Indian Students Enrolled in Medical Courses in China Seeking Transfers to Other Countries


Cyril Zachariah
Updated on Feb 22, 2022 12:41 PM IST

With the Chinese government keeping its borders closed for a large portion of international students, the Parents Association of Indian Medical Students in China have reached out to the Indian Embassy in Beijing, requesting them to sway the Indian Government to permit the migration of Indian medical students to medical courses in other countries.

Indian Students Enrolled in Medical Courses in China Seeking Transfers to Other Countries

Worries ensue as China continues to bring its international student ban due to Covid-19. Students, both those currently pursuing medical courses in China along with those who are preparing to pursue the same from this year, are now stuck with online classes for foreseeable future.

As strict travel restrictions and suspension of visas continue, Indian students enrolled in Chinese universities may remain stuck completing their courses online. However, the National Medical Council (NMC) regulations state that students with medical degrees after completing their courses online will not be recognised, stated Sandhya Bhullar, NMC Secretary.

In an official notice released by the NMC, some Chinese universities have yet again released notices for MBBS admissions for the ongoing and future academic years. However, the NMC has warned aspiring students of the current visa suspensions and travel restrictions imposed by Chinese authorities. The NMC advised aspiring students to read through the FMGE rules and regulations before applying to any medical universities in China or elsewhere.

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The parents of those students currently enrolled in Chinese universities have raised requests to transfer their children to medical colleges in other countries that have been recognised by the NMC.

The Parents Association of Indian Medical Students in China highlighted similar circumstances being offered relief measures previously to the Indian Embassy in Beijing. In 2014, the Indian medical students studying in Ukraine were offered similar relaxation since a “war-like situation existed between Ukraine and Russia”. 

President Raju Gupta and General Secretary S Ramakrishna stated that they have reached out to the embassy in hopes of them suggesting the Government of India permit migration due to the current situation in China.

In 2014, the Indian Embassy in Kiev had raised recommendations of allowing students to transfer due to the hostile situation in the country. Mr Ram calls for similar exceptions for over 23,000 Indian medical students unable to pursue their courses properly due to travel and visa challenges.

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Concluding his statements, Mr Ram displayed hope and belief, stating that the current situation should come back to normalcy around September or October this year.

Given that the Chinese government seems to be vigilant as a result of the Winter Olympics, Mr Ram highlights that the visa reviewing processes may be restarted and be completed in time for the several hundred thousand students to return for the new semester due to start in October.

Source: The Hindu

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