IELTS Exam Fee 2023 - IELTS Rescheduling and Cancellation Fees in India

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Updated on Apr 14, 2023 6:17 PM IST

The IELTS exam fee for both the Academic test and General Training exam is the same, i.e. INR 16,250. IDP India, the official exam administrator for the test, offers a number of test services including rescheduling and cancellation services for the aspirants. However, candidates interested in appearing for the test will have to pay the registration fees for the test.

On this page, we have highlighted all the steps you need to take to pay the IELTS fee in India along with all the important information regarding the same. We also discuss the additional test charges that may be applicable to you if you choose to avail of those services. Read this page thoroughly to understand the IELTS exam fees and all the related components you need to know about.

IELTS Exam Fees 2023

The IELTS exam is popular because of its reliability and is known to be a true reflector of the English proficiency of the test takers. Its score helps Indians aspiring to study, work, or migrate abroad. Much like other standardised tests used for international student admissions abroad, aspirants will have to pay certain IELTS exam fees in India. Students must clearly understand the exam fee before proceeding with the slot booking and test centres.

The IELTS fee outlines the exam registration fee and the additional charges that may be applicable. It should be noted that IDP India, the official exam administrator of the test, offers several services, such as cancellation and rescheduling of the test, which are all chargeable to the applicant.

The IELTS exam fee varies according to the types of exams you choose to take, i.e. the IELTS General Training or Academic tests. In addition, there are various other classifications like IELTS Life Skills, IELTS UKVI, IELTS for UKVI, Computer-delivered IELTS and pen and paper-based IELTS, which will carry different registration charges as well.

IELTS Exam Fees in India

Check out the table below to understand the IELTS fee in India that you may have to pay according to the different tests and services you choose:

Types of IELTS Exams Exam Fees (in INR)
Computer-delivered IELTS for UKVI 16,500
IELTS Life Skills 15,350
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration 16,500
Computer-delivered IELTS 16,250
Paper-based IELTS 16,250
IELTS Fee Type Administration Fees (in INR)
Registration Fees 16,500
Cancellation Fees (if cancelled before 5 weeks or more) 25% of the IELTS Fees
Rescheduling Fees 3,300
Rechecking Fees 11,625
Additional TRF (Test Report Form) 250

Note: The IELTS exam fees in India, as mentioned in the table above is subject to change at the discretion of IDP India. Therefore, before applying for IELTS, check out this page for the latest and updated fees.

IELTS Exam Fees in Other Countries

IELTS exam fees are different for different countries. There can be a significant difference in the amount because of currency exchange rates. The cost of the IELTS exam also varies according to the IELTS test centre location. Comparatively, the IELTS fee is cheaper in India than in other foreign countries. 

Given below are some countries where IELTS is equally popular and the IELTS exam fee:


IELTS Exam Fee (in INR)









New Zealand




Note: The IELTS exam fee for foreign countries has been converted into INR and there might be fluctuations due to currency exchange rates.

Types of IELTS Exam Fees

IDP offers various services related to the exam to test-takers in exchange for an IELTS exam fee. The different charges that you may be required to pay for the test have been described below:

IELTS Registration Fees

The IELTS exam fees in India for test registration is to be paid while booking the exam. Test-takers are required to pay the appropriate fee as specified if they wish to take the test. Additionally, the registration fees for different types of tests will also vary. Candidates will be able to register for the test via the official website or in person, at their convenience.

Although the IELTS Computer-based vs Paper-based Test has significant differences, the cost is the same i.e., INR 16,250 whereas the fee for the UKVI exam fees is INR 16,500 and the Life Skills test costs INR 15,350. If you are interested in learning more about how to book your test, then check out the IELTS registration process in detail, here.

IELTS Transfer/Re-scheduling Fees

Candidates can reschedule or postpone the exam date without giving any reason, provided they do so 34 days or more before the scheduled test date. However, those wishing to transfer the test date within 34 days have to provide an emergency reason for the same.

The administrative charge for rescheduling the exam is INR 3,300 which is taken to make rearrangements for the test.

IELTS Cancellation Fees

Those wishing to do so must follow certain steps and guidelines on how to cancel their IELTS exam.

As per regulations, candidates must cancel their dates, if they wish to, 5 weeks before the scheduled dates, and thus, receive 75% of the fees as a refund. The 25% deducted is considered an administrative charge. Meanwhile, those who cancel their tests within 5 weeks of the scheduled test will not receive any refund on their IELTS exam fees. It should be noted that the candidates cancelling their tests within 5 weeks and presenting a valid medical certificate for the same will receive a 75% refund.

25% of the IELTS exam fee is deducted in lieu of the administrative costs.

IELTS Rechecking Fees

IELTS IDP India allows test-takers to get their papers re-evaluated if they find themselves dissatisfied with their test scores. To avail of this service, candidates must apply for rechecking within 6 weeks of taking the test. Those interested must pay the IELTS exam fee for rechecking of INR 11,625.

Please note that the amount paid for rechecking fees is refunded to test-takers if there is an increase in the test score.

IELTS Additional Test Report Form (ATRF)

Being a standardised test needed for admissions abroad, candidates must select the universities and colleges that should receive your IELTS test report form. However, the exam policies dictate that candidates can only send 5 Test Report Forms free of charge. If you wish to send it to more universities, you must pay the IELTS fee for the additional test report form which has been set at INR 250.

The application for additional TRF has to be done online by logging into the website of IDP IELTS India. The students can send up to five TRFs per day.

Mode of Payment of IELTS Exam Fee

There are several payment methods that candidates can use to pay the IELTS exam fees, i.e. online and offline modes. The payment also depends on how the test has been booked. Outlined below are the different registration fee payment methods available to aspirants in India:

  • Credit/Debit Card: IELTS fee in India is usually paid using credit or debit cards including visa or master cards. Since many opt for online registration of their tests, candidates often choose this method of payment to complete their registration.

  • Demand Draft: Candidates opting for offline registration can choose to pay the IELTS exam fees in India via Demand Drafts. These DDs can be issued from a list of approved banks and should be made in favour of “IDP Education India Private Limited, payable at New Delhi”.

  • Bank Deposits: Another viable option to pay off the IELTS fees is to use customised deposit slips through ICICI or HDFC bank branches. The same can be downloaded from the official website or obtained from the regional office. Subsequently, the customer's copy of the slip has to be attached to the IELTS application form.

IELTS Exam Fee Payment and Refund Policies

As per exam policies, all test-takers have the right and opportunity to cancel their test dates. However, the IELTS exam fee refund policies with respect to test cancellation outline the timeline for when the candidates can or cannot receive their refunds.

Check out the refund policies on the exam fees before you cancel or reschedule your test this year:

  • Students cancelling their tests 34 days before the scheduled exam date will be eligible for a 75% refund on the IELTS fee, with 25% deducted on account of administrative charges.

  • In medical emergency cases, test-takers can cancel their test dates within 34 days if they are able to present a valid medical certificate before the scheduled test date. Subsequently, they will receive a 75% refund on the IELTS exam fee in India with 25% deducted on account of administrative charges.

  • No money will be refunded if the student cancels the IELTS exam within 34 days of the test date.

  • No refund is initiated for those who remain absent on the IELTS test date without prior information.

  • The IELTS rechecking fees are refundable if the IELTS test score increases.

  • The decision of the IELTS test administrator is final in all such cases who is in charge of the test centre.

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IELTS Scholarships

The high tuition expenses are perhaps the most significant disadvantage of intending to study abroad, and as a result, many students who aspire to study abroad must settle for other options in their own country. Many people's dreams of studying abroad have come true thanks to the availability of several IELTS Scholarships and educational financing. You can look for scholarships on the official website of the college/university to which you intend to apply.

IELTS Exam Dates 2023-2024 in India

The IELTS exam is given throughout the year, and you can take it based on your admission criteria. It is preferable to take the test three to four months before admission so that you have ample opportunity to repeat it or do something similar. The exam is given in all Indian cities, and you may register for the IELTS exam dates for 2023-24 online.

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IELTS Exam Booking

Applicants can register for IELTS online or in person at their local IDP office. With 80 IELTS test centres located around India, test takers may choose a convenient test centre location. There are no specific IELTS qualifying requirements. Everybody, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or nationality, is welcome. IELTS is not available to anybody under the age of 16. The steps of IELTS registration, both online and offline, are as follows:

IELTS Online Registration

IELTS registration is now quick and easy. The IELTS exam can be scheduled in three stages. Applicants must first visit the official IELTS website, followed by:

Step 1: Create an account first.

Step 2: Choose a suitable date slot depending on availability at neighbouring IELTS testing centres.

Step 3: To finish your registration, pay for it online.

IELTS Offline Registration

The IELTS exam registration form may be obtained from the official website. Fill out the other form requirements and manually select the test date. The candidate must then pay by demand draught (made payable to "IDP EDUCATION INDIA PRIVATE LTD, New Delhi") or cash (to pay cash to visit the nearest ICICI bank with a payment slip). The candidate must provide a Blue Dart courier functioning address on the registration form.

Learn the IELTS Score Requirements For Your Dream University! 

FAQs on IELTS Exam Fee

How much does IELTS cost in India?

IELTS costs INR 15,500 in India. The price varies for different types of IELTS exams. Mostly, the IELTS exam fees are between INR 15,350 and INR 16,500. The IELTS exam fees do not remain the same every year. It increases on a yearly basis and depending on the exam type.

How many countries accept the IELTS exam fee?

The IELTS exam is one of the most widely accepted English language proficiency exams in the world that is accepted by over 11,000 organisations and institutes in more than 140 countries. Hence all these 140 countries accept the IELTS exam fee from the candidates in different forms upon registering the IELTS exam. 

Can I pay the IELTS exam fee in instalments?

No, unfortunately, the IELTS test fee can be paid by using a Credit/Debit (Visa or Master), via Netbanking or Demand Draft but it can not be paid in instalments. Furthermore, the exam registration policies state that the test fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. After you have chosen the properly specified test centre and time period, you will be asked to confirm your test booking by paying the applicable fees.

Why is IELTS exam fee so high?

The IELTS exam fee is high for four reasons. For starters, test takers are paying for well-known names like IDP, Cambridge and The British Council.  Secondly, all speaking and writing examinations are manually graded by IELTS examiners, who must be trained and compensated. Finally, test takers pay for IELTS exam centres, which must be managed and maintained professionally. Finally, because this is such a high level exam, there is a lot of security and administration involved in maintaining IELTS's reputation as dependable and incorruptible.

Can I give the IELTS test for free?

No, you cannot give the IELTS exam for free to study, migrate or work abroad. Students have to pay an IELTS exam fee for registering and appearing in the exam. Besides, there are other fees to be paid by the students for different IELTS-related services. Applicants can, however, access IELTS test papers and IELTS preparation materials for free on the IELTS official website.

Can I get a refund of the IELTS exam fee?

Yes, students can get a refund of the IELTS exam fee in case they cancel the IELTS exam 14 days or above before the exam date. They are also eligible for a refund if they are seriously ill. However, they will not get a full refund of the amount because some charges are deducted for administrative purposes. If test takers cancel their IELTS test registration more than 14 days before the exam, they will be refunded 75% of the total IELTS fee.

How can I pay the IELTS exam fee?

There are different methods to pay the IELTS exam fee in India including via debit or credit card. Additionally, candidates can also pay the test fee by submitting a DD payable at IDP India with the required fee. Test-takers will be able to pay the exam fee by visiting the nearest ICICI or HDFC bank branches in India and submitting a deposit slip at the respective banks.

Is it free to reschedule the IELTS?

No, the rescheduling of the IELTS exam is not free of cost. You will receive a refund less an administration charge if you cancel or postpone your exam more than 5 weeks before the test date. If you cancel or postpone your test within 5 weeks of the scheduled date, you will be charged INR 3,300 as an administrative charge, unless you have a serious medical reason for needing to reschedule the IELTS exam.

What is the IELTS fee for revaluation of the exam?

The IELTS fee for revaluation or rechecking in India is INR 11,625. Students who wish for rechecking can visit the IDP IELTS website and fill up the ‘Enquiry on Results’ application form. Physical applications for EOR are no longer accepted. The amount charged for rechecking is fully refunded if the IELTS test scores increase for a candidate.

Is IELTS exam fee the same for all countries?

No, the IELTS exam fee is not the same for all countries. The test organisers that is British Council, IDP Australia and Cambridge assessment set the IELTS exam fee in each country. Hence, there is no uniformity in the fees. However, the IELTS fee for General Training and IELTS Academic is the same. 

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