IELTS Scholarships 2023 - Grants & Awards, Eligibility, How to Apply?

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Updated on Apr 05, 2023 6:53 PM IST

Apart from opening doors to internationally acclaimed universities abroad, attempting the test will also make you eligible for a number of IELTS scholarship opportunities as well. Check out this page to find out such IELTS scholarships that you can use to reduce your financial commitment to studying abroad.

On this page, we have outlined the IELTS Scholarship Award which has been designed to allow high-calibre students to apply to some of the best universities in the world. Qualifying students will be able to use the IELTS scholarship award for their undergraduate or graduate studies at top universities abroad, especially in Germany.

IELTS Scholarships 2023

The IELTS scholarship is extremely beneficial for international students who wish to accelerate their academic and professional careers. The IELTS exam is taken across 140 countries by more than 5 million students whose first language is not English. Those who have a good hold over the language can easily conquer the exam with high IELTS scores, but few have to work harder. Besides, some are unable to meet the expenses of studying abroad and need help in form of scholarships.

British Council IELTS Award, also known as the IELTS scholarship allows successful test-takers to study bachelors or masters in any English-taught course that mandates proficiency in the language. The IELTS exam is also required in countries like Germany where the courses are offered in both native and English language. 

The British Council IELTS Award is worth between GBP 3,000 and GBP 10,000 and the value depends on the institution chosen by the applicant. The award amount will help to cover a part of the tuition fee for the student. The prizes are directly awarded to the schools.

If the tuition fees of the winning candidate are less than the maximum individual fund of GBP 10,000, then the money is transferred to help the runner-ups. As a vote of thanks for the scholarship, candidates will have to show keenness to work with the IELTS community and share their expertise with other IELTS candidates.

Note: British Council will not offer the British Council IELTS award in 2023. The organisation may again provide updates regarding the same for the next academic session in the latter part of the year.

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Eligibility for the IELTS Scholarship (Germany)

IELTS scholarship lays down some fundamental eligibility criteria for the same which students must meet. The following are the requirements for applying to the British Council IELTS Award Germany:

  • The student must take the IELTS exam at a British Council facility in Germany and obtain Test Report Form (TRF) issued by it. 

  • The age must be above 18 years.

  • Must have received at least an overall IELTS score of 6.5 bands. Also, they require a minimum band score of 6.5 in each section of the IELTS exam. 

  • Must be enrolling in a full-time bachelors or masters course with English as the medium of instruction at a university in Germany or abroad. The university selected must have fees of at least GBP 3,000.

  • Must be able to postulate an admission letter from an educational organisation within a given date. 

Note: Remember that the terms and conditions of the award apply only to those receiving IELTS TRF from a centre in Germany. TRFs issued from outside Germany will not be accepted.

IELTS Recognised Organisations

More than 11,000 organisations in 140 countries accept IELTS. Some of these organisations include:

  • Departments of the government and immigration authorities.

  • Associations and professional bodies.

  • Colleges, universities, and training organisations.

  • Multinational corporations and employers.

Note: Global IELTS acceptance is rising all the time, and if the university you intend to attend is not mentioned, we highly advise you to contact the college directly to confirm their most recent entrance criteria.

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Key Dates to Apply for IELTS Scholarship

For IELTS scholarships, the following test dates are important: 

  • August 2023: Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed online.

  • June 30, 2023: Deadline for applications (14:00, German time).

  • July 31, 2023 (at the latest): Submitted letters of acceptance from relevant educational institutions.

Note: Please note that the final winner(s) and application recipients will be notified by August 2023.

How to Apply for IELTS Scholarship

You can apply for the IELTS scholarship online by following the steps below: 

Step I: Take the IELTS exam at a British Council licensed facility in Germany and obtain an official Test Report Form (TRF) from the British Council in Germany dated somewhere between June 1, 2021, and June 30, 2023.

Step II: The online application form must be submitted no later than 14:00 (German time) on June 30, 2023. 

Note: This scholarship is no longer valid for Indian students.

IELTS Scholarship Selection Process

Please note the following selection process/ criteria for IELTS scholarship applications:

  • Candidates selected for an interview will need to submit evidence to support their application, such as a copy of their IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) and a copy of their identity card.

  • There will be five applicants shortlisted based on the information contained in their applications, especially their personal statements.

  • A panel of British Council/higher education representatives will review applications to make sure applicants meet the British Council IELTS Award eligibility criteria.

  • Interviewers from the British Council/higher education will interview the final shortlisted applicants (online). After a short presentation, they will be called for an interview to determine the final selection.

Disclaimer: The British Council no longer offers scholarships in India. 

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FAQs on IELTS Scholarships

Is it simple to acquire an IELTS score of 8.5 bands?

Scoring 8.5 bands in IELTS can be achievable for candidates who are already quite fluent or familiar with the English language. To achieve an 8-band score in hearing and reading, you must score 89% in both. IELTS reading and hearing each have 40 questions, so you must answer at least 36 of each to get a band 8.

Will I get a guaranteed IELTS scholarship if I have a score of 9 bands?

No, a high band score in IELTS does not guarantee a scholarship in your chosen institution. This is because you will not be awarded a scholarship based on your IELTS score. All scholarships awarded are based on academic performance or financial need. An IELTS score is just part of the merit consideration for scholarships.

Can I apply for an IELTS scholarship if I have not yet received my letter of acceptance?

Yes, you can apply for an IELTS scholarship if you have not yet received your letter of acceptance from your educational institution. This is because only candidates who are shortlisted for further consideration must submit an acceptance letter from the institution they want to attend. However, IELTS scores must be used to satisfy your organization's English language criteria for admission.

Does an IELTS score matter when applying for a scholarship in Canada?

Yes, your IELTS score matters when applying for a scholarship in Canadian universities. Students applying for a Canadian visa for undergraduate studies must have a minimum IELTS overall score of 6 bands and a score of 5.5 bands in all segments. Students seeking for graduate programmes must have an average IELTS score of 6.5 bands and a score of 6 bands in each section.

Is a personal statement considered when shortlisting candidates for IELTS scholarships?

Yes, a personal statement is considered when shortlisting candidates for IELTS scholarships. The British Council will shortlist five applicants for the IELTS scholarship award based on their applications as well as Personal Statements.

How will the successful applicant receive the IELTS scholarship award?

The successful applicant will receive the IELTS scholarship award once the British Council formally confirm the applicant's application status with the institution. The award will be paid directly to the educational organisation where the candidate has enrolled for their course of study.

Which documents are required to apply for an IELTS scholarship?

The following documents are required to apply for an IELTS scholarship:

  • A complete application form.

  • A copy of the IELTS test report

  • A recent photograph attached to the application

  • Disability Certificate (if required)

Candidates can download the application for the IELTS scholarship on the British Council website.

What is the eligibility requirement for the IELTS scholarship for Indian Students?

The following is the eligibility requirement for the IELTS scholarship for Indian Students:

  • The candidate must be an Indian resident who has started their post-graduate study outside of India.

  • Have a valid IELTS score of at least 6.5 bands.

  • Attend a higher education institution that requires IELTS as part of the admissions process.

  • A letter of acceptance from the attending university.

  • Must have taken the current IELTS exam with the British Council.

Can your IELTS score help you earn a scholarship?

Yes, your IELTS score can help you earn a scholarship. Only after receiving the IELTS results, a candidate can apply for scholarships in the respective institutions. As IELTS results are valid for two years, the previous year's IELTS scores may be used to apply for the current academic year scholarships.

How much is the IELTS scholarship award value?

The IELTS scholarship award value is GBP 10,000 (approximately INR 9,54,963). In the first instance, it will be used to pay for tuition. If the fees are less than 10,000, the leftover funds may be used to cover the living expenses of the candidate.

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