Know All About the Letter of Enrollment (LoE) & its Significance


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Issued by the University a candidate has applied to, the Letter of Enrollment (LoE) is an official letter from the university confirming the admission of a candidate to a programme. The letter of enrolment is the final confirmation letter, unlike the Letter of Offer, which is offered on submission of the application form. Know more about LoE here. 

Know All About the Letter of Enrollment (LoE) & its Significance

Embarking on a journey to study abroad is a thrilling and transformative experience for students worldwide. It opens up a world of opportunities, exposing individuals to new cultures, perspectives, and academic excellence. As you prepare to take this significant step forward, one crucial document that you will encounter is the Letter of Enrollment.

In this article, we will delve into the Letter of Enrollment and its significance in the study abroad process. We will discuss how to respond to this letter and highlight the key differences between the Letter of Enrollment and the offer letter from the university. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the Letter of Enrollment, you will be better equipped to navigate the necessary steps involved in your journey to studying abroad. 

There are many documents which you may only know well deep into the application or post-application process. However, our experts can help you in dodging these surprises and prepare in advance for their instance.

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What is Letter of Enrollment (LoE)?

A Letter of Enrollment (LoE) is an official letter to confirm the enrollment of a candidate at a particular university or college. It is sent to the candidate in the form of a letterhead that states The candidate's full name, ID number, course enrolled in, course type (full time or part-time), the academic year and dates and the semester of enrolment.

A Letter of Enrollment (LoE) confirms that a seat is already secured for the student for a specified course at a university. It confirms the semester and date of commencement of the course.

Contents of Letter of Enrollment

Letter of Enrollment from any university around the globe shall typically contain the following information:

  • Student's Personal Details (Name, Age, ID Number, Contact, etc.)

  • Institutions Details (Name, Address, Contact, etc.)

  • Enrolled Course Details (Name, Duration, Batch, etc.)

  • Terms and Conditions (Working Hours, School Timings, etc.)

  • Allowances and Restrictions as per institutions policy and related state rules

  • Date of Nomination

  • Signatories and Undertakings

  • LOEs validity period.

Usage of Letter of Enrollment

Letter of Enrollment can prove quite beneficial to you as an international student. You may use it in the following cases:

  • The Student Permit application shall be best supported by the LoE. It shall help you not only get a faster process of your student visa application but also be of use at the time of extension application.

  • Social Insurance Number is a requirement for international students in Canada and LoE can be used to apply for the same.

  • Proof for Bank Procedures and other official procedures in the study abroad destination can be easily and well supported by LoE.

LOE is also good documentation for job or internship applications while studying abroad.

Difference Between Letter of Offer and Letter of Enrollment

Many students confuse the Letter of Offer and the Letter of Enrollment and consider it to be the same. However, an Offer Letter and the Letter of Enrollment are two separate documents sent by the university to students.

Let us figure out the difference between the two.

Letter of Offer

Letter of Offer is issued by the university once the application of the candidate is approved and He/ She is eligible for admission to a specific course. Candidates who receive the letter of offer must sign and resend the Offer Letter back to the university to confirm the acceptance of admission at the university.

The Letter of Offer is a kind of acknowledgement and confirmation of the student's acceptance of the terms and conditions defined by the university. However, it is not the final confirmation of the admission of the students. The letter can now be used by the student to apply for a student visa and complete further formalities and finish the admission process at the university.

Letter of Enrollment

The Letter of Enrollment is the official document that confirms the final admission of the student at the university. It confirms the course and semester in which a student is enrolled. The student must pay the initial tuition fee amount to receive the Letter of Enrollment and the same is mentioned in the LoE. Fees must be paid to secure a seat for a specific course at the university.

The students need a copy of the LoE with themselves throughout the course duration as it acts as proof of candidature at a particular university.

Students can provide either of the two documents Letter of Offer and Letter of Enrollment can be used for embassy purposes i.e. to apply for the student visa which is again a mandatory requirement to travel abroad for study purposes.

How to Request for Letter of Enrollment (LoE)?

Most universities send the Letter of Enrollment (LoE) to the registered email address of the candidate. The application processing time may vary depending on the university, course, the number of applications received by the university etc. Usually, the admission office of the university contacts the students in case of any problems that arise during the enrollment process.

Candidates must make sure they have entered the correct email address while filling out the application form. Most universities offer confirmation mail in the form of a Letter of Enrollment (LoE) via email and no letter is sent offline to the mailing address. The Letter of Enrollment (LoE) is usually received on time, however, if a candidate feels that the processing time is delayed, He/ She can send an official email to the communication centres requesting the Letter of Enrollment (LoE).

Applicants must make sure to complete the application correctly and upload the relevant documents to receive the Letter of Enrollment (LoE) on time.

How to Respond to Letter of Enrollment?

The Letter of Enrollment is an official document sent by the university or educational institution where you have been accepted for a study abroad program. It serves as a confirmation of your acceptance and outlines the details of your enrollment. Upon receiving this letter, it is crucial to respond promptly and appropriately. We will explore the essential steps to take when responding to the Letter of Enrollment, ensuring a smooth transition into your study abroad experience.

Follow the Format of the University

By analysing the offer letter and acceptance mail that the university has sent, students can get a sense of how the document should appear. They must follow the same structure that the university has employed. Typically, a formal letter format should be followed.

Must Have an Intention to Enroll

The conclusion of the introductory segment is the appropriate place to express a wish to enrol. The description part should then go on to further explain this. This section should cover questions about class schedules, class lengths, travel, tuition costs, visa application procedures, scholarship specifics, and housing information.

Emphasise Your Future Expectations

The final portion should state that a response to the questions posed is expected and express gratitude for answering any additional questions.

Give Appropriate Contact Information

At the beginning of the document, students must include their home address and other contact information. The contact information can alternatively be added as a postscript or at the end of the second paragraph.

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What is a Letter of Enrollment from a foreign university?

A Letter of Enrollment is an official document issued by a foreign university confirming a student's admission and enrollment in a specific program of study. It serves as proof of acceptance and is often required for visa applications and student-related administrative processes.

How can I request a Letter of Enrollment from a foreign university?

To request a Letter of Enrollment, you typically need to contact the university's admissions office or the designated department responsible for issuing such documents. They will guide you through the application process and provide you with the necessary instructions and requirements.

What information is typically included in a Letter of Enrollment?

A Letter of Enrollment usually includes the student's full name, program of study, duration of the program, and the expected start and end dates of enrollment. It may also mention any specific conditions or requirements that the student must meet before starting their studies.


How long does it take to receive a Letter of Enrollment from a foreign university?

The processing time for a Letter of Enrollment can vary depending on the university and its administrative procedures. It is advisable to submit your request well in advance to allow for any potential delays. Some universities may provide estimated processing times on their websites or in communication with the admissions office.

Can I use a Letter of Enrollment for visa applications?

Yes, a Letter of Enrollment is often a required document for visa applications, especially for student visas. It serves as proof of admission and enrollment in a recognized educational institution, supporting your purpose of travel. It is essential to check the specific visa requirements of the country you plan to study.

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