Describe a Tall Building in Your City that You Like or Dislike - IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic

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Updated on May 18, 2023 12:49 PM IST

The IELTS Speaking section is challenging for some students as they have to speak impromptu on the given topics in front of a trained IELTS examiner. While the first part of the test is a self-introduction which you can prepare for beforehand, the second part is based on the IELTS cue card for which you will have to speak right at that moment. The third part of the speaking section contains follow-up questions based on the cue card topics like, 'Describe a Tall Building in Your City.

One of the most common questions that frequently repeats itself in IELTS cue card topics is “Describe a Tall Building in Your City that You Like or Dislike”. It is essential that you know how this question should be answered and also how to ace the questions that will follow up after you finish speaking on this topic. This section is a true test of your English language proficiency and your ability to speak in everyday contexts.

How Should You Answer “Describe a Tall Building in Your City that You Like or Dislike”?

After you complete the first half of the IELTS Speaking test, the examiner will provide you with a speaking cue card. You must know that you are not provided with the liberty to choose a card on your own. You will have to answer on the selected topic without hesitation and fumbling. You will be provided 3 to 4 minutes to speak on the cue card topic. You will be awarded a minute time to note the points on which you wish to speak or to chart the course of your monologue.

It is not necessary to answer the IELTS speaking questions based on your real experience. You can craft an imaginary answer but be mindful not to speak unnecessary stuff as you will later face an interview on the same topic.

As your preparation time is too short, you will have to make the most out of it. Some of the common pointers on which you can speak on the topic “Describe a Tall Building in Your City that You Like or Dislike” are:

  • Where is the building? 

  • What is its purpose?

  • What does it look like?

  • Why do you like or dislike it?

  • Conclusion

These are a few prompts that you can take ideas from to speak on your IELTS cue card sample topic. For the convenience of test-takers, two sample answers have been provided on the topic “Describe a Tall Building in Your City that You Like or Dislike.

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Describe a Tall Building in Your City: IELTS Sample Answer 1

Here is a sample answer that you can refer to for the IELTS Speaking cue card topic - “Describe a Tall Building in Your City”:

Tall buildings have become the norm of the new concrete jungles. They inspire awe and surprise with their architectural design and infrastructure. Kolkata is filled with skyscrapers and lofty towers and one such building is Quest Mall located at the heart of the city. It is a luxury mall that has been created by blending the rich cultural heritage of Kolkata with modern aesthetics.

The gigantic six-storied mall has been built on a 7.2 lakh sq feet area with a G+5 structure and two basement levels. The car parking area is stretched over 13 levels. The exterior of the Quest Mall converges festive feelings through its jaali artworks mixing engineering and art together. 140 triangular-shaped mirrors have been joined together with an invisible support structure. The interior is well lighted and a spectacle of stainless steel garland rains down from the roof. The floor is made of Italian marble and shoppers have a unique experience with a full view of all the shopping stores.

There are different clothing, footwear, daily items, cosmetics, a food court and a multiplex inside the Quest Mall. I like the mall because of the welcoming and courteous gestures of all the employees and for its being one complete shopping and entertainment destination. The artwork keeps enticing me whenever I visit the place and it creates a hypnotic effect on me. The mall is so spacious that it never feels overcrowded. Also, we can have a panoramic view of the city from the terrace of the mall which draws me every time I visit this place.

Describe a Tall Building in Your City: IELTS Sample Answer 2

Another sample answer that you can refer to answer this question “Describe a Tall Building in Your City ” is:

Tall buildings are slowly replacing the old dilapidated houses that we have been habituated to seeing while growing up. Most people being unable to maintain their old houses sell them to promoting enterprises who instead build lavish complexes in that land. Recently, a housing complex has been inaugurated in my home town which comprises several 40 storied buildings with all modern amenities.

The amenities include a sky lounge, parking lots, swimming pool, sports amenities, mini theatres, learning centres, gyms, park, clubhouse and community halls. There is 24-hour CCTV surveillance and security guards that make the housing complex a safe and secure zone for every resident. The buildings are earthquake resistant as per norms. The buildings are vibrantly coloured in pastel shades that make them pleasing to look at. The lush and sprawling greenery inside the complex soothes the strained eyes. The community life of the building is fostered by occasional get-togethers and celebrations. The managing committee caters to the needs of every resident of the complex.

Though the buildings of the complex are remarkable pieces of architectural grandeur of the locality, I dislike them because it has been built after cutting down around 100 trees of different species and depositing sand on a huge pond. The building contractor compromised with the natural surroundings of the place. Earlier we heard the chirpings of several birds throughout the daytime who had made their homes in the trees. Now there is not a single bird visible. Also, the pond was a source of water for the poor people of the nearby areas who did not have water lines in their houses. In spite of people’s protests, the complex was built. I do not support the compromise made on natural resources to build the residential place.

Describe a Tall Building in Your City: IELTS Sample Answer 3

Here is another sample answer for aspirants to refer to for the IELTS Speaking cue card topic - “Describe a Tall Building in Your City”:

As far as I know, there are not many tall buildings in my town, but there is a handful that I believe deserves some attention. Today, I would like to focus on one such tall building in my neighbourhood that has captured my attention.

The tall building is conveniently located in the heart of my town, near a major junction that can be easily reached from all directions. The building is 25 storeys tall, and every floor measures about fourteen sq. feet. The building is constructed with all types of recent building materials, concurrently with fine rock gravel, river sand, bricks, tiles, fibre cement sheets, metal rods, concrete, cement and glasses among several alternative things.

This is a curved-shape tall structure with an outside made of fibreglass and tall metallic element composite sheet, and an interior floor and walls made of extremely high-quality tiles. Also, the tall building is really stunning. For people to rest, there is a large balcony/terrace in the middle that is suspended one by one from the front aspect and connected to the building itself. A large parking lot is also located ahead of the towering building. 

This design, which has a nice study style, is mostly employed in conjunction with the city's major business centres. It contains the offices of various large corporations and groups.

This building also has a big meeting centre, which takes up the whole sixth story. Lastly, this building has a lift/elevator that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nevertheless, I adore this tall structure since it has a pretty good field of study style. This tall tower was built with such a pleasing field of study design and in such a new position that it can be seen from at least 6-7 kilometres away. Finally, this structure appeals to me. As a result, I will have a good sense of my beautiful town from the top floors of this structure, especially in the evenings.

Vocabulary Used in “Describe a Tall Building in Your City”

The IELTS Speaking Test is an assessment of your lexical resource and correct grammatical usage. It does not test your knowledge of the topic but how well you use vocabulary to describe your experience, people or object. You must be able to deal with any situation that you might face therefore a rich vocabulary is necessary. Here are some of the words used in the topic:

  • Norm: A set standard of development, model

    • Example: Small families have become the norm of modern societies.

  • Awe: An emotion conveying veneration and wonder

    • Example: The sunrise at the Tiger Hills inspired awe among the tourists.

  • Lofty: Tall

    • Example: The lofty coconut trees swayed during the storm.

  • Aesthetics: Principles concerned with nature and appreciation of beauty.

    • Example: The aesthetics of the movie enthralled the audience.

  • Enticing: Attractive

    • Example: Meera found the diamond set so enticing that she purchased it without a second thought.

  • Hypnotic: Spellbinding

    • Example: The singer’s song created a hypnotic effect on the audience.

  • Dilapidated: Broken down

    • Example: My maternal uncle’s house is in a dilapidated state posing risks for dwellers

  • Surveillance: Observation

    • Example: The whole city was under police surveillance during the Durga puja. 

  • Compromise: Harm

    • Example: The safety of the workers was compromised when there was a gas leak in the factory.

  • Soothes: Calm

    • Example: The mother’s voice soothed the crying baby.

Follow-Up Questions and Answers for “Describe a Tall Building in Your City”

The third part of the IELTS Speaking exam on topics like, 'Describe a Tall Building in Your City', comprises some follow-up questions that take the form of a dialogue between you and your examiner. As there is a correlation with the second part, you should be mindful of what you say in the IELTS cue card topic. Some of the probable follow-up questions that can be asked on this topic are:

What are the Pros and Cons of Living in a Tall Building?

Modern families are now smaller and do not need huge spaces and small flats in tall buildings are easy to maintain. There is good ventilation and light on the top floors and the hustle and bustle of the streets do not reach the top floors. Moreover, one can enjoy the beauty of the cityscape from a tall building. The cons include unforeseen circumstances like fire or earthquake when it becomes difficult to escape from the top floors.

Will there be more tall buildings in future?

With the demand increasing for flats, real estate agents are trying to come up with tall building projects where lots of people can be accommodated in a small area. In addition,  the increase in population has made tall buildings the best way to solve housing problems. On top of that, the maintenance of big houses is time-consuming and costly so people prefer smaller spaces.

Why are there fewer tall buildings in the countryside?

The availability of ample landscape and fewer people living in the countryside are the main causes of tall buildings in the countryside. As most people nowadays migrate to cities for better work opportunities and lifestyle, there is less space in urban areas. However, you can find vacant lots in rural or countryside areas. People there enjoy living in open houses and are not much interested to stay in large buildings.

Should we protect old buildings or construct new ones?

Ancient buildings are a part of our history and are a constant reminder of our past heritage and culture. Therefore, old buildings should be protected by means of renovation. Also, new buildings must be constructed on vacant lands and not by uprooting old buildings. 

The follow-up questions are extremely important and if you can anticipate them beforehand, you will be well prepared for them. As it is said practice makes a man perfect, you can take ideas from the sample answers and craft your own to maintain novelty and a unique style

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FAQs on IELTS Describe a Tall Building in Your City

How do you describe tall buildings in IELTS cue cards?

Tall buildings are to be described using various adjectives. You can talk about its structure, length, design and other architectural patterns. You may also describe the amenities provided by the tall buildings. In short, you will have to describe the building as vividly as possible using crisp vocabulary.

Do I need to talk about an actual ‘tall building’ in IELTS Speaking?

The decision to talk about a real building or an imaginary one rests in your hands. If you have a  tall building in your mind, it will be easier for you to describe it as you have seen it with your own eyes. It will be easy to answer the follow-up questions asked in the third part of the speaking test.

How do you prepare yourself to speak on a tall building in IELTS Cue Card?

Before the IELTS Speaking Test, you can study various newspapers and journals. You can also seek the help of IELTS trainers and experts to practice IELTScue card samples on one to one basis. During the examination time, you get a minute to think about what to speak. Utilise the time well by making a mental map of how to answer the question.

What should I answer if the examiner asks me the difference between living in tall buildings or in houses in IELTS Speaking?

If the examiner asks you the difference between living in tall buildings or in houses, you can say that your houses are more spacious and can be lived more independently and freely. That said,  in tall buildings, the apartments are generally small in size. You can also say that it is more secure to stay in apartments as there are security systems while you may be constantly worried if your house is safe when you are away.

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