GMAC Adds New Section to GMAT Online Exam Among Other Changes


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Feb 12, 2021 09:55 AM IST

The Graduate Management Admission Council has announced a few enhancements to the GMAT Online exam, which was introduced last year on the onset of COVID-19. GMAT Online exams will now include an AWA section, additional breaks, check test scores immediately and much more.

GMAC Adds New Section to GMAT Online Exam Among Other Changes

The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) has announced certain changes and enhancements to its Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) Online exam, which was launched after the onset of COVID-19. These changes and enhancements have been aimed at providing more flexibility and bringing forth uniformity in the test centre experience.

As per the notification received, the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section is being brought back to the GMAT Online exam. In a bid to adapt to rapidly changing conditions, GMAT refrained from adding certain features from the GMAT Online exam such as the AWA section. Nonetheless, since GMAC is updating the Online GMAT exam to bring uniformity between test centre and online exam experience, AWA has been added back to the GMAT online exam. GMAC considers the AWA section of the GMAT exam to be an integral part of the test as it provides the Business Schools with the necessary insight while providing the candidates to demonstrate their critical thinking skills as well as their ability to communicate ideas.

GMAC has also decided to update GMAT online exams in further aspects as well. Included in the changes is the ability to preview the unofficial test scores right after the exam along with providing extended and additional breaks. Applicants will also be allowed to attempt the exam sections in any order they deem comfortable.

If you wish to apply for the updated GMAT Online Exam, then you must wait till 17th Feb 2021 to register for the appointment dates, which begin from 8th April 2021. Candidates will continue to apply for testing appointments for the current GMAT online exam version through 7th April 2021.

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Since the spread of coronavirus, GMAT Online exam was introduced, updated and enhanced by GMAC. One of the updates now makes GMAT Online exam as a permanent solution that continuously evaluates talent in a virtual and dynamic environment. Other changes that were added to the GMAT Online exam includes the option of using online and physical whiteboards, offering disability accommodations as well as the ability to retake the GMAT online exam.

Joy Jones, the Chief Product Officer and General Management of Assessments at GMAC stated that GMAC is working towards “providing flexibility and support to address the long-term needs of schools and test-takers.” He added that with the uncertainty of today’s world, online exams are becoming crucial. With the option of meeting business school requirements by attempting the tests in a test centre or online, the confidence of the candidates receives a boost.

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While supporting and assisting test-takers, GMAC was also listening to the interests of the schools, who were requesting a reappearance of the AWA section in the online exam. GMAC stated that the AWA was added in a bid to support the application cycle seasonality. 

Since the birth of GMAT online exam, more than 45,0000 exams have been delivered in over 150 countries, territories and special administrative regions. Jones calls the GMAT exam as a “powerful tool for both business school candidates and admission professionals”, which helps them make the correct decisions regarding MBA and other graduate business programmes.

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