MBA Courses with High Salary to Pursue Abroad in 2023


Aarushi Jain
Updated on Sep 21, 2022 11:04 AM IST

MBA is among one of the most sought-after master’s degree programs chosen by many aspirants from a number of different fields of study. Here we will shed some light on the best MBA courses with high salary for aspirants to study abroad.

MBA Courses with High Salary to Pursue Abroad in 2023

MBA Courses With High Salary: Each day, thousands of aspirants dream to pursue an MBA degree abroad that could yield high returns in terms of salary or income in the future. A degree like an MBA is equivalent to an investment scheme. As much time and dedication you invest in the right course, specialization and programme, the more returns you will get in the future in terms of your salary and income.

Completing an MBA course with high salary in the right specialization can help you advance your career and earn more money. You can choose an MBA specialization to explore your interests or to differentiate yourself in a competitive employment market.

Studying an in-demand MBA course with high salary may also lead to more career opportunities with higher pay potential. Let us know more about some of the best MBA courses with high salary or thehighest paid MBA specializationsthat aspirants can pursue abroad.

Wish to Study MBA Abroad in 2023?

Why Pursue MBA Abroad?

The first and foremost thing that is important to know before diving into the best MBA courses with high salary for aspirants is the perks of studying MBA abroad.

According to GMAC surveys, the top employment incentives for prospective MBA students are pay rise, promotion to senior positions, people management, and working globally. An MBA degree provides you with a variety of abilities that are useful if you want to start your own business, advance within your organisation, change functions, industries, or locations, or all three at the same time. Here are some of the best perks to study MBA abroad:

Career Advancement

Top firms can give students roles in senior management once they graduate from a well-regarded international B-school. Whether they ace the entrepreneurial role, consolidate their profession in a new area, or diversify themselves in a new domain, an MBA from abroad will undoubtedly help them make significant achievements in their careers.

Enhanced Networking Opportunities

International students who study MBA abroad have the opportunity to network with teaching experts, students from other backgrounds, and possible employers who have substantial experience in their respective professions. This dynamic network will be useful in the future in unearthing promising opportunities.

Higher Salary/Earning Potential

One of the key motivations for studying an MBA in a foreign country is that the average pay of an MBA graduate from a reputable international business school is higher than that of an MBA graduate from an Indian business school.

Developing a Holistic Viewpoint

Getting global exposure by studying near professionals and firms where a student's talents are regularly tested in learning business management principles allows them to build a deep understanding of the dynamic business world. Gaining this understanding becomes a key advantage for MBA students, assisting them in dealing with the obstacles that arise in a continuous learning and development cycle.

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The Best MBA Courses with High Salary According to Industry Trends

Below, we look at some of the finest MBA courses with high salary, as well as top employment opportunities in areas and vocations where MBA graduates are in great demand. Having said that, studying one of the highest paidMBA specializations can help you develop in your career and qualify for higher-level roles.

Here is a brief overview of the best trending MBA courses and specializations with average estimated MBA salaries for MBA graduates:

Highest Paying MBA Specializations

Average Estimated MBA Salaries in USD

MBA in Finance


MBA in Entrepreneurship


MBA in Management


MBA in Marketing


MBA in Information Technology (IT)


MBA in Information Security/Cybersecurity


MBA in Healthcare Management


MBA in International Business or Global Management


MBA in Human Resource Management


MBA in Real Estate


MBA in Finance

The first MBA programme on our list of MBA courses with high salary is MBA in Finance. Earning an MBA with a Finance specialization is a sought-after degree and one of the highest paid MBA specializations accessible to business students. A finance MBA student can pursue fulfilling employment in a variety of industries, including insurance, asset management, taxes, international finance, and tax planning, to mention a few. Operations managers, analysts, logisticians, product developers, and consultants are just a few of the jobs available to MBA in Finance students.

Furthermore, the BLS predicts that finance manager jobs will expand 17% between 2020 and 2030, with cash management and risk management professions seeing the most growth.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Finance

The table highlighted below depicts some of the highest paying job prospects for MBA in Finance graduates:

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Financial Director


Financial Controller


Vice President of Finance


MBA in Entrepreneurship

Next up on our list of top MBA courses with high salary for aspirants is MBA in Entrepreneurship. MBA graduates with a specialised entrepreneurial degree will discover as many career options as their ingenuity and imagination will allow. Entrepreneurs have a crucial role in the US economy in terms of employment generation and growth.

An entrepreneurship MBA major can find a fulfilling job as a mid-level manager, sales consultant, business consultant, business report, or one of the numerous subspecialties in the field of research and development, as one of the top paid MBA specialities. Job growth for persons with an MBA in entrepreneurship is dependent on the sector and the specific role of the entrepreneur.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Entrepreneurship

Due to the uncertain nature of beginning new company initiatives, salary expectations for entrepreneurship MBAs might fluctuate more than for other majors. MBA in Entrepreneurship graduates, on the other hand, can utilise their expertise to pursue leadership and consulting jobs with established organisations, earning some of the highest-paying MBA salaries in the entrepreneurial industry.

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Chief Executive Officer


Management Consulting Firm Partner


Venture Capital Firm Associate


MBA in Management

MBA in Management is one of the most popular and well-paid MBA courses with high salary, that equips you to organise, supervise, and make decisions for businesses of all sizes. General MBA programmes are also known to have a strong emphasis on management.

A management MBA programme has the advantage of developing broad abilities that can be applied to numerous company industries. These courses address organisational management, marketing, economics, finance, and business ethics. A management focus equips graduates with a variety of job opportunities. Certain roles, however, may favour people with more specific concentrations.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Management

MBA in Management graduates can advance to top leadership positions and earn some of the highest-paying MBA salaries. However, these executive positions nearly always need substantial professional experience in addition to education.

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Chief Executive Officer


Vice President, Operations


Divisional Vice President or General Manager


MBA in Marketing

Moving ahead with our list of top MBA courses with high salary, the next one is MBA in Marketing. An MBA in Marketing specialization is among the highest paidMBA specializations in the world.

An MBA in Marketing course will let you explore important business management principles as well as marketing subjects including advertising and public relations. MBA in Marketing programmes also train graduates to study marketing trends and create effective marketing plans that take into account changing customer behaviour.

Marketing is used by many businesses to increase brand awareness and build interest in their products or services. Advertising, promotional methods, social media, public relations, and market research are all examples of marketing. According to the BLS, the job outlook for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers will increase by 10% between 2020 and 2030.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Marketing

An MBA course with high salary prospects in Marketing prepares graduates for marketing management and director jobs. Managers may be in charge of certain components of a company's marketing strategy or the general direction of the plan.

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Marketing Director


Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Advertising and Promotions Director


Get the Right SOP and LOR Assistance for Studying MBA Abroad?

MBA in Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is one of the highest paidMBA specializations which is next on our list of top MBA courses with high salary. This MBA programme provides graduates with a wide range of professional opportunities.

An MBA in Information Technology or IT integrates business management experience with cutting-edge computer principles, preparing you to incorporate technology and company processes. Most programmes teach advanced management, organisational, and other generally relevant business principles. You might also investigate IT-related topics such as network management, information security, and software architecture.

Because Information Technology supports almost every part of contemporary business, there is a great need for technology executives who can supervise organisations' computing strategy and digital operations. According to the BLS, computer and IT jobs will expand 13% between 2020 and 2030.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Information Technology

Network architects, systems analysts, database administrators, web developers, security analysts, and software developers are some of the various careers available to someone with an MBA in IT degree. Let us look at the highest-paying job prospects for graduates after this MBA course:

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)


Director of Information Systems


Information Technology Manager (ITM)


MBA in Information Security/Cybersecurity

Another one of the most hyped MBA courses with high salary is probably an MBA degree in Information Security or Cybersecurity specialisation. Information security is concerned with the protection of digital information and computer networks for businesses. The necessity to safeguard data, along with an increase in cyberattacks, has resulted in a significant demand for information security specialists.

The programme provides graduates with a choice of career possibilities from which to choose. An MBA with a degree in information security can work as a system administrator, network security analyst, firewall administrator, network troubleshooter, security manager, and information security policy analyst, among other things. Furthermore, the BLS predicts that job opportunities for information security analysts would expand at a substantially faster-than-average pace of 33% between 2020 and 2030.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Information Security/Cybersecurity

An MBA degree in Information Security prepares graduates for a variety of high-paying security and management positions. Here are some of the highest-paying graduate career opportunities:

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Information Security Manager


Network Architect


Information Systems Manager


MBA in Healthcare Management

We have all seen the importance of health, especially after the post-pandemic era. This MBA course with high salary has gained huge respect and recognition after COVID-19 and more and more aspirants are actually diving into this MBA specialization to earn high returns. The programme mainly focuses on areas such as healthcare finance, healthcare legislation, and healthcare informatics.

Moreover, the fast growth of the healthcare industry has raised the demand for managers who can apply commercial ideas to healthcare administration. MBA in Healthcare Management has emerged to address this need. According to the BLS, opportunities for medical and health services managers will expand 32% between 2020 and 2030, indicating a significant need for workers with this MBA certificate.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Healthcare Management

Graduates of healthcare management programmes can manage operations in a variety of contexts, including hospitals, clinics, community health centres, and insurance companies. The following are some of the best high-paying career opportunities for MBA graduates:

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Medical Director


Hospital Administrator/Supervisor


Program Director, Healthcare


MBA in International Business or Global Management

Another one of the cult favourites on our list of best MBA courses with high salary among our aspirants is MBA in International Business or Global Management. A worldwide corporate market needs specialists who can oversee operations both domestically and internationally. The MBA in International Business and Management emphasises managerial abilities in a worldwide setting, stressing the particular challenges of functioning in foreign markets.

The course includes supply chain logistics, organisational management, finance, and marketing, with a focus on international operations. Most programmes also look at international trade and investment rules, with an emphasis on certain global markets like Europe or Asia.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in International Business

After graduation, an MBA graduate with a degree in International or global business will have several highly rewarding job opportunities. Some of them are highlighted below:

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Global Account Manager


Global Program Director


International Sales Manager


MBA in Human Resource Management

Now that we are towards the end of our list of the best MBA courses with high salary, our next course is a classic one of MBA in Human Resource Management. Human Resource MBA graduates are among the most marketable and highest paid MBA specializations available today. Human Resource Management MBA programmes concentrate on personnel management, including labour relations, organisational development, and performance management.

Having said that, HR Managers can find work in a variety of firms due to the high demand for their talents. According to the BLS, the number of HR managers will increase by 9% between 2020 and 2030.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Human Resource Management

Management professionals with an MBA in Human Resources will discover that their talents fit the requirements of numerous rewarding positions in a variety of sectors following the completion of their degree.

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Human Resource Manager


Human Resources Director


Compensation and Benefits Manager


MBA in Real Estate

Last but not least, we are ending our list of best MBA courses with high salary with an MBA degree in Real Estate management. An MBA specialization in Real Estate management is one of the highest paid MBA streams, with a wide range of professional specialities available. The real estate market is studied using business and management ideas. These courses teach you how to assess market trends and manage real estate projects.

MBA in Real Estate degree help students develops broad business and management abilities as well as specific real estates knowledge, such as contracts and applicable legal challenges. You also research real estate and property development market trends. Courses frequently focus on population trends, job patterns, and city development.

Highest Paying Jobs After MBA in Real Estate

The degree's concentration allows students to find highest paid jobs after MBA in Real Estatein real estate and property firms. They may, however, pursue employment in other fields where property transfers are involved, such as finance.

Job Prospects

Average Estimated Salary Range in USD

Vice President, Real Estate Acquisitions


Real Estate Development Manager


Senior Financial Analyst


We hope that the article has given you much-awaited insight about some of the best and highly demanded MBA courses with a high salary that you can pursue abroad and kickstart your career.

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What are some of the unconventional MBA courses that are becoming popular.

Some of the unconventional MBA courses that are becoming increasingly popular among aspirants include MBA specialisations like MBA in Sports Management, MBA in Social Entrepreneurship, MBA in Environmental Management or MBA in Sustainability, MBA in Change Management, MBA in Risk Management, and many more which aspirants can pursue abroad and kickstart their career in one of their passions.  

How do I choose the right MBA course with high salary?

To begin, you must realise and accept that an MBA school provides hundreds of specialisation possibilities for students to specialise on a certain field of business. Although a focus is not needed for every MBA degree, having one might help you better define the trajectory of your future chances. As a result, while selecting an MBA programme with high salary, take into account your hobbies and talents, market trends, and educational prospects.

Which MBA course with high salary is in high demand, especially after Covid-19?

MBA in Healthcare Management is among the many MBA courses with high salary which is in high demand especially after Covid-19. Moreover, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 32% increase in medical and health services managers between 2020 and 2030, accounting for nearly 139,000 new positions. The BLS predicts that 906,800 additional managerial posts will be created between 2020 and 2030.

Which MBA specialisation has the highest salary?

Computer and information systems management, financial management, marketing management, and human resources management are among the highest-paying management positions associated with MBA majors, according to the BLS. As of 2021, the median annual pay for each of these occupations was more than USD 125,000. The highest-paying jobs for MBA graduates average USD 150,000 per year, although they often need extensive experience related to the function.

What is the scope of pursuing MBA in Finance?

MBA in Finance is by far one of the best and highest paying MBA specialisations for hopefuls to pursue. Candidates with this degree can pursue jobs in both the commercial and public sectors, as well as start their own businesses. Accounting managers, financial analysts, investment bankers, credit managers, and consultants can all pursue rewarding careers in the financial sector.

Name some of the best universities to pursue MBA courses with high salary.

Some of the top-ranking and highly prestigious universities for pursuing MBA courses with high salary include Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA), Harvard Business School (USA), Penn (Wharton) (USA), HEC Paris (France), London Business School (UK), IE Business School (Spain), INSEAD (France and Singapore), Columbia Business School (USA), Oxford (Said) (UK), Esade Business School (Spain) and many more. 

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