abroad placement, project or internship along with your regular classroom education. The sandwich year in the UK is generally placed between the beginning and end of the course.

For example, if you are studying a 3-year bachelors sandwich course in UK, you are involved in classroom learning for the first two years and in the third year, you go for a sandwich placement and again in the fourth year, you rejoin the university to complete your academic course.

On the other hand, if you study for a 1-year postgraduate taught sandwich course in UK, you get an additional one-year placement opportunity which is referred to as the 1+1 PGT sandwich programme.

That said, you should remember that only a limited number of programmes offer sandwich courses in UK.

Difference Between a Sandwich Course and a Full-time Course in the UK

It is important for you to know the difference between a sandwich course and a full-time course in the UK to make important decisions about your career path. Here, we have put a comparative analysis of both sandwich courses in UK and full-time courses in the country:

Key Parameters

Sandwich Couse in UK

Full Time Course in UK

Course Description

A placement or work experience year is present

Does not include any internship or placement opportunities. Even if you get it, the duration is small

Course Duration

Longer than regular bachelors or masters course

3 years for bachelors

1 year for masters

Placement Duration

9 to 12 months

Maximum 12 weeks

Placement Attendance


Not compulsory

Job Opportunities

More due to work experience

Have to start as a fresher

Benefits of Studying Sandwich Course in UK

Sandwich courses in UK can add auxiliary value to your resume. We have listed below the numerous benefits which you can derive if you study a sandwich course in UK:

  • Industry Exposure: A sandwich year at a workplace gives you hands-on experience and you know how things work. You are equipped with both theoretical and experiential proficiency. You will learn new skills at work. For example, computer engineering students get placed with top software companies.

  • Financial Help: What is more fun than getting a stipend for your work during college days? You get paid for the internship or work placement you will be performing.

  • Personal Grooming: You will get to know the insiders' secrets of businesses. You will also develop communication skills and other soft skills essential to thriving in the workplace. Your confidence increases.

  • Job Experience: This is the best advantage of sandwich courses in UK. When you graduate, you will already have a job experience in your kitty that would make you more employable than your peers who do not have work experience. You may be even offered a permanent placement where you have done an internship.

  • Networking Opportunity: When you are at the workplace, you get to meet and interact with a lot of people. This increases networking opportunities where you can spread the buzz about your skills.

Types of Sandwich Courses in UK

Not all sandwich courses in the UK follow the same curriculum or structure. There are two different types of sandwich courses in UK which can be differentiated in the ways given below:


Thick Sandwich course in UK

Thin Sandwich Course in UK

Structure of Sandwich Course

1st and 2nd year: Theoretical training

3rd year: Placement

4th year: Theoretical

A shorter period of placement between two years.

For instance, if you are in the 2nd year, you get a 6-month placement and again the same is repeated in the 3rd year


9 to 12 months at a stretch

Each placement is 3 to 6 months

Work Opportunity

Available across various sectors

Available in select sectors

Eligibility Criteria for Sandwich Courses in the UK

The eligibility criteria for sandwich courses in UK are the same as normal full-time bachelor's or master's courses. Here are the common entry requirements for sandwich courses in UK:

Sandwich Courses in UK Universities

Many universities across various disciplines offer sandwich courses in UK. Here is a comprehensive list of the UK universities offering sandwich years:

UK University



Kingston University London

Aerospace Engineering


5 years full time including sandwich year

University of Sussex

Computer Science (MComp)

5 years full time with a sandwich year

Bath University


(BSc Hons)

4 years including thin sandwich years

Manchester Metropolitan University

Banking and Finance (Bsc Hons)

4 years with placement

University of Greenwich

Business Logistics and Transport Management (BA Hons)

5 years with a sandwich

Loughborough University

Bioengineering (BEng Hons)

4 years full-time with placement year

Leeds Beckett University

Planning (MPlan)

2 years

University of Sunderland


2 years with a 12 months placement

Staffordshire University

Fashion (BA Hons)

4 years with 1-year placement

Middlesex University

Business Accounting (BSc Hons)

4 years full-time with placement

Careers After Sandwich Courses in the UK

The global job market is getting competitive and only getting a degree will not help you get a lucrative job. The fact that you have relevant work experience will look great on your CV.

Sandwich courses in UK help you gain insight into a particular job role in the industry. You get to use the skills acquired during the internship in the real world. After placement, you will get to work on a real-life project to benefit your company.

Some companies even offer a pre-placement offer to students after they have finished their course. With a year of job experience, you can apply to the top MNCs not just in the UK but in countries around the world.

A sandwich course in the UK is designed in a way to accelerate the careers of academically-competent applicants. You can definitely opt for sandwich courses in UK if you wish to gain some experience before officially kickstarting your career.

If you are still divided between pursuing a sandwich course or a full-time course in the UK, please write to us at

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Are sandwich courses in UK worth it?

Yes, sandwich courses in UK are absolutely worth it given that students earn an opportunity to work just after the second year of college and learn new skills. During this time, they can also earn a stipend. The internship opportunity makes them more employable and gives a good impression on their CV.

How long is a sandwich course in UK?

The length of a sandwich course in UK depends on the level of study. In the case of a bachelor’s degree, it is 4 years while for a master’s degree, it is 2 years. For integrated masters degree, the duration is 5 years. In all the levels of education, only 9 to 12 months are reserved for the internship and training period.

Is the cost of a sandwich course in UK higher?

Yes, the cost of a sandwich course in UK is higher than a traditional full-time course as you need to pay for an extra year. Different universities set their own placement year cost. For example at Loughborough University, you need to pay 20% of the tuition fee as a placement year fee.

What are the cons of sandwich courses in UK?

Though sandwich courses in UK are filled with benefits, there are a few cons as well. They take a longer time to finish than the regular courses. Moreover, they are only available for a select number of courses and programmes. Finally, you need to make applications and attend interviews during your studies which may hamper your performance in the second year.

What is the stipend received during sandwich courses in UK?

The stipend that students receive during their sandwich year in the UK is from GBP 9,000 to GBP 12,000. This is a decent salary that is provided to students by their employers and this money can help them with their finances. Also, it may help climb the career ladder faster. 

What should you know before applying for a sandwich course in the UK?

Before applying for a sandwich course in the UK, it is important to know the extent of engagement of the university with students regarding placement and support. Also, you should check the placement options that are enlisted on the website and their scope of it.

Are placements optional in sandwich courses in UK?

No, placements are not optional in sandwich courses in UK. It is mandatory that students apply for placements and internship opportunities. Practical training is an important part of sandwich courses in UK, therefore, placements are compulsory and students get real transferable skills to function in the business world.

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