Low Tuition Fee Universities in USA for MS


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Updated on Jun 20, 2022 04:43 PM IST

The United States remains the most popular country for earning a master's degree. This article will discuss top universities for MS in the USA that charge low tuition fees. Also, check out scholarships to study MS in USA.

Low Tuition Fee Universities in USA for MS

The prospect of leaving your home country for education or studying abroad is exciting, but it is important to choose the right country and university. When it comes to master's degrees, the United States is one of the most popular destinations beyond any doubt.

The wide array of opportunities for students from around the world and the high quality of research make MS programmes in USA highly sought after by international students. However, studying in the US comes with its own set of challenges, the most significant of which is the high tuition cost. However, there are many universities that offer reasonably priced MS programmes available without compromising the quality of education.

Why Study MS in USA?

The USA has an excellent education system, guaranteed employment possibilities, prestigious colleges, and a robust support network for international students. These are among many other reasons why pursuing a master's degree in the USA is so alluring. Here are a few reasons why the United States is the ideal place to study, in particular, and why many Indian students dream of pursuing an MS in USA.

Diverse Specialisations

USA universities proffer MS degrees in a variety of subjects that are further branched into over 700 specialisations which students can choose.

Excellent Job Prospects

On a professional level, a degree from a US university indicates to employers that you are a qualified candidate for their company. Students are almost guaranteed a high-paying job after graduation. International students can also work on campus, in which they assist instructors in exchange for a stipend.

A Powerhouse of Top Universities

Around half of the world's finest universities are based in the USA. These institutions not only showcase their magnificent campuses but also give top-tier academic opportunities across all disciplines owing to their intellectual faculty.

Reputed Professors

The Universities in the USA that provide master's degrees are recognised globally for employing world-renowned faculty and resources. The college faculty is world-famous and some of the most experienced professionals in their respective fields.


Academic programmes in the USA emphasise cultural variety, and you will find yourself in the company of learners from all over the world, regardless of which university you attend. Additionally, university workshops are held where students can join groups based on their interests to learn new languages and experience different cultures while receiving their degrees.

Our Study Abroad Experts have assisted numerous students with their applications for MS in the USA. We are tirelessly offering the best advice to assist them in securing seats at top US universities at an affordable cost.

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Top 20 Affordable Universities in USA for Masters

Many people dream of being accepted into the least expensive MS institution in the United States. But, before we get into the list of affordable institutions for masters in USA, it is vital to understand how tuition rates for master's programmes are computed.

The tuition charge for a graduate degree is determined by the number of credit hours taken in a semester, especially for research-intensive courses. A three-credit-hour course is usually considered one. Nine credit hours are earned by taking three courses in a semester. Therefore, you must pay tuition for the first semester's nine credit hours.

A list of 20 affordable US universities for MS is provided below. We have also provided the annual average tuition fees that you would have to pay to study at these economical USA universities:


Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)

Binghamton University, State University of NY


California State University- Fullerton


Clemson University


Michigan Technological University


Purdue University


San Diego State University


San Jose State University


Stony Brook University, State University of NY


Texas Tech University


University atBuffalo


University of Houston


University of Illinois-Springfield


University of Michigan-Flint


University of New Orleans


University of North Alabama


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


University of Texas at Arlington


University of Texas at Dallas


University of Tulsa


Scholarships to Study MS in USA

Despite the fact that higher education is growing increasingly expensive, it is still feasible to obtain a quality education at a low-cost university in the USA without paying a fortune. For this, scholarships are designed to make the overall study expense affordable.

The deadline for accepting most scholarship applications closes about a year before the course begins, therefore students must apply approximately a year before their intake starts. In some cases, the scholarship amount can be adjusted in tuition fees.

There are three kinds of scholarships to study in the USA:

  • Merit-Based Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships are awarded depending on the applicant's academic and extracurricular achievements.

  • Need-Based Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to students after taking into account their family's financial situation.

  • Special Scholarships: Scholarships or awards such as cancer research scholarships or sports scholarships are awarded for specific causes or talent. Social work or leadership scholarships are other examples of special scholarships.

When looking for master's programmes in the USA with low tuition fees, you will see that on average, out-of-state tuition at these institutions is more than twice as much as in-state tuition. So, the best way to secure a tuition fee reduction is to apply for a scholarship.

You can also apply for assistantships at the universities, which can help you save money in the long run. These assistantships may also waive your tuition fees and offer you a stipend to help with living expenses.

To summarise, there are several universities in USA that provide MS degrees at a reasonable cost. Students should consider their field of interest and carry out in-depth research about the university they want to enrol in to make an informed decision.

We have a team of specialists to assist you in locating the best universities in the USA for your MS programme at a low cost, tailored just for you. Please notify us at abroad@collegedekho.com for detailed information.

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What is the average tuition fee to pursue MS in USA?

The average tuition fee to pursue MS in USA for one year is approximately INR 30 lakh and above. The cost of an MS programme in USA varies from one university to another and it depends on the type of course you are planning to study.

Is the GRE exam mandatory for pursuing an MS in USA?

Yes, the GRE exam is mandatory for pursuing an MS in USA (with a few exceptions). In addition to your academic performance, projects, extracurricular activities, statement of purpose (SOP), and work experience are also required by most universities. All these factors aid the Admissions Committee to develop a comprehensive evaluation of your profile and potential as a prospective student. These factors can positively affect your admission prospects in addition to the GRE score.

Is it worth pursuing MS in USA from low tuition fee universities?

Yes, it is worth doing MS in USA from a low tuition fee university as long as the programme and university are globally recognised and have the right accreditations. Most MS degrees from the USA are acceptable all around the world so students do not have to worry about their validity. It is also a myth that a degree from only top universities or expensive colleges can get you a good job. 

What are the top majors for an MS in USA?

The top majors for an MS in USA are Electrical and Computer Engineering, MS in Computer Science, MS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Data Science, MS in Computational and Mathematical Engineering, MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and MS in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials.

Are there any scholarships available to study MS in USA?

Yes, there are many scholarships available to study MS in USA like the American Association of University Women (AAUW) international fellowships, Generation Google Scholarship, Fulbright Scholarship, Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship, and Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program. Apart from this, students can also approach the respective department of the university for subject-specific, college-specific, and merit-based scholarship opportunities.

Can I pursue MS in USA for free?

International students are eligible to apply for fully financed master's programmes or get full scholarships for MS in USA. However, studying MS for free in the US is not possible as apart from tuition, students need to bear other expenses as well. Scholarships either cover tuition fees or studying expenses. Living and travel expenses need to be borne by the students.

What are the eligibility criteria for Indian students to study MS in USA?

The eligibility criteria for Indian students to study MS in USA is that the applicant must have a GRE score of at least 290 and above. At least 16 years of education must have been completed. A test of English language competencies, such as the TOEFL or IELTS, must be taken. The Grade Point Average (GPA) must be 80% or higher (if applicable).

What is the salary after pursuing an MS in USA?

An MS degree holder in the USA earns over USD 73,900 a year (INR 54,31,413). One of the most sought-after degrees in the USA is a master's degree, which draws many international students. After pursuing an MS in USA, the most lucrative and well-paying careers are in engineering, data science, robotics, and computer science.

Which is better, MBA in USA or MS in USA?

MS in USA are chosen by individuals with fewer than two to three years of experience and an MBA in USA is chosen by those with greater experience and larger budgets. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, MBA graduates typically earn starting salaries between USD 77,020 and USD 128,750. Entry-level incomes for those with an MS in management range from USD 50,000 to USD 86,000.

Is it worth pursuing an MBA after MS in USA?

Yes, it is worth pursuing an MBA after MS in USA. For those who want to work in business, getting an MBA after an MS is a popular choice. It has turned out to be a useful programme for imparting professionalism and management skills to applicants, giving them the opportunity to play better roles in their various positions.

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