Here's is How Indian Citizens Secure a Work Visa in US


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Updated on Jan 16, 2023 02:46 PM IST

Planning to work in the USA? Here are some things pertaining to the US work visa requirements that you should know about before applying for the same. See which US work visa is correct for your dream job in the US here.

Here's is How Indian Citizens Secure a Work Visa in US

The US has been a dream destination for a number of Indians both academically and professionally. With ample opportunities to expand their career prospects, Indian often work towards attaining a US work visa to get a job at any one of the top organisations in the country.

Working in countries abroad is one of the quickest and most effective ways to enhance your career prospects and earn a good living. However, to work in most countries, it is necessary for foreign nationals to have valid work visas. This visa allows foreign nationals to legally enter the country, and enjoy its resources while earning a good living as well.

In the US, different job opportunities and career paths call for different work visas. Therefore, it is imperative to apply for the correct work visa based on the type of job that the candidate has applied to. However, in all cases, as foreign nationals it is important to have a job offer at hand to receive the appropriate work visa, that will allow them to enter and stay in the country legally. Details pertaining to the different types of work visas in the USA can be found on the official website of the Department of State.

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For instance, Indians with a job offer in speciality occupations can work through the H-1B visa, while the L-1 visas have been designed for foreign nationals transferring to a US organisation from an affiliate company abroad. Meanwhile, an E-2 treaty investor visa for entrepreneurs and business owners is another route that Indians can take.

Regardless of the type of work visa opted for, it is imperative that you gather and compile the necessary paperwork ahead of applying for the same. This would include a correctly filled-out application form for the appropriate visa, a copy of the job offer from a US organisation, a copy of the resume of the applicant and documentation outlining the training and employment history of the applicant.

In addition to the professional documentation, candidates will also be required to submit documentation supporting their identification as well as their financial situation by submitting a copy of their passports and bank statements. Without the required documentation, the US work visa application may either be delayed or rejected altogether.

Once all the required documents have been collected and compiled as directed for a US work visa, candidates may be able to submit the same through mail or submit it in person at the closest embassy or consulate.

A recommended step that aspirants should consider is consulting a travel advisor, who can guide them through the process, reducing the mistakes associated with applying for a work visa. Moreover, it is pertinent to go through the entire process at least twice to spot mistakes, rectify them and ensure that the danger of rejection is avoided.

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One of the anxiety-ridden experiences a person could experience in their lifetime is the response to their visa applications. As thousands of Indians have been applying to work and higher studies abroad, the visa processing times in the USA and other countries have increased substantially, with some having to wait several months. Therefore, it is only advisable to put aside any plans of booking any tickets till a response pertaining to visa approval has been made.

Any candidate who has been approved for a work visa in the US will also receive a notice of action, called Form I-797. This notice will highlight the visa status of a foreign national, along with which the conditions regarding their stay in the US will also be provided. Candidates are required to display the form to the immigration official at the time of entry.

However, since the entire process relies on the candidate having a job offer from a US employer, it is pertinent to first apply for work opportunities in the US. Candidates can do so by going through their network, attending job fairs and browsing online job portals. Once you have been selected for the job, candidates must request a job offer from the employer for the next steps in the process.

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