Study MBBS Abroad: Popular Countries, Top Universities, Cost & Eligibility


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Studying Medicine is a dream for many students, especially in India. However, with the pandemic and increased competition within the country, studying medicine abroad can become a ray of sunshine. Here's everything about studying MBBS abroad.

Study MBBS Abroad: Popular Countries, Top Universities, Cost & Eligibility

In India, medicine, or pursuing MBBS, is a dream or ambition for many, students and parents alike. Parents spend thousands of rupees on providing the best education possible, while students spend hours training and learning everything they can on the subject. Lakhs of students across the country are continuously studying, training, and attempting mock tests, just to get a score rank in the now world-renowned, National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

However, with lakhs of students attempting to get a good rank in NEET and with the limited MBBS seats available, especially in Government Medical Colleges, many students are either left stranded to try again another year or enroll in a private university, provided they are able to pay off the high tuition fees. So what can Indian medical aspirants do to gain moderately inexpensive but excellent quality education in medicine?

The answer may lie in studying MBBS abroad!

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Highlights of Studying MBBS Abroad

Here are some of the important particulars about studying MBBS at foreign universities:

Name of the Course

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)


6 years (including 1-year internship)

Minimum Eligibility

10+2 from a recognised board

At least 50% or above in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Entrance Exams

NEET and English language proficiency tests

Upper Age Limit

Not Applicable

Admission Process

Based on entrance exam scores and academic record

Average Tuition Fee

INR 15-60 Lakhs

Availability of Scholarships


Average Starting Salary

INR 40 Lakhs-1 Crore

Career Options

Doctors, Junior surgeons, Physicians, Junior Doctors, Researchers, Scientist

Eligibility Requirements to Study MBBS Abroad

Given below are the admission requirements for international students including those from India who want to study MBBS abroad:

  • Must be at least 17 years of age as of December 21 of the year of admission. There may/may not be an upper age limit to pursue MBBS abroad.

  • Must have completed 10+2 from a recognized board of higher education.

  • Must have obtained at least 50% or above in aggregate and in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

  • Must have studied English as a compulsory subject during his 12 years of education.

  • Must have a medical certificate at the time of admission to prove that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious diseases.

  • Must qualify the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) with the minimum marks, as specified by the university the student is applying to.

Note: The admission requirements may vary from university to university.

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Admission Process for Studying MBBS Abroad

After the student has determined that all eligibility requirements have been met, they should move on to the admission process, as given below:

  • Applicants should shortlist the universities they will be applying to and check their eligibility criteria for MBBS.

  • One should appear for NEET and/or any other admission test, as specified by the university. This may also include English language proficiency tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic.

  • They should then go through the application process of the university by visiting their official website and fill out their application form in online mode.

  • The applicant should submit all the required documents.

  • Should pay the application fee.

  • Wait for the university to let you know about their admission decision and the Letter of Invitation (in case you have been accepted).

  • The applicant must apply for a visa by sending his/her passport along with original documents and the invitation letter to the embassy.

Documents Required for Pursuing MBBS Abroad

The documents required to pursue MBBS abroad can be found below:

Studying medicine abroad can be a dilemma for many students but it is not as difficult as you think. Our experts have years of experience in helping students fulfill their dreams of studying MBBS abroad. Know More!

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Can NEET-Rank Holders Study MBBS Abroad?

Studying abroad is a dream for many students, especially in India. With impeccable job opportunities, the ability to earn an internationally recognized degree, and unmatched earning potential, why wouldnt studying abroad be an attractive option?

To answer the question as to whether NEET-rank holders can study MBBS abroad? The answer is a simple Yes. As mentioned above, NEET has gained international recognition. Universities and medical education institutions across the world now consider NEET as an acceptable score for admissions.

However, the government has taken certain measures that allow medical aspirants who were unable to start their courses in 2021, to appear for NEET in 2022, which has helped them save a year. The pandemic has been rough on a lot of people, in the cases of medical aspirants, many students opted to study medicine abroad, as they were unable to sit for NEET.

Additionally, Medical Universities and Education Institutions abroad have acknowledged the burden students face in studying abroad, especially in financial matters. As a gleaming ray of hope, some of the universities have decided to reduce their fees by 50%. Meanwhile, few others have chosen to offer scholarships to meritorious students while a few offer the option of paying the tuition fees in installments. These decisions have not only reduced the burden off of students and parents alike but also raised the morale of all medical aspirants, who were deeply impacted due to the pandemic.

The considerate behavior from universities and medical education institutions continues in the form of delays in admission as NEET 2020 continued to be delayed during the pandemic. A number of universities have been offered to delay their admission process till March 2021. Universities continue to keep the application portals open for all medical aspirants who do not wish to miss out on the opportunity of studying medicine abroad.

Study MBBS Abroad

Off late, studying medicine in India is becoming an expensive and highly competitive ordeal. With lakhs of students preparing and studying to clear NEET across the country, grabbing a seat in one of the top medical colleges in India becomes that bit difficult every. Studying abroad can solve this issue.

Due to the increased demand for medical college seats in India and the overall popularity of a medical course in India, the costs of studying medicine in India have increased drastically. Even State Medical Colleges have increased their tuition fees, with some introducing filing bonds. Students will be able to take out loans and pay the tuition fees. Subsequently, the government will pay out the loans, provided the graduate follows the guidelines set by the government.

For the government to pay off the loans, MBBS graduates will be required to serve a couple of years with public health centers in rural areas in the state. If the graduate decides to leave the job, they will be required to pay off the loans by themselves and all financial aid from the government will be removed.

Studying abroad has its own set of pros and cons, with mostly good benefits and outcomes. Comparatively, studying medicine abroad will help you earn a medical degree at a lower cost, that is recognized worldwide.

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Top 5 Countries to Study MBBS

While there can be a number of top study destinations for MBBS depending on the students requirements, here are the best five countries that offer the best medical education to international students, including those from India:

Russia: Among the major reasons why Russia is a popular destination to pursue MBBS, some are affordable living costs, opportunity to obtain dual diplomas, no entrance test, advanced and quality education. Indian students who choose to obtain an MBBS degree from Russia undergo an NMCscreening test, allowing them to practice medicine in India at no additional cost. Not only are MBBS degrees in Russia recognized all over the world, but international students studying in the country also get a taste of a diverse and multicultural environment.

.Kyrgyzstan: Medical universities in Kyrgyzstan are considered top-notch in the world due to factors like being well-equipped with the latest technology, international recognition, a wide spectrum of courses, a low cost of living, and more. The duration of an MBBS in the country is 5 years, all of which are delivered by well-experienced and qualified industry professionals. Also noteworthy about studying medicine in Kyrgyzstan is the comparatively lower affordable fees structure, compared to countries like Russia, China, or Georgia.

Germany: An Indian student studying medicine in Germany is considered to have a great career ahead with high earning potential. Not only does the country offer a stable career in its cities, but an MBBS degree from German universities also lets an Indian student practice in India. Other advantages of studying MBBS in Germany include quality of education, remarkable infrastructure, easy admission process, NMC-approved, lower cost of living, and more.

Philippines: The overall cost of studying MBBS in the Philippines would be close to INR 25 lakhs which is less than universities in India. All top universities in the country are recognized by the NMC and enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools. The country attracts international students from over 65 countries including India, the US, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. Given that the Philippines follows the American Style PBL Curriculum, graduates can also choose to practice in the USA after clearing all the stages of USMLE.

Ukraine: An affordable destination, Ukraine promises quality education and infrastructure and active involvement of the government in medical research. All medical universities in the country are recognized by global organizations such as WHO, UNESCO, NMC, and medical councils of other countries. Indian students who obtain their MBBS degree from Ukrainian universities can easily find an opportunity in their home country, as it is recognized by the National Medical Commission (NMC), India. Another benefit of studying MBBS in Ukraine is students are given the chance to participate in international exchange programs, scientific projects, and conferences in the field of medicine

Popular Universities to Study MBBS Abroad

Here are some of the top universities in countries like Ukraine, the Philippines, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan offering MBBS to international students:

Will I Be Able to Practice Medicine in India After Studying MBBS Abroad?

Studying medicine abroad has many benefits, which include practicing medicine in the country you wish to build a career and settle down in. Inevitably, there are regulations and guidelines that all international MBBS graduates need to follow in order to practice medicine, especially in India.

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The Government of India allows MBBS graduates who earned their degrees in countries to practice medicine in India. However, all such aspirants are required to clear a national examination, much like NEET, but is recognized as Foreign Medical Graduate Examination or FMGE. This test acts as a gateway for foreign medical graduates to prove their qualifications and knowledge to practice medicine in India.

So the short answer here is, Yes! All foreign medical graduates will be able to practice medicine in India provided they are able to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Exam or FMGE and be subsequently registered to legally practice in India.

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Should I Study MBBS Abroad?

The answer to this question can only be answered by you. Your career and life aspirations will heavily impact your decision to study MBBS either in India or abroad. Other important factors such as financial stability, family, and your ability to travel abroad and study will also affect your decision to pursue medical education abroad. To answer this question, see if you are financially able to pursue an education abroad, which includes living, accommodation, and travel expenses along with other miscellaneous expenses. Figure out if you are emotionally and mentally capable of staying in an alien environment, away from the people you are comfortable with while also understanding where you wish to settle down.

Most medical aspirants will be able to answer this question by simply answering the question of where you, a medical aspirant, wish to settle down and spend the rest of your life. However, a few may be required to answer additional questions.

Therefore, should you pursue MBBS abroad? Yes, if you wish to gain an internationally-renowned degree and settle abroad. While you can pursue medical education abroad and then pursue a career in medicine in India, the chances of clearing an FMGE are low, due to the difficulty of the test. However, studying abroad will bring about new learning opportunities, new cultures, and new student experiences altogether, which can give you a unique set of skills and qualifications.

Still, have doubts about pursuing MBBS abroad? In case you need any assistance in foreign MBBS admissions or in finding the right study destination/university for you, contact our experts.

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