Cheap MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian Students


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Studying MBA in Canada is an expensive affair. International students can, however, cut down their costs significantly by applying to the cheap MBA colleges in Canada for Indian students. Read on to check them out!

Cheap MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian Students

Cheap MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian Students: Studying MBA in Canada is a dream of many international students. Rightly so, the country is known for its top-notch education system and welcoming stance for international students. However, just like other popular study abroad destinations, the MBA cost in Canada isdifferent for international students and is nearly double the MBA fees for domestic students.

The sky-high average cost of an MBA in Canada makes it harder for international students to fund their education or evengeteducation loans sanctioned asinterest rates can gohigh enough to makenon-repayment impracticable. However, there are certain cheap MBA colleges in Canada that can get aspirants their MBA degree.

Let us now dig a little deeper intothe cheap MBA colleges in Canada to study MBA, their tuition fees, popular MBA specialisations in Canada, and job opportunities after MBA.

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Advantages of MBA in Canada

International students can unlock various advantages if they choose to study MBA in Canada. Not only the education system, but even the economy of the country is one of the central players in driving MBA aspirants from across the world.

Here are some of the benefits of studying cheap MBA programs in Canada:

Canada PR Nomination

Canada PR is the pathway to permanently immigrating to Canada. The entry to this pathway itself is however not easy. There are various Canadian PR programs, all of which consider education in Canada extremely significant. Since MBA is a masters degree, students who complete MBA from Canada can apply for Canadian PR with high PR points. It becomes a lot easier to get Canada PR, in fact, students can even get nominated under certain Canada PR programs.

High Employability

The best advantage of any professional course like MBA comes with its extent of employability. MBA courses in Canada are known to ensure high employability of international students by not only educating them in various aspects of the industry and market but also making them experience the real industry through practical training. Practical training forms an integral part of MBA courses in Canada and helps in increasing the employability of students.

Global Acceptance

Clearly, MBA courses in Canada enjoy high regard among the global community. Moreover, the combined reputation of Canada makes it easier for international students graduating from MBA courses in Canada to get a job anywhere in the world. They can apply for jobs in their own home country, they can stay back in Canada for jobs, or they can migrate to other countries as well like the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, France, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.

Longer Stay Back Period

An MBA degree allows international students a chance to extend their stay in Canada on completion of their course as well as the expiry of their student visa. Students can apply for an extension on their visa, or even for a Post Study Work Visa. They can avail themselves of a stay back period of up to three years after graduating.

Lucrative Remunerations

A higher salary is one of the major reasons that motivate students to choose for best master's courses out there. MBA courses in Canada are among the best in the world, and hence international students graduating from these courses get offers of high-paying job opportunities. The average salary of an MBA graduate in Canada isamong the highest in the world.

Wider Scope of Job Opportunities

MBA in Canada allows international students to hone their skills in various branches of management. International students can opt for various types of careers including corporate jobs, public service jobs, teaching, consulting, startup, research, scholar, economist, etc., after completing their MBA courses in Canada. They can also invest in failing businesses to revive them and gain heavy profits and reputations as an investor.

Cheap MBA Colleges in Canada

The tuition fees for cheap MBA programs in Canada for international students can go quite high. However, thankfully the norm is not as common as believed.That said, here are some of the cheap MBA colleges in Canada for MBA courses, and their respective annual tuition fees:

MBA College in Canada

Annual Tuition Fees (in CAD)

Laval University


Memorial University of Newfoundland


Saint Marys University


University of Calgary


University of Manitoba


University of New Brunswick


University of Northern British Columbia


University of Prince Edward Island


University of Victoria


Wilfrid Laurier University


Entry Requirements for Cheap MBA Colleges in Canada

When applying for MBA courses in Canada, there are some eligibility requirements which have to be fulfilled by international students. These are:

  • Bachelors Degree: Applicants must have a three or four-year bachelor's degree from a recognised university in their home country or any other country they have completed their undergraduate education from.

  • GPA: The average GPA requirements are set differently for students from different countries. The GPA, grades, or percentages are decided on the basis of the education and grading system followed in the country.

  • GMAT: GMAT scores are a common requirement for admission to MBA courses in Canada. The minimum scores are different for every university.

  • GRE: GRE scores are also acceptable by various MBA colleges in Canada. They are often used as an alternative to GMAT scores.

  • English Proficiency Tests: International students who are natives of non-English speaking countries have to provide test scores obtained in English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, or Duolingo.

  • MBA SOP: An MBA SOP is an important part of the admission process. Students have to state their motivation behind choosing the course, university, specialisation, and their future goals.

  • Application Essay: MBA colleges in Canada often ask applicants to submit application essays, either as question prompts or as general essay prompts. These application essays are used to determine the relevant acumen of the applicant.

  • LORs: Letters of recommendation are used by Canadian b-schools to determine whether the claims made by the applicant in their application are reliable or not.

  • Work Experience: The majority of MBA colleges in Canada ask international applicants to show two to three years of work experience. However, students can also apply for cheap MBA colleges in Canada without work experience.

Popular Specialisations for Cheap MBA Programs in Canada

There are various MBA specialisations available in Canada for international students to choose from. However, the most popular ones have been described below.

MBA Specialisation


Human Resource

The program explores how to manage the human resource flow and work in an organisation.


The importance of finance in any organisation or social ecosystem, how to manage its inward and outward flow, and how to make it more profitable to the organisation form the core concepts of this specialisation.

International Business

The branch is in tandem with the current trend of business globalisation. Students are taught to recognise opportunities and expand the existing business internationally.

IT Management

The core concepts involve ensuring IT is an investment for the organisation rather than a weakness. How to manage and safeguard it is also involved in the specialisation.


The techniques to manage product or service branding and making sure it reaches the target audience are some of the concepts of the specialisation.

Operations Management

The branch deals with ensuring that all operations in an organisation or social ecosystem could be coordinated to work cohesively.

Supply Chain Management

The manner in which the trends in supply need to be tackled so that the business is not adversely affected.

Cost of Living in Canada for International Students

Studying and living in Canada is an amalgamation of various aspects, from tuition fees to various other expenses. Students who wish to study cheap MBA programs in Canada can refer to the average expenses stated below and accordingly plan their study in Canada budget.

Living Expenses in Canada

Amount (in CAD)

Accommodation Rent (monthly)


Food and Groceries (monthly)


Clothing and Other Necessities (monthly)


Internet and Telephone (monthly)


Electricity (monthly)


Travel Expenses (monthly)


Entertainment (monthly)


Medical Expenses or Other Emergencies (one-time)


Miscellaneous (monthly)


Job Opportunities After Study in Cheap MBA Colleges in Canada

International students can apply for varying job profiles after completing their MBA courses in Canada. Additionally, they can also move to different career paths such as teaching, consulting, investing, etc. However, if they choose to continue with corporate jobs, they can choose among the following most popular job opportunities in Canada, mentioned along with their average annual salaries.

Job Profiles

Average Annual Salary (in CAD)

Operations Manager


Human Resource Manager


Marketing Manager


Investment Analyst


IT Manager


Project Manager


Business Analyst


Source: &

International students can gain a lot of career growth with MBA courses in Canada. However, before they choose to apply to any university, they are advised to go through their admission process as well as available scholarships for a better study abroad experience. Students can apply to multiple MBA colleges in Canada, and by accepting the offer letter from one of the cheap MBA colleges in Canada for an MBA, they can also ensure an affordable yet quality education.

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What is the average tuition MBA fee in Canada?

The average tuition MBA fee in Canada is CAD 45,000-55,000. MBA programs in Canada are considered among the affordable study abroad programs. The average fee is much lower than the average tuition MBA fees in the US and UK. International students applying for MBAin Canada have to bear a comparatively manageable financial burden.

What are the average GPA requirements for MBA courses in Canada?

The average GPA requirements for MBA courses in Canada range from 2.7 to 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Students are required to have a three or four-year bachelor’s degree in any field to apply to MBA colleges in Canada. They must have an overall GPA of 2.7-3.5 to get admission into most MBA colleges. The individual requirements of the MBA colleges may differ from the range.

What are the different Canada PR visas which can be applied for after MBA?

There are different routes through which Canada PR visa can be applied for after MBA. This includes Express Entry Canada, PNP Nomination, and General Canada PR application. Students, who wish to move to Canada, can apply for a Canada PR visa through any of these routes. However, they must ensure that they clear the eligibility criteria and have enough PR points to be issued a visa.

What is the average GMAT score required to study in cheap MBA colleges in Canada?

The average GMAT score required to study in cheap MBA colleges in Canada ranges from 550-650. The majority of Canadian universities expect the candidates to submit a minimum GMAT score of 550 or above. The top universities in Canada for MBA require a minimum GMAT score of 700 or above, such as the University of Toronto. However, there are also universities that accept a GMAT score of 400 even.

Are there any Duolingo accepted universities in Canada to study MBA?

Yes, there are many Duolingo accepted universities in Canada to study MBA. International students can apply for MBA programs with Duolingo English Test scores as well. It is an accepted English language proficiency test among Canadian universities. However, even if the majority of universities accept Duolingo scores, students are advised to check the criteriabefore applying.

Is it possible to study cheap MBA programs in Canada without GMAT?

Yes, it is possible to study cheap MBA programs in Canada without GMAT. Though GMAT scores are preferred even when GRE scores are accepted, students can apply for admissions without GMAT scores. However, universities which specifically ask for GMAT scores without any alternative or relaxation, their admission application must include GMAT scores.

What is the document checklist to apply for cheap MBA colleges in Canada?

The document checklist to apply for cheap MBA colleges in Canada differs according to the eligibility criteria of respective universities. The document checklist may differ on the basis of the MBA program as well. Generally, students have to submit academic transcripts, standardised test scores, English proficiency test scores, MBA SOP, application essays, LORs, and financial statements to apply for cheap MBA colleges in Canada.

When can I apply for Canadian Study Permit to study at cheap MBA colleges in Canada?

You can apply for Canadian Study Permit to study at cheap MBA colleges in Canada after receiving your enrollment letter. Firstly, you will receive your college acceptance letter to which you have to reply with an ‘intent to enrol’. On confirmed enrollment in the university, you will receive LoE which is an important document required to apply for Canadian Study Permit. 

Can I apply for an education loan to study at cheap MBA colleges in Canada?

Yes, you can apply for an education loan to study at cheap MBA colleges in Canada. There are many financial institutions that sanction loans on the basis of their college acceptance letters. In this case, you will have to wait for the acceptance letter before applying for an education loan. 

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