USA Magnetised 2 Lakh Indians for Higher Education in 2021-22: 19% Hike Reported


Mrunmayai Bobade
Updated on Jan 17, 2023 02:53 PM IST

A report published by the Institution of International Education (IIE) shows that Indian students studying in the USA grew 19% over last year to two lakhs. Lack of specialised courses, poor quality of education, outdated syllabus and excessive competition are the main factors driving Indian students' rising interest in studying in the US.

USA Magnetised 2 Lakh Indians for Higher Education in 2021-22: 19% Hike Reported

Based on the Open Doors report published by the Institution of International Education (IIE), more than 200,000 Indian students chose to study in the USA in the academic year 2021-22, representing a 19% increase from the previous year (1,67,582). The number rose by 32,418. A record number of Indian students went to the United States to pursue higher education for the second consecutive year, the report said.

Nearly 21% of the more than a million international students studying in the US come from India. The number of Indian students enrolling in US universities has increased by 19% as a result of increased rivalry for admission to engineering and medical institutions. 

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In the year 2021, an influx of 1,67,582 Indian students moved to the US further their education. The majority of them pursued studies in STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Furthermore, many students chose to study fields such as education, business and management, social sciences, etc.

A similar proportion of students left India to study bachelors in USA after 12th, with the majority of them studying in the top schools. Students leaving India for higher education was a topic of conversation among all of the international heads and principals in the interactions. All of them concluded that different reasons arose for students to choose the US or other countries for higher education.

As per Nisha Ahmad, Dean of International Affairs, the Emerald Heights International School (Indore), the best education is what Indian students demand since knowledge is power! They need advanced and updated courses to further their education in the country. The minds of Indian students are well-fed with a plethora of knowledge, but the nation lacks the resources and needs better educational facilities.

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Many students are capable of innovation, but there are no programmes at Indian institutes that can assist them to improve. The majority of higher education programmes in the country offer few and typically antiquated courses. Given the abundance of talented students applying to institutions like the IITs, the intake is quite low.

The educational expense is nearly identical in many other nations, but Indian students have no trouble getting scholarships. She added that by taking advanced courses, students may use their newly acquired knowledge to take on global challenges and position themselves for chances in fields like artificial intelligence, technological innovations, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

As per Asha Nair, the headmistress of Delhi Public School, Rau asserted that India has the intellect to invent and develop something extraordinary out of nothing. The country boasts many gifted students who will lead prominent corporations as CEOs and launch creative start-ups.

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By limiting their growth to one entrance examination, we are preventing them from reaching their full potential. There are many students in India who attempt various entrance exams, but there are also bountiful talented students who can make a big splash. She concluded by saying that it is only natural for such bright students to find the source of knowledge, wherever it may be.

As per further statements made by students and their parents, it is evident that they value a US education that will equip them to use their expertise to address global concerns and position them for future prospects.

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Source: India Media Monitor 

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