Ukraine-Russia Conflict: Indian Embassy Advises Indian Students to Leave Kharkiv


Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on Mar 03, 2022 12:27 PM IST

Due to high-level Russia-Ukraine tensions, the Indian Embassy in Kyiv has released an advisory for Indian students to leave Kyiv as soon as possible. Check all the latest updates on steps taken by the Indian government to help Indian students.

Ukraine-Russia Tensions: Indian Students Arrival, Evacuation, and Helpline Numbers

Latest Update (March 3,2022)

Late last evening, the Indian Embassy in Kyiv, which forcibly stopped its operations yesterday, sent out a notice, asking all Indian students to evacuate from Kharkiv since the situation kept deteriorating. The notice urged the students to leave in any way possible, so far as to suggest walking 11 to 16 km to the nearest towns of Pisochyn, Babai or Bezlyudivka. The notice further read that the students stranded in Kharkiv should try to reach the cities by 1800, according to Ukrainian time.

According to NDTV, the notice comes after Russian inputs had been received, according to foreign ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi. The advisory comes at a time when the country and its cities is facing huge public transportation shortages, with road transportation being unavailable for the past few days and trains being a difficult exit to make use of since 1.4 million people are scrambling to evacuate the city of Kharkiv.


(March 1, 2022):The official handle on Twitter of the Indian Embassy in Kyiv has issued an advisory to Indian students to leave Kyiv as soon as possible by any means of transportation including train, and others.

The advisory was released keeping in mind the satellite images depicting a convoy of military vehicles including tanks, towed artillery, armored and logistical vehicles on the roadways to the northeast of Kyiv.

More than 1,600 Indian students are helplessly waiting to be evacuated from Ukraine. The students stuck in the eastern borders are finding it difficult to travel to the western part of the country. They have been found marching on the roads to find safe haven and reach India by flight. Amidst this, nearly400 students campednear the Embassy since February 24 haveleft Kyiv taking the train.

On 28th February 2022, the students were instructed by the advisory to move to the railway station in Kyiv where special evacuation trains are supposed to transport them to the western parts. They were asked to carry money, passport, and warm clothes. The advisory also pleaded with the students to remain calm, peaceful, and together at the railway station.

Arindam Bagchi on behalf of the Ministry of External Affairs has stated that the evacuation efforts are complex and fluid but they have been able to accelerate the process.

Source: NDTV


Latest Update (Feb 25, 2022): MEA Teams Travel to Ukraine's Land Borders to Rescue Trapped Indians.

With Ukraine closing its airspace, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is dispatching teams to the land borders of Hungary, Poland, the Slovak Republic, and Romania to aid the evacuation of Indian nationals who have become stuck in the country.

These countries share Ukraine's western border, while Russia is attacking Ukraine from the east. S Jaishankar, the Indian External Affairs Minister, tweeted that he had spoken with his counterparts in these four countries.

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Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla also stated that Indian Air Force aircraft are ready to be called into action in the event of an evacuation.

He stated that out of the estimated 20,000 Indians in Ukraine, about 4,000 have managed to flee in the last two weeks.

MEA teams are being dispatched to Hungary's Zahony border post, which is located directly across from Uzhhorod in Ukraine's Zakarpattia Oblast; Poland's Krakowiec border; Slovakia's Vysne Nemecke border; and Romania's Suceava border. These teams have been directed to contact Indian nationals in Ukraine around these border crossings.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine earlier in the day, citing the declaration of martial law as making mobility impossible, urged all Indian nationals in Ukraine not to leave their houses and to seek out the adjacent bomb shelters if they notice air sirens.

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According to sources, India is keeping a careful eye on the situation, with a special focus on the security and safety of Indians, specifically students. The MEA control room is being extended and made available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So far, the control room has received 980 calls and 850 emails.

The Mission is working to explore viable solutions to the situation, and residents should be aware of their surroundings and safety, leaving their houses only when absolutely required, and carrying their critical documents with them at all times. The embassy claimed it was in contact with hotels to accommodate students who were stranded in Kyiv.

Source: The Indian Express

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Latest Update (Feb 24, 2022): Helplines for Indian Students in Conflict Zones in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has announced a military operation in Ukraine. He further stated that any foreign intervention would result in serious consequences. He also urged Ukraine's military to put down its weapons; according to reports, Ukraine's air bases and defenses had been decimated. As a result, the Indian government has established helpline numbers for students.

Partha Satpathy, the Indian Ambassador to Ukraine, has urged all students and Indian residents to call the emergency lines assigned by the Indian Embassy in Ukraine and to remain in their usual locations.

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The Embassy noted in another tweet that the current situation in Ukraine is extremely unpredictable. As a result, Indians should be calm and safe wherever they are, whether at home, at hostels, accommodations, or in transit.

The MEA has established a command center in Delhi to give information and help to Indian students and nationals in Ukraine. Anyone can reach them using email at

The MEA control room is also being extended and is working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The MEA control room can be reached via +91 11 23012113, +91 11 23014104, +91 11 23017905, and 1800118797. (toll free).

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine has established a 24-hour helpline. Indian nationals as well as students can call 380 997300428 and 380 997300483 to get help. They can also send an email to, or visit the website.

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Meanwhile, the Indian government is exploring how to evacuate Indian residents now that the airspace has been closed. More than 20,000 Indian students are stranded in Ukraine as the country's tensions rise.

Students were stranded for a variety of reasons, including high airfare and a lack of clarity from universities. The protection of Indian citizens, particularly schoolchildren, is the government's top priority, according to Indian officials.

Source: News 18


Latest Update (Feb 23, 2022): Indian Students Arrive Safely in Delhi amidst Ukraine-Russia Conflict Parents Express Relieve

New Delhi: In the midst of escalating Russia-Ukraine tensions, 242 Indian students arrived safely in India late Tuesday evening at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International airport and were reunited with their parents, after India began evacuation operations for Indian citizens living in Ukraine and its surrounding areas.

India has deployed Dreamliner B-787 aircraft to carry out this particular operation, which has resulted in flights from Kharkiv, Ukraine, to New Delhi becoming operational.

Nirav Patil, a first-year MBBS student studying in Ukraine, stated that the situation in the region where he was residing is typical. While the university where he was studyinghad already started providing online lectures so there is nothing more to worry now.

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Several government employees, as well as students from Rajasthan who have returned from Ukraine, have been transported to the Delhi airport by the state government, which is actively planning to send them safely back to their homes while covering their travel expenses.

Eight pupils and their parents have been requested to remain at the Rajasthan Bhawan for the time being.On February 19, Air India confirmed that flights between India and Ukraine will be available on February 22, 24, and 26.

Air India's booking offices, internet, phone centers, and approved travel brokers are all available to buy tickets. Additional flights from Kyiv to Delhi will be available on February 25, 27 (two flights), and March 6, according to the Indian embassy in Ukraine.

Around the same time, many students who have returned to India are concerned about their education, and others have reported seeing a tank deployed in a battle in the city where they live.

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Tanvi, another MBBS student, came to Delhi and commented about the terrible situation in Ukraine, stating that Ukraine's condition has deteriorated to the point that I am concerned. Children learning here are terrified and daily different types of news emerge.

The student's parents have also come to the airport to pick up their children, but they are irritated owing to the high cost of the plane tickets.

Source:Zee News


Latest Update (Feb 21, 2022): India's Embassy in Ukraine Issues Advisory, asks Indians to Leave Temporarily

In view of the 'high levels'of tensions and uncertainties in Ukraine, India has asked the family members of its embassy staff in Ukraine to return home, as well as advising its citizenry to leave the country temporarily.

India's embassy in Kyiv issued a fresh advisory to all Indian studentsrequesting that they temporarily leave the country amid the continued tensions between NATO and Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

"There is a high level of tension and uncertainty regarding the situation in Ukraine, which makes it necessary to advise all Indians not deemed essential to stay and all Indian students to temporarily decamp." the Indian embassy said.

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"Orderly and timely departure" from Ukraine may be possible through available commercial and charter flights.

"Students from India should stay in touch with their student contractors for up-to-the-minute information about charter flights, as well as follow Embassy Facebook, website, and Twitter for any updates," the Embassy advised.

An official document published in 2020 stated that Ukraine had a small, but thriving Indian community, with 18,000 Indian students there.

Russian and Belarusian military exercises have been extended near the Ukraine border amid escalating tensions. Initially, the drill was set to end on Sunday.

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Russia has reportedly threatened to attack Ukraine soon, according to several Western nations. In light of this, it advised that Indian students also make contact with their respective student contractors for information on charter flights.

In a statement posted two days earlier, the Indian Embassy announced that Air India would operate three flights between Kyiv and Delhi on February 22, 24, and 26.

Source: India Today

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