International Students Currently Stranded in Ukraine Scramble to Find Safe Shelter


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Mar 03, 2022 11:12 AM IST

As the situation between Ukraine and Russia continues to change, reports of several Indian students and nationals stranded in the country have left many families in despair. However, several organisations for Indian students have reached out to help students in any way possible.

International Students Currently Stranded in Ukraine Scramble to Find Safe Shelter

Latest Update:

As the situation in Ukraine deteriorates, putting the safety and security of all foreigners, especially Indian students at risk, due to the conflict between the two countries, a new Russian envoy to India announced Russia's plan to launch a "humanitarian corridor" to help Indian students and nationals find safe passage through Russia.

The move comes after the Indian government and ambassadors to the countries raised concerns over the safe passage of Indian students back to their home countries. Estimated data revealed that about 4,000 Indian students are still stranded in the conflict zones in Ukraine, i.e. the eastern and northeastern parts of the country.


As the world watches another unprecedented situation unfold in front of their eyes, after dealing with a worldwide pandemic, Ukraine-Russia tensions have led several students and parents separated from each other, many being unable to do anything but patiently wait for a phone call from their loved ones.

As the Ukraine-Russia conflict unfolds more, international students in Ukraine seek answers to questions, while being under heavy duress. According to different media reports, international students have been either trying to find shelter or reach as close to the border as possible.

2020 data collected by the Ukrainian government revealed that Indian students make up 24% of the entire international student cohort, i.e. 18,095 at the time. Reports suggest that more than 75,000 international students could still be in the country, looking at the statistics.

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Found and Chairperson of the National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK, Sanam Arora stated that the organisation is working with the students, providing them with information regarding the things they need. They are also in talks with the Indian embassy in Ukraine, which have been publishing updates on finding support.

The Rescuing Every Distressed Indian Overseas platform, of which Arora is a part, has been working towards ensuring a safe passage for Indian students stranded or in distress. According to reports, the team is working with the Indian government figuring out the next course of action.

In her statements, Arora revealed that the team is figuring out different ways Indian students and citizens stranded in the country can enter neighbouring countries, as the airways have been shut. Among the first steps taken is creating a WhatsApp group, where all the distressed and stranded Indian nationals have been added, so as to receive the latest updates as quickly as possible.

However, the Ambassador of India to Ukraine has urged people to remain where they are while asking those who are travelling within the country to return to their homes or “familiar places of habitation”.

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Mr Partha Satpathy, the Ambassador of India to Ukraine, asked those stranded in Kyiv to 'get in touch with [their] friends and colleagues in the city, as well as universities and other community members to find temporary accommodation. He added that the Indian Diaspora in the country and city have been urged to help to “the best of their abilities”.

Several universities in the EU have expressed their regret at the current state of affairs, with different universities, including the University of Westminster and Goethe Institute in Germany, extending a ‘helping hand’ to those affected.

Concerned stakeholders and leads have requested Indian students and nationals to seek shelter within the homes of each other, staying put until further notices and help is offered.

Source: The PIE News

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